China has been suffered the economic downturn


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The golden time of China boom is gone after President Donald adjusted the tariffs imposed on China-made. After the US President Richard Nixon visited Beijing in 1972, China communist grabbed an opportunity to access the free market, the cheat’s economic pattern” free market is led by socialism” bluffed the innocent national leaders. When a left party rules the democratic government in Wester, actually, Democrats in the US, China gains more of the facilities to develop the economy, Beijing made a huge profit from the Western lost. The treasonous leaders exchanged the national interest to China. Buying a president, prime minister means buying the best policies.


The US President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore deserved the privileges to China after Chinese financial agents John Huang illegally fuelled the money for a presidential election in 1992 and espionage agent Charlie Tries illegal funded the presidential election in 1996. The Most Favored Nation’s policy and the other economic facilities helped China developed quicker, nevertheless, the other 8 years of the first communist President in White House is Barrack Obama helped China colonized the US.


From more than a half-century, China deceived the Western countries by the diplomatic relationship and the innocent plus inexpert anti-communist of the national leaders put the trade ties and free trade agreement above the fair trade. China has exploited the trade to bully the counterparts and also carrying out the global hegemony.


The tariff’s adjustment of President Donald Trump brings the fair trade and also fighting against the global economic terror from the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit. On the other hand, China’s growth comes from stolen technology, the rogue country has used the product made from the stolen intellectual Properties selling to the invented countries. China must receive potential damages when the Western and the world wake up.


The left media in Western repeats the old psychological war applied in the Cold War, everyone recognized China’s economy being plunged but the left media lies, the disgraced propaganda leased about the strength of China that couldn’t convince the world, actually, the social media and the other information sources as Google debunked the obsolete propaganda of the left media praising China growth.


The economic slowdown of China couldn’t hide when China economy linking to the world market, actually, the main consumption in the US, Europe. There is just December 2018, the export of China dropped more than 4.4% and the import plunged 7.6% as China government officially released, indeed, the figures must higher. The domestic consumption dropped with the import’s figure that signals Chinese people have been faced the financial problem.


The futuristic economic growth of China is uncertain while the Chinese dream is exceeding the limit and capacity, actually, the arms, space race cost more loss of China. The rapacious ambition exposes one belt and one road that becomes the financial disaster, and the illegally artificial islands built into the disputed waters aggravate China’s economy. The wrong strategy applies to the global road intercontinental and the maritime way are going to beat China as a proverb is” sword made by China that stabs Chinese”. China has lost the global market, actually the strategic companies are Huawei and ZTE have been eliminated from the wealthy countries, nevertheless, the cyber spying causes the world alert and boycotting the giant telecommunication companies of the Red Empire. The smartphones made by Huawei faces the loss of profit that conducts the stock market of China lost 28%.


China created the problem, they must receive the consequence as a proverb quotes” sow the wind and reap the whirlwind”. The global hegemony urged Beijing rushing to spread the hand everywhere, actually, the offshore assets and properties have developed worldwide. China operated the shadow banking’s system to loan their offshore citizen including the Chinese resident living in the adopted countries.


The shadow banking’s system occupied more than 38% of all bank assets, it loaned more than $USD 3 trillion and now, the real estate market in the favored lands of China dropped the valuation. The stolen tactic has been prevented by the alert of their counterparts. The last year 2018, China’s growth is zero while the left media bubbled China’s developed despite the trade war.


The year 2019 will wait China’s economy facing the peril, China is a giant with the mountain debt is up to 300% GDP. The socialism has applied into Chinses people after Mao Ste Tung occupied the mainland in 1949. The crazy economic formula of Karl Marx and Maoist brought China lagging behind the enemy that China condemns” the capitalist”. Therefore. China communist has never confessed the truth, actually, socialism has never reached the communist paradise. Instead, China communist has applied the obscurantism to curb the invention that causes China has to solve the lack of technology by stolen the intellectual properties of the enemy. China built the regime on violence and developed the country on stolen technology, even the economic pattern” the free market is led by socialism” that is the steal from the democratic country too. China has nothing but they have anything come from the steal and cunning tactics. The rapacious ambition becomes the disaster for China, even it costs the regime collapses. /.







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