China failed the phony propaganda in Hong Kong crisis


Posted on September 1, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles


The manner of communist is psychological warfare forwarding before taking the action. The anti-communist expert quotes” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”. The propaganda is a sharp tactic applying into multiple battles from the domestic to the offshore field. The propaganda purposes measuring the reaction and intimidating to the enemy.


In the Hong Kong crisis, China communist considers and studies carefully, actually, the Hong Kong situation completely differs from the mainland as the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. Moreover, Hong Kong is among the world’s financial center, the foreign investors rooted in this territory from a century. Nevertheless, Hong Kong people make a profit and holding the monetary firms as Hang Seng Bank, Hang Seng index and the other businesses, so Hong Kong crashed, China will collapse while Beijing does need money to pay the mountain debt reached $USD 40 trillion since 2017 plus interest and also confronting the potential loss after President Donald Trump imposed 25%  tariffs on $USD 250 billion’s China products and China is going to suffer $USD 300 billion on 10% tariffs on China products and goods. Moreover, President Donald Trump can increase the tariffs any time and he authorizes to declare the national emergency banning the US companies to do the business with China.


The Hong Kong standoff has occurred from June 2019, the protests have no reason to stop while henchman Carrie Lam has not received yet the order to resign from Beijing, certainly, China perplexes in Hong Kong crisis and Ape Emperor Xi Jinping has no solution. Temporarily, China communist has applied the psychological warfare that exposed to the fields:


1- The intimidation applies by the People’s Liberation Army gathering at Shenzen and releasing the video about the military exercise. Recently, China sent new troops to the People’s Liberation’s Hong Kong garrison, the PLA copied the US army’s uniform but fighting doubt because PLA has never won a war, instead, Mao Tse Tung barbecued more than a million troops in Korea battle by the inhumane tactic called Huaman Wave. Therefore, the People’s Liberation Army becomes the killing machine, they killed Chinese people in Tienanmen Square and quelled Tibet, Sinkiang Uigur people without a weapon. On the other hand, PLA is an actual tool of Ape super gang, but China communist praises their killing’s people army. China communist calls the fresh troop came to Hong Kong that is a normal routine annual rotation while the Hong Kong Police force failed to menace the leaders, they arrested three activists are Joshua Wong, Andy Chan, and Agnes Chow in few days. However, on Saturday, August 31, 2019,  Police released Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow that is due to the pressure of Hong Kong people and the world concerns. Activist Joshua Wong told to media:” All we ask for is just to urge Beijing and the Hong Kong government withdraw the bill, stop police brutality and respond to our calls for free elections,”. Police arrested about 800 people but they couldn’t detain more than 7 million people in Hong Kong.


2- The domestic concealment couldn’t cheat Chinese people in the mainland. The high technological communication, multiple information’s sources, and social media defeated China’s propaganda machine. Beijing snubs the people about a small number’s protest, instead, the massive people marched on the streets, a central city and besieged Police headquarters plus the parliament broadcast worldwide, Chinese people in the mainland easily access.


3- The left media in Western failed to conceal the Hong Kong crisis, they couldn’t conceal the truth as in the Vietnam War. Actually, the Tet offensive in 1968, the left media just released the US casualties at Embassy in Saigon, but they concealed more than 100,000 Vietcong killed. The left media must release the truth and sending the reporters to Hong Kong.


Hong Kong people experienced the Ape  super gang, they knew the financial weapon could flinch China communist and developing the democratic movement with the Water’s ideology of Bruce Lee:


“Be Water!

We are formless.

We are shapeless.

We can flow.

We can crash.

We are like water.

We are



Hong Kong people keep fighting for democracy and freedom, actually, the extradition bill of henchman Carrie Lam terrorizes the life of people.


Do not fear what the communist does

Let’s do what the communist fears.


Hong Kong people unite into the front as water and it can become the Tsunami. After releasing Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow a day, on Sunday, September 1st, 2019, Hong Kong people protest with the massive number, they set to fire a large roadblock near Hong Kong police headquarters. The protestors used the plastic bollards, metal fencing, they crowded in the sport region and using the barricades to protect themselves before starting the blaze in the central district of Wan Chai.


During the Ape super gang doubts the leadership and capacity of Xi Jinping, actually the rivals have started to dethrone the Red Emperor, the prominent wing of former chairman Jiang Zemin pressures Xi Jinping to act as Deng Xiaoping did in 1989. China’s situation worsens, the second Tienanmen Square will cost the regime, certainly, China must know the dire consequences will occur:


-The US and the world condemn with the sanction as they did after Russia invaded Crimea, therefore, Hong Kong is importance than Crimea.

-Hong Kong people pull out the money.


-Chinese people in the mainland can stand up any time to support Hong Kong people.


Hong Kong unrest is the big challenge of the Ape super gang while Red Emperor Xin Jinping has no solution and China communist has fallen into the dilemma while China faces the potential damages in the economic battle with the US and allies. Moreover, China communist also failed using the left media to mislead the public as they did in the Cold War. China loses the battle from the mainland, Hong Kong, global market and the phony propaganda in Western.


China has only the solution to remove the useless zombie Carrie Lam and scrap forever the extradition bill. The situation will ease for a moment but the democratic movement continues in Hong Kong, the people totally reject the ruthless regime. China couldn’t deceive Hong Kong people by the tactics are talking during the fighting, taking one step back and preparing three steps forward, buying time. Those old tactics are obsolete when the world knew communist well. China fears every protest in Hong Kong causes the loss of the Hang Seng Index, and China’s financial system damaged. Hong Kong people knew China regime rules in Beijing is the Ape super gang, not represents Chinese people, but Taiwan is the authentic government of Chinese people, Taiwan government authorizes to require the One Nation Policy, the robber must return the mainland to the owner./.







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