China has failed the great plan to occupy Australia


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The general election in Australia occurred on May 19, 2019, the outcome shocks Australian Leninist Party (ALP), actually, the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten who absolutely believed the top job to be held in his hand. Nevertheless, Australia’s federal election is very important for China, so the left media maximally propagated for Labor Party, the false polls always deserved ALP wins the election, China could invest the psychological warfare into the election. The prominent left media’s companies are The Guardian, The Australia, The Age, The Canberra Times, ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten and the others, actually, the Fairfax Ipsos became the favorite poll’s agency. The left media applied the rigged election on the polls as French proverb” le mouton de Panurge”, they released and confirmed Labor-led 50 consecutive polls with the score 52-48, actually, all debates, Bill Shorten won over Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the last day of campaign, the left media still released the victory was Labor Paty with the figure 51-49.


However, the Saturday night on May 19, 2019, Coalition suddenly won, as prediction, Coalition will have 77 seats (76 seats is enough to form the major government). Prime Minister Scott Morrison said:” I have believed in miracles”. The potential loss of Labor Party disappointed China, certainly, Labor Party and opposition leader Bill Shorten’s dream has never come true as Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election 2016.


The left parties in Western are the COMMUNIST PARTIES labeled the different titles. In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh changed the name of Communist Party was The Workers Party of Vietnam (Đảng Lao Động Việt Nam) and after Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975, its names returned is Vietnam Communist Party. The Uk Labor Party, Australian Labor Party, Democrats Party in the US and the others are the communist parties as tiger snake, cobra, and the others.


Australian Labor Party (or Australian Leninist Party) is the comrade with China communist, so the heavyweights are former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd and incumbent leader Bill Shorten vowed to stand with China and distance the relationship from the US. Actually, the US presidential election in 2016 opposition leader Bill Shorten who attacked candidate Donald Trump with the low-class language” barking mad”. The turncoat Liberals was Julie Bishop who officially supported Hillary Clinton despite Representative Julie Bishop was holding Foreign Affairs Minister of Prime Minister  Malcolm Turnbull. Nevertheless, in the election campaign 2019, turncoat Liberals Julie Bishop joined the campaign with ALP and the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten committed giving Julie Bishop becomes the ambassador to the US.


During the general election was campaigning, Senator Penny Wong, Labor leader in the Senate and she also holds the shadow Foreign Affairs Minister, she committed to inviting Huawei operates 5G in Australia if Labor wins the election while the Coalition government banned Huawei 5G and annually, the government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyberspy comes from China, the well-known hacker unit is 61389 currently threatens the national security.


The rumor spread about the Australian Labor Party secretly planned to grant at least 10,000,000 (ten million) Chinese people from the mainland migrate to Australia if Labor rules the government. Mostly, 10 million Chinese migrants are communists versus 25 million Australian people, they will transform Australia to be an offshore colony. But it is possible because of ALP always closes with comrade China. The Australian people knew the Labor Party does want to stand with China. The evidence of the Labor state government in Victoria (Melbourne), one Belt and one road Premier Daniel Andrew secretly deal with China, so he recruited Dr. Dung Tien Kieu, Vietnamese academic who worked 2 years in China, Dr. Dung Tien Kieu became Legislative Council member after the state election in 2018. The Labor state government in Western Australia is the same, Premier Mark McGowan granted Huawei operates G4 with $AUS 136 million into the train’s system and Mark McGowan also recruited a China communist Pierre Yang into the Legislative Council since the election 2017. Moreover, the high profiles of Labor Party are such as the former Premier of New South Wales and former Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr, former Labor Victoria Premier John Brumby, they related with China’s business in Australia.


The miracle came to Australian people and also cracked down the great plan of China attempting to occupy Australia if the Labor Party wins the election. The domestic thug colluded closely with a foreigner, therefore, Australian people waked up and Australian Labor Party lost the general election on May 18, 2019.


China should invest an actual henchman in Australia in the long term, the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten was the union boss, the loyal pupil of Karl Marx and he is a sibling with China communist. After Prime Minister Kevin Rudd lost the election in 2013, Mr. Bill Shorten became Australian Labor’s Leader, despite its party attempted the leadership race as Anthony Albanese, therefore, Mr. Bill Shorten was the powerful leader, he worked closely with Senator Penny Wong who always serves for China’s interest as NBN that made the huge profit to China, but Australia’s taxpayers wasted $AUD 65 billion. The incident of Labor Senator Sam Dastyari who officially supported China occupied the illegally artificial islands and militarized into the disputed waters that measured the reaction of Coalition government, intelligence and Australian people. Certainly, opposition leader Bill Shorten and Labor leader in Senate Penny Wong maximally protected Senator Sam Dastyari to the end.


