China faces the peril in domestic and offshore business


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The war fight against the global economic terror becomes the peril of the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit. The major battlefield occurs in the global market, China has been lost the most consumption market in the US and allies. The offshore essential business Huawei is the telecommunication company owned by the People’s Liberation Army, it is the center of hacking and the ZTE is the giant corporation provides telecommunication’s equipment that owned by China communist regime, both have been pushed out the world market.


Huawei is among the key tactic of the Chinese dream to exercise the global business and also carrying out the espionage’s mission to their counterparts. The stolen technology is the professional career of China communist. The Confucianism made Chinese pride and also caused by the invention framed into the great master’s teaching that is enough. Nevertheless, the obscurantism of communist has applied since Mao Ste Tung occupied the mainland in 1949, the invention must comply the socialism. The global hegemony urges China rushing to develop the technology into the arms and space race. Unfortunately, China couldn’t cop the Western, actually the US, so Beijing must apply the stolen tactic.


Huawei’s technology comes from the steal, actually, the newest 5G considers as the high technology in telecommunication and also a facility on the cyber spy. In the Western and democratic country respect the copyright, even the trademark has to comply with the commercial law. The lawsuit applied whoever used the labels of the licensed business, the heavy fines plus the compensation are inevitable.


Huawei stole the 5G technology from the Western, actually, the Qualcomm Incorporation is American multiple national semiconductor and telecommunication equipment, the wireless communication designed and services. The technology 5G interests Huawei, Intel, Nokia, Ericsson, ZTE, Cisco, Samsung…. Therefore, Huawei has made a huge profit from the 5G, the giant telecommunication companies are Huawei and ZTE invade the world by the stolen technology. China violated the copyright, so Huawei to be debunked by the originally invented country.


The incident of CFO Meng Wanzhou arrested in Canada and she is facing the criminal charges on fraud, money laundering… moreover, the Huawei’s officials arrested in the US, Poland that alerts the cyberspy mission of China. Nowadays, Huawei and ZTE banned in The US, UK, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Germany …the most strong market banned China telecommunication’s giant companies. Australian recognizes the cyberspy comes from China, actually the US intelligence warned, so the Australian Federal Government banned China-owned tech giant Huawei plan to take the rollout of 5G mobile infrastructure for the national security’s caution. The trade ties, a free trade agreement with China, annually, the Australian taxpayers cost a hundred million dollars to fight the cyberwar. Therefore, ALP (Australian Leninist Party) always wants Australia to be a comrade with China. The former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd often require Australian distances the US but close to China. The boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten vows to stand with China, he hates President Donald Trump from the presidential election’s campaign in 2016, Mr. former Union boss Bill Shorten used the low-class language” barking mad” to attack candidate Donald Trump. How could Mr. Bill Shorten behave if he becomes Prime Minister? Now, the low gear politician Bill Shorten is the opposition leader of Australian Leninist Party. Nevertheless, his comrade is Senator Penny Wong (Penny Wrong) leading ALP in Senate, she wants to invite Huawei operates in Australia if ALP wins the federal election, so China communist is waiting for ALP. Certainly, the undercover activists, espionage network, the financial agents of China strongly support ALP and the futuristic Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong. Nevertheless, Senator Penny Wong advocates selling Australian land to China… ALP has never had the patriotic concern, instead, the factions and personal favor win over the national interest, so ALP ignores the national security.


When the state governments controlled by ALP, it is an opportunity for China applies the bypass to access national security. The Victoria State (capital city is Melbourne) governed by the one belt and one road Premier Daniel Andrews who secretly deal with China communist. Premier Daniel Andrews recruited Dr. Dung Tien Kieu who holds the member of Legislative Council, he is a Vietnamese refugee, but he worked 2 years in China.


In Western Australia, Labor Premier Mark Mc Gowen granted $AUD 136 million for Huawei installs 4G into the rail communication’s contract despite the national security and intelligence warning. Nevertheless, in the state election 2017, the ALP’s state government in Western Australia recruited Mr. Pierre Shuai Yang into the Western Australian Legislative Council member in the South Metropolitan region. Mr. Pierre Shuai Yang is China communist party (Before, Mr. Pierre Shuai Yang was councilor of Gosnells city Council).


China ruined the offshore market and the domestic market plunged, the business in the mainland has been affected up to 70%. Therefore, the left media concealed, instead, they often released the fake news praising China growth. There is just the lending business, 70% closed:

-Yidai is the well-known lenders in the mainland, after the months faced the downturn, they closed at least 32,000 offices.


-There are more than 400 platforms of Peer-to-Peer Lending collapsed that conducts many savers cannot get their money back. As the failure of PPMiao caused 4,000 people lost $USD 117 million.


The loss of economic battle becomes the disaster of China, so the banking system has been shaken that affected the national economy. The dismal economy of China is inevitable, the dishonest must pay the price while China still troubles the finance of rapacious plan of one belt and one road that faces the tragedy while the money running out because Beijing suffered the mountain debt is up to 300 % GDP in 2018. The illegally artificial islands built and militarized aggravates the worst situation of the Chinese dream. China’s global hegemony commits suicide when the war fighting against the global economic terror continues to push China into the disaster. The dangerous fact in China is a high rate of unemployment, the offshore market lost, it causes a hundred million workers laid off, actually, China has to face more than 250 million peasants migrated when the industrial boom and the foreign companies arrived, now they must repatriate to reduce the tariffs./.







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