China exposes the multiple receptive forms


Posted on April 9, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The deception of the largest communist country on the planet has applied flexible, it is the essential character of China’s Communist Party and the others. China has exploited the free market, financial system and the other economic facilities of the enemy that labeled the capitalist to make a profit, stolen technology and the conspiracy to control the world. Do not listen to what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did. The anti-communist experts have no mistake to stay away from Karl Marx’s pupils, the dregs of society, the dishonest elements on the planet. Unfortunately, in the Western and democratic countries, the innocent national leaders, short-minded politicians, and the naïve businesses have fallen into the cheating traps of the rogue regime rules in China’s mainland. The innocent traitors have helped China grew faster and now, China becomes the most threat to the planet. It is too late for waking up, nevertheless, the global biological warfare attack worldwide that responds to the critical mistake made by the naïve leaders since the US President Richard Nixon carried out the historic visit to Beijing in 1972. Moreover, Democratic President in the US like Bill Clinton who fell into the bribery’s trap of China, so in 8 years in White House, President Bill Clinton ruled the US as China’s executive. The hoax climate change of Bill Clinton curbing the Western industry while China freely releases the dioxide, the Most Favored Nation’s policy of Bill Clinton deserved the interest for China. President Barrack Obama led the US into China’s orbit.


China’s traps have arrayed everywhere including the United Nations and World Health Organization (the people discover W.H.O becomes the medical propaganda machine of China during the Coronavirus spreading worldwide). Particularly, W.H.O director-general Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who is the first W.H.O chief without a medical doctoral degree elected. China has prepared biological warfare in a long time and Beijing cornered W.H.O. The Coronavirus outbreak appeared the MEDICAL THUGS laid inside the World Health Organization, so President Donald Trump slams the World Health Organization and the US threatens to cut the funding to W.H.O. The world’s economy and finance are harmed by China’s traps, toxic collaboration becomes the long term damages of the countries deeply involved trade with China. The deception of China has applied flexibly into multiple circumstances with multiple purposes:


1- When China gets the low tide of revolution: the rogue regime reduces the aggressive attitude, even begging the Western, promise, co-operation. China pretends to cede the policies. It is the tactic called taking one step back to prepare three steps forward. The Western leaders and the inexpert politicians had the wrong judge and they led the country into the trade trap, debt trap, government trap of China.


2- When China gains the high tide of revolution: the brazen attitude applies to threaten the counterparts including the US, Europe, Australia, and the other countries. China exploits the economic strength to bully, intimidate.


After joining the free market, and later WTO, China succeeded the deceptive policies. Beijing made a profit from Western’s loss. The stolen technologies and the malicious methods to force the foreign factories handed over the technologies in the mainland, so China acquired the intellectual properties without research, moreover, China secretly bought the Western’s academics with little money but getting the best outcome. The Western countries may overhaul the professors, doctors in university, particularly, the Chinese academics should be the high-level of technological burglars. The education’s loopholes that helped China created from nothing to have anything.


The intimidation is the main policy of China, the military threat that worries the neighbor countries and the world. The largest population becomes the human weapon, China doesn’t care about human life while the Western countries respect people’s life. China brags the strength of the People’s Liberation Army with 2.2 million members plus a 510,000 reserved army. The so-called largest economic center in the world displays the Asian wealthy country or Asia dragon. China shows off about the modern high-speed railways, 298 airlines, and 235 airports to attract foreign tourists. According to the Credit Suisse report, the rich Chinese surpassed the US. The wealthy Chinese tycoons occupied 10% in the world and China has 12 giant companies among 100 top companies in the world. However, the United Nations still recognizes China as a developing country and the World Trade Organization follows, so China listed the poor countries like Zimbabwe. Moreover, the poor country’s China also launched the spaceship to the moon and space race with the US, they have aircraft carriers, Jet-15, stealth Jet-20. Nevertheless, China’s poor country is the global lender and carrying out the great project calls one belt and one road. On the other hand, China is the noble poor country, is it?


The deception of China is blatant, therefore, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization have influenced the communism, the UN’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is the hardcore communist, he leads the United Nations into the socialism, the hoax climate change and zombie Greta Thunberg complicate the world. After the global biological warfare terror launched by China, the Human Rights Council elected China in the panel, it insults the human rights.


China is the culprit of a global biological attack and the World Health Organization distorted the medical career, its organization becomes the medical propaganda machine of Beijing, so the Coronavirus outbreak delayed by the misled information, and the pandemic spread worldwide that China wants to. During the vaccine has not found yet, China calls the world helps, but China also sent harmful medical supplies to the victim countries like Italy, Spain, France, Hollands, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the others. The false test kits and contaminated face masks made in China rise the high death toll and infected population around the world. The hypocritical morality of China can not cheat the world while  Beijing tries to escape the biological weapon by shifting the Coronavirus to the US, but the world knew China did it for the global hegemonic ambition. President Donald Trump calls the Coronavirus is CHINESE VIRUS and the world agreed. The multiple deception forms of China can not hide anymore, China must pay the dire consequences when the international community isolates the rogue regime after the biological warfare terror, moreover, the global CHINA-PHOBIA becomes the disaster of China’s products in the long term. Despite the Coronavirus’s vaccine has not released yet, but everyone country has the patriotic vaccine to China-owned businesses, Chinese academics, Chinese politicians climbed higher and dived deeper in Western government./.







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