The coup made in 2015 by Labor undercover activist Malcolm Turnbull who climbed higher and dived deeper in Liberals Party. The coup occurred during the Royal Commission questioning opposition leader Bill Shorten about the corruption and the frauds when he was the union boss. Communication Minister Malcolm Turnbull toppled Prime Minister Tony Abbott, so the Royal Commission stopped, Mr. Bill Shorten escaped the indictment, so Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull saved” comrade” Bill Shorten.


The coup in Liberals doubted China involved and rescued the actual henchman Bill Shorten. Nevertheless, Deputy leader of Liberals was Julie Bishop who traveled overseas by Huawei’s money, she was the key to help Malcolm Turnbull succeeded in the coup. Moreover, the left media, actually Channel Seven (prominent is reporter Mark Riley) released the false polls that helped Malcolm Turnbull reasoned to make the coup. The coup in 2015 was prepared well to rescue an actual henchman of China. Mr. Bill Shorten is like Hillary Clinton, although Miss Cathy Sheriff made the allegations in 2014, she accused Labor’s opposition leader Bill Shorten who raped her at the Labor’s Conference in 1986 when she was 16-year-old. Therefore, Victoria police waived while Victoria Police investigated Cardinal George Pell and he jailed. The people have not trusted the police in Victoria, actually, the Police Force in the rule of Premier one belt and one road Daniels Andrew.


The victorious miracle of Coalition made on May 18, 2019, that cracked down the great plan of China to occupy Australia. So China said the Coalition victory could negatively impact China-Australia relation. During the election campaign, former Prime Minister Paul Keating absolutely believed Labor wins the election, after the election’s outcome, ABC couldn’t conceal the truth that released to the public, and on May 20, 2019, ABC published an article:” The editorial pointed to comments from former prime minister and Labor leader Paul Keating, who said Australia’s spy chiefs are “nutters” who should be sacked in order to improve relations with China.


“Paul Keating, the former prime minister of the Labor Party who used to be friendly to China, publicly urged the Labor Party to expel the head of ASIO immediately, after the party wins the election. He said that the madman had destroyed the China-Australian relations,”


China has planned to occupy Australia in a long time, actually, when the Australian Labor Party ruling the government, China developed the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap to colonize in Southern hemisphere where are the US military bases, rich natural resources, and the other benefits, actually, Australia is the important strategic position. China silently occupied Australia from step by step, now China controlled the strategic port in Darwin leased $506 million in 99 years, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull flagged for China took the Darwin port. Moreover, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has a daughter in law comes from a hardcore family of China communist. China also owned Merredin Airport in Western Australia in 100 years with one dollar lease.


The victorious miracle or landslide victory of Coalition in the general election on May 18, 2019, shocked Labor Party and disappointed China. Certainly, Huawei has not an opportunity to operate in Australia as the project of shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong, actually, President Donald Trump signed an executive order bans Huawei and 70 affiliates. On May 20, 2019, Google stops the Huawei and the business listed by the US government.


The landslide victory of Coalition proved the Australian people love the country, actually, billionaire Clive Palmer spent $AUD 60 million to warn the invasion of China. Despite the Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party didn’t have any seat in Lower and Upper House, but billionaire Clive Palmer contributed a great job to crack down the deep conspiracy of China communist and domestic thug colluded to colonize Australia. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has a simple living, he drinks wine cost under $AUD 10, but he spent $USD 60 million to wake up Australian people in the election 2019, the people have never forgotten the patriotic of billionaire Clive Palmer.


From November 2018, Australian Labor Party also promised the Republic plebiscite with $AUD 160 million. The rumor telling Labor projects to promote former Prime Minister Malcolm to be the first Australian’s president if Labor succeeded the plebiscite. Australia will change the name as The People’s Republic of Australia and tens of million Chinese migrate from the mainland.


The victorious miracle of Coalition won the landslide election on May 20, 2019, the miracle comes from the Australian people, the patriotic heart and the concerned citizen and the evil left media are the prominent left media’s companies as The Guardian, The Australia, The Age, The Canberra Times, ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten and the others, actually, the Fairfax Ipsos, they failed to mislead the people, actually, the left media’s companies are the treasonous accomplices with ALP in the conspiracy to help China occupies Australia./.







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