China has bought the left media for the propaganda


Posted on March 21, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China always conceals the truth and propagates the lie to its people. In the mainland, the information, news, and entertainment framed in the state’s propaganda machine. Nevertheless, obscurantism and terrorism’s policy gagged and blinded Chinese people from 1949. In the communist country, the people absolutely forced to comply with the government, despite, the major population knew the communist is the super liar and cruelty. The dictatorial regime has never accepted and respected any different option and idea opposing the government’s policy, the serious crime deserves the counter-revolutionist that equalizes the treason in a Western state, so the people live in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, and Cuba apply a saying for survival:” eating is like a prisoner, accommodation is like a real monk and talking is like a national leader”. Nevertheless, the communist leaders are untouchable, the alive leaders as Xi Jinping, Nguyễn Phú Trọng in Vietnam, Kim Jong Un in North Korea and even the deceased great leaders as Mao Tse Tung, Kim ill Sung, Ho Chi Min, and the others to be respected, whoever criticizes the leaders, they would face the serious criminal charge.


China couldn’t exercise the propaganda into the democratic countries, actually the Western countries, so the left media and the commercial media have become the propaganda machine should be paid by China. The payment and the privilege secretly made by the undercover activists, the espionage network and the financial agents activate the psychological warfare by paying for the left media. China communist has exploited the free speech in the Western by using the native media into psychological warfare to mislead the people and poison the public. Therefore, the propaganda is vain when the high technological communication, social media, and the other sources eradicated the thug of people, the foe of communication and the virus in the mainstream.


Nowadays, the ineffective propaganda’s weapon couldn’t cheat the public, actually, the people knew the left media has a formula is a 3F=3 Frauds=Fales poll+Fake news+Fabricated story. The media is like any career or job, the money balances with the services or goods, therefore, the dishonest distorts the career to make the profit while the honest respects the law and themselves. A dishonest lawyer drives justice to make the profit as the robbery with the paper knife while the honest lawyer practices the career suits justice and fair.


The honest media worker respects the truth but the dishonest media worker exploits the career to make money. The left media characterizes the dishonest in the mainstream line, the viral journalists, T.V hosts, columnists become the slave of profit, they could sell out the mind, conscience and the national interest to whoever pays for. China communist and the other foreign enemies have developed the vulnerability of the left media, so they could pay for the left media and getting good services. The left media doesn’t care about the national interest, the people, they just make money.


However, China failed to recycle the old tactic applied from the Cold War, the left media has been faced the worst time when the people trust seems nothing. The propaganda doesn’t work even it meets the strong reaction from the public after the lying record. The war fighting against the global economic terror comes from the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit that conducts the potential damages for China’s economy. Everyone could know, therefore, the left media snubs the people by the fake news about China growth while China suffered the mountain debt reached 300% of GDP.


The labor market in the mainland complicated and facing the disaster when the foreign companies repatriated to avoid the high taxes and China lost the overseas’s massive orders, actually the generous consumption’s market in the US and Western lost. The high unemployment rate really threatens the existence of the Red Dynasty, the collapse formula occurred from thousand years of Chinese monarchic history, it should happen any time in China while multiple hundred million people lost the job and they have not received any income support from the government. Moreover, the cancerous corruption presented into the government’s system. Nevertheless, the global hegemony exposes on the rapacious plan of one belt and one road plus the quagmire of the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the Indochina Pacific, all aggravate the financial burden during the mainland has been confronted the difficulty and debt. Moreover, the banking system couldn’t respond to the situation while the US and Western have the experience to solve the recession even the economic crisis. China has been stuck into the dead money estimates about $USD 4 trillion that causes the shadow banking loaned the offshore assets and the properties, but the price dropped sharply and the Chinese borrowers couldn’t return the money.


Eventually, China communist has to sell the land and property to solve the debt and pay the interest. In the days of yore in China, the land owned by the dynasty, so the king authorized the cut the land to grant for the officials and the royal family members. Nowadays, China government is the Red dynasty, the communist regime owned the national land and property, but they cheat the people by the propaganda’s slogan:” the owner is people, the government manages and communist party commands”. In the communist countries, formally, the people owned the house or land, but the government (the actual tool of the communist party) controls and the communist party directs, so the real estate and the land in China, Vietnam, North Korea could be castigated any time if the communist party wants to. Mostly, the communist party reasons the common benefit of the people for property’s robbery.


Mainland China property’s selling boomed from the year 2000. Before the land and property belonged to the government. After Mao Tse Tung took over the mainland in 1949, the members of Politburo occupied the government real estate and the government granted the houses to the members and family. However, the mountain debt urges China government has to sell the property and land. Therefore, the communist members could afford while the major population faces in poverty. China government knew their comrades are the red capitalists, but the regime couldn’t castigate as they applied the robbery’s policy to the people before into the landlord reform campaign. So the land and property for sale that could get the money to solve the debt and pay the interest.


From 2004, the property price in the mainland increased by 600% valuation over the last 10 years. In 2017, China government was due to the financial problem, the government sold the land was worth $USD 822 billion with 255 million square meters, it was up to 15,8% compares last year. The property market and the land limited while the debt and interest couldn’t wait for China finding the money to pay, so the land and property for sale are just a temporary solution.


The propaganda of the left media couldn’t buff the US and the world and China couldn’t hide the economic peril, it is waiting for the collapse. So recently, the left media released the fake news about China’s weapon, the developed missile, aircraft and aircraft carrier. The chicken and innocent academics helped the left media into the intimidation of the nuclear war should happen if China wants to win and solve the economic problem. The dire devastations of the Third World War propagate to frighten the US people like the high tide’s period of North Korea’s tension. The psychological warfare aims to appall the US people and pressure the public onto the US government ceasing the tariffs imposed on China. It is the last hope to affect President Donald Trump stops the war fight against the global economic terror to avoid the nuclear war. However, the barking dog never bites, when the world and the US knew very well the product made in China meet the poor quality, short life, poison, and contamination. Even the highest technology applies to the space race, the Jade Rabbit Robot made in China just landed on the moon and immediately, it returned the communist paradise to reunite with Mao Ste Tung, Deng Xiaoping, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il Sung, Lenin, Stalin…actually, the most developed weapon and military equipment including the uniform of the People’s Liberation Army comes from the stolen technology of the Western and the US. The copies products couldn’t compare with the original, so the dire weapon made in China is in doubt. The pupil of Karl Marx characterizes the lie, cheat…the left parties, communist and left media suit a joke” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”./.







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