China fears the Soviet Union lesson is going to repeat


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The Chinese dream has turned a nightmare when the global hegemony hits back the Red dynasty after a half-century Beijing has arrayed the trade trap, government trap, actually, the debt trap and now, the debt trap nearly loses the control and becomes the financial peril threatening the Red dynasty. The military invasion couldn’t carry out as the last conquests occupied Tibet and Sinkiang Uigur in 1950. After the Second World War, the international community reset the order. Moreover, after the most genocide on the planet Mao Tse Tung and his communist party occupied the mainland in 1949, China became a poor country caused socialism and communism, actually, Maoist completely failed to develop the country, so China must replace the military invasion tactic by using the economic force to conquer the world by the trade ties, a free trade agreement.


China is keen to use the money to colonize their counterparts, almost the victims are the poor and underdeveloped countries have deeply involved with the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. The lending’s tactic has carried out from China to loan to the other nations. The rapacious ambition conducts the great plan called one belt and one road has not run well because of the most debtors have no capacity to repay, actually when the lender needs the money to do something, the big issue is the deficit of China is up to $USD 34 trillion, nevertheless, the debt is going to reach 400% GDP, the lender faces the bankruptcy and the regime should be collapsed anytime when hundreds of million jobless threatening. In the passage of time, Chinese people helped Mao Tse Tung succeeded in the war fighting against the Nationalist led by Chiang Kai Shek and now they are the main force to eliminate the inhumane regime after more than 70 years the communist government built on the violence and terrorism policy as the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s after 75 years ruled the people.


The debt trap is like a knife with two blades or a boomerang hits back the thrower as a proverb quotes” sword made by China to stab Chinese”. When the debtors can never repay, China could apply the debt trap to occupy the land, national assets. China replaces the military invasion by the debt trap to take the national assets, so Beijing China spread the loan worldwide.


The victim of the debt trap is Sri Lanka owed China $USD a billion and they must hand over Hambantota Port to a company owned by China government in 99 years. Djibouti is the US military bases in Africa but China likely control after the government fell into the trap debt. Pakistan handed over Gwadar Port is due to the debt can not repay, Maldives allowed China manages the bridge connecting the Indian Ocean to its capital and an international airport, China uses the debt trap to pressure Fiji joining one belt and one road. The other poor countries deeply owed China $USD billion as Laos, Mongolia, Montenegro. The island nations have fallen into the debt trap as Vanuatu owed $USD 241 million from China.


Vietnam is the close comrade with China, the great comradeship conducts the debt trap after the domestic conflict in 1979, its causes Hanoi forced to lease three economic zones are Vân Đồn, Bắc Vân Phong and Phú Quốc to China in 99 years, the Vietnamese people express a strong reaction against the treason of the Vietnam Communist Party sold the national land for China. Australia has fallen into the debt trap, actually, when the Australian Labor Party ruled the government from 2007 to 2013, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard created an opportunity for China deployed the debt trap. Senator Penny Wong and Treasurer Wayne Swan contributed China’s debt trap. Nevertheless, Senator Penny Wong who held long term Finance Minister and Communication Minister Senator Stephen Conroy made the huge profit for China with the obsolete telecommunication NBN wasted $AUD 65 billion from the taxpayers. Moreover, under the era of Labor, while Senator Penny Wong held finance portfolio, in 2012 Reserve Bank of Australia signed a Currency Swap agreement with the People Bank of China with $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan, it causes the Australia dollar plunged when Yuan lost the valuation. The role of Senator Penny Wong is like the real boss commands the Australian Labor Party, she has served for China’s interest, not Australia. The Australian people knew Labor Party assimilates the debt maker and China exploited the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap to take control Darwin Port leased in 99 years with only $AUD 506 million.


The war fights against the global economic terror that causes the potentially damaged of China. The economic battle occurs from the global market and deeply affects the mainland. The hegemonic dream of Beijing turned the nightmare when the pocket empties and the deep debt pursuing China GDP.


The debtors of China face the long term’s economic problem, despite they handed over the land, national assets to China, therefore, the offshore assets are such as the ports cost China’s budget into the management and maintenance including the tax and the other spending. Moreover, the local people recognize China communist wants to colonize the country, so China’s assets to be isolated by the native people. Certainly, China communist cannot use the People’s Liberation Army to occupy the ports and assets while the US military bases come from the agreement between the US and counterparts, the countries make a profit and local people have the job, thriving the business, but China bases come from the debt trap, the local people hate. The debt trap of China has fallen, Beijing can not force the debtor to repay, it is the disaster. China could occupy overseas assets after the debt trap, therefore, the mainland economy ruined and global market lost, the rapacious plan called one belt and one road and the cost of illegally artificial islands built in the disputed waters aggravate the worst situation.


Beijing faces the dilemma and the regime can collapse anytime by its people in the mainland. The first sign anticipates China communist regime is going to tumble when the central government loses the control from the local government then the economy falling into the disordered state, actually, the inflation increases without the solution to stop when Yuan lost the valuation. The next stage is the annexed territories are Tibet, Sinkiang Uigur, Mongolia, Manchuria, including Hong Kong will stand up and claim independence.


The second Tiananmen Square is possible to repeat in the mainland. Nowadays, the situation differs from the period of 1989 when Deng Xiaoping stabilized the government and controlled the army, actually, China economy being developed. Therefore, the era of Red Emperor Xi Jinping faces the economy being regressed, so China should not use the army to quell the second Tiananmen Square massacre as Deng Xiaoping massacred its people in 1989 while the central government and local government shattered and become the enemy each other, corruption is the terminal cancer of the communist regime. The second Tiananmen Square should happen anytime in Beijing, actually, the democratic movement will have hundreds of million people jobless join and topple the inhumane regime. The Red Emperor Xi Jinping has been fallen into the panic station, he calls a new Long March and seeking the support from the People’s Liberation Army.


The vassals are Vietnam, North Korea and Laos including Cambodia will have an opportunity to escape the hand of the Red Empire, actually, the local people will stand up to topple the henchmen of China. The lesson of Europe communist states including Soviet-Union collapse that is possible to repeat in China. The world without China communist will be stable, the people do want to live in peace but China communist wants to invade and control the world, China is the global war maker.


      The war fights against the global economic terror pushing China into the negative retaliation. Beijing failed the tactic is fighting during talking, but China exposes the ruse’s tactic, they vow to fight but China also opening the talk. Certainly, the US potential commander in chief Donald Trump and also the author of the art of the deal knew every well the deception plus the cunning tactic of a descendant of Sun Tzu who wrote” the art of war” that causes China always traces behind the US into the economic war and the Red dynasty is waiting for the collapse./.


Do not fear what communist does.

Let’s do what communist fears./.







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