China faces the economic peril but left media conceals


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The war fighting against the global economic terror targets on the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit and the global thug, it conducts the economic disaster of China, the peril is inevitable. Everyone could recognize the potential damages of China after being struck by the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile (IBTM) of commander in chief Donald Trump. Therefore, the left media terrorizes the people mind by the fake news, conceals the truth, misleads the public with the articles praise China’s growth and the new dire weapon including the phony psychological warfare propagates the military ability of the People’s Liberation Army will destroy the US aircraft carriers. The character of Karl Marx’s pupil is the cheat, lie, and demagogy. The communist, left the party and the left media are the siblings, nevertheless, Karl Marx labeled his followers come from the APE, certainly, the ape brain is different from the human brain, so the Karl Marx’s pupil assimilates the wrong as right, the instinct conducts the action. The left media reflects the communism, they profess the fake news and fabricated stories.


During the Den of thieves facing the difficulty, the left media launches the propaganda to appall the US People about the nuclear war. Indeed, China has not enough the technology and finance to involve the arms race, space race. Moreover, the economic situation has not allowed China to challenge the US. The left media is like the communication business, the profit lovers are a journalist, reporters, TV hosts, columnists plus some innocent academics should receive finance from China’s undercover activists in the Western’s soil. Nevertheless, the left media exist from the advertising, the Western companies being collaborated with China business (mostly, China owned), the left media companies must comply the customer requires, so they blindly distort the communication by the articles, the T.V news, the psychological warfare misleads the public. Therefore, the propaganda failed, because, the internet and social media defeated the fake news and the media cheat.


Beijing and the left media in Western have tried to apply the emptied citadel tactic of Zhuge Liang who was a great diplomat and the master of stratagem in the war occurred between the three kingdoms from 220-280 A.D. After the potential battle lost, Zhuge Liang retreated to the West citadel. The numerous troop just remained about 2,000 soldiers and 500 horses while the enemy was gathering 15,000 men, they were on the way to attack the citadel, the top commander was General Sima Yi of the Wei’s kingdom. The situation was an extreme danger, but Zhuge Liang bluffed the enemy, he opened the citadel’s gates and appearing at the top of the citadel with music. General Sima Yi wrongly judged, he believed inside the citadel, Zhuge Liang arrayed the ambush, so General Sima Yi ordered the army withdrew.


Nowadays, the left media repeats the emptied citadel tactic of Zhuge Liang, therefore, it doesn’t work. The Red Emperor Xi Jinping couldn’t bluff the US, actually, the potential commander in chief Donald Trump is the upper hand’s tactic and controlling the battle.


The left media has tried to mislead the public by the cunning propaganda, unfortunately, it is the farce and turning trash. There were some left media lied about China’s growth in 2018, some media published the high figures as 9.7% but it contradicted when the same news, the surpluses dropped 16.7%, the economic growth but surpluses dropped, it is the worst lie. The hidden failure of China on the economy couldn’t conceal. In 2018, China communist predicted the economic growth 6.5%, indeed, in 2018, China just reached 1.67%. The economists recognized China’s growth zero in 2018 and China’s growth hit the lowest record in 3 decades.


The mountain debt worries the largest communist regime on the planet, the debt increased as the skyrocket. From 2008, the deficit was 130% GDP and now the debt is 260% GDP. China becomes the most debt country in the world while the economy declined. The war against the global economic terror deeply affected China from:


-The domestic: the US impose high tariffs that cause the high unemployment rate in the mainland. The export sector contributes the most important in the labor market, the economic boom’s time, China employed more than 120 million workers to respond the export demands and now, China faces hundred million peasants lost the job in the cities, they are the main force to pull the regime out, the collapsed formula is possible to repeat in Chinese history.


-The overseas market: the giant telecommunication company Huawei has been boycotted from the US market and the allies, actually, the cyber spying aggravates after CFO Meng Wanzhou arrested in Canada and she is waiting for the extradition to the US and some high ranking officials of Huawei detained in Poland. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump has ruined the giant company owned by China government, the ZTE damaged $USD 17 billion smartphone in the market. The China product has not favored despite the low prices, it couldn’t excite the global consumer. China’s currency Yuan hits the lowest valuation against the US dollar in 10 years.


The China dream kills Chinese by its rapaciousness of the global hegemony. The ambitious plan is one belt and one road that shows the worst situation. Nevertheless, Beijing also failed the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters, it becomes the hot spot in the region. Therefore, the piratical stations of China being faced the strong reaction of the neighbor countries, actually the Western sharing the maritime transport estimates $USD 5 trillion a year. The military threat intimidates as the weak reaction of the loser in the economic battle and also the arms race.


In the Cold War, when the technologic communication limited, the left media was only place activated on propaganda, but nowadays, the left media couldn’t cheat the public. The emptied citadel tactic repeats by the fake news publishing the China growth and China developed the dire weapon, acquired the modern military missile, plane….and China threatens to sink down the US aircraft carriers, attack Taiwan…the barking dog never bites. The phony propaganda doesn’t work./.








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