China faces the massive compensation ever


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The legal system of communist countries to protect the regime and its communist party by the bush law. Therefore, democratic countries apply the legal system based on national interest, protect the people and other national issues. Nevertheless, every country applies the different law as French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer, and Catholic theologian said:” Vérité en deçà des Pyrénées, erreur au-delà.”.


Every country has its legal system, social concern. Commonly, the law based on politics or religion (Muslim nations). It is the same case but the convictions are different from the other country, as the drug trafficker faced the death sentence in Singapore, Malaysia but the Western countries are not.


China is the world’s largest communist country, despite China joined the free market and the international community since US President Richard Nixon visited in 1972. Therefore, China has applied the bush law in trade and diplomatic relationships to counterparts. A circumstance of Australia billionaire James Packer who lost $AU 4.2 billion in Macau Casino Resort after Xi Jinping changed the law to ban the gamble and detained 16 Casino staffs from 9 to 10 months while Chinese businesses and Chinese companies owned by its government silently took control the Australian’s economy, even cousin of Xi Jinping is Ming Chai became the VIP of Crown Casino in Melbourne and ASIO was asleep. Moreover, China’s company is the Landbridge Group tool Australian’s strategic port in Darwin with $AU 506 million’s lease in 99 years but the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) ignored. The Australian government did nothing to help the citizens robbed by China. Moreover, China arrested Mr. Stern Hu of the Rio Tinto company and detained 9 years although the Australian government tried to help.


The biological warfare terror attacks worldwide, there are more than two hundred countries received the death toll, infected population and the economy damaged. China always shuns biological warfare’s culprit, but China can not escape responsibility for the reasons:


-The Novel Coronavirus appeared in Wuhan from December 1st, 2019, not happen in the US or elsewhere. President Donald Trump dubbed CHINESE VIRUS.


-The whistleblower Doctor Li Wengliang raised the early alert about the deadly virus but he was arrested. The concealment of China’s Communist regime has enough evidence at the international court.


-China manipulated the World Health Organization: Ape Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who obeyed the reports of China to delay the Coronavirus outbreak and misled the medical information. Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus is an accomplice with China into the genocide, the world recognizes the medical thug.


China and the left media have tried to escape the biological warfare terror by straying the Coronavirus comes from the fish market in Wuhan, therefore, the bat and wild animal meat have no evidence proved the cause of Coronavirus because Chinese people, some Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, East Timor, Thailand have eaten bat and wild animal meat from a long time ago. Recently, the left media shift the Coronavirus escaped from the Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory in Wuhan, but the argument doesn’t convince the people and the scientific specialists. Whatever, China can not raise any reason about the Coronavirus, indeed, China’s communist regime must take responsibility for the deaths and economic damages. The victim countries are more than two hundred to claim the compensation by two forms


1-The lawsuit files at the International Court is possible, China violates the International Health Regulations based on Article 6 and 7. Moreover, the victim countries have evidence to support the claim for compensation. Whatever, the law punishes the wilful murder or manslaughter, In 2010, the accidental oil spill in Deep Water Horizon, BP company paid all the cost to clean up, environment damages and the others. China frightens the compensation, so Beijing can hire some dishonest lawyers (the robbers with the paper-knife) to help the biological warfare culprit avoid the International Court, but the two hundred nations plaintiffs have enough the power to sue China while some lawyers just do the legal career to make a personal profit. China and Democrats appall the presidential election 2020, President Donald Trump will easily claim the landslide victory and Democrats facing the loss of Congress, so the lawmakers (major Republicans) can introduce the bill to file the lawsuit against China, the compensation estimates more than $US 20 trillion. India can require $US 20 trillion, the think tank proposes China pays the compensation is worth $US 6.5 trillion to G7 and the other country like  Australia seeking $US 37 billion’s compensation. Moreover, Asia, Middle East, Central America, African countries should sue China with $US 6.5 trillion’s compensation and many plaintiffs are waiting for the compensation.


2-Every country can apply their law to protect the national interest and its citizens: the lawmakers can create the law to confiscate China’s assets including the companies, frozen assets, revoke the lands, airports, ports leased or sold to China, and the victims, The companies, businesses, families of dead people can file the lawsuit against China at the court (high court) to seek the compensation.  Moreover, the countries fell into the debt trap and one belt-one road ( China poured about $US 140 billion into the rapacious project) and now, the countries can take China’s assets to pay for the damages. China can not use the People’s Liberation Army to attack two hundred nations, except China’s communist regime to raise the mouthful intimidation as a barking dog never bites.


China faces massive compensation ever, it estimates about a hundred trillion of US dollars. China can not use the bush law to reject the compensation because they deeply invested around the world. Almost, the offshore companies, investors of China owned by China’s Communist regime and the assets of China’s tycoon in Western linking with China’s Communist Party./.






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