China electric car is waiting for Bill Shorten


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It is no doubt the electric car’s scheme of the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten refers in the general election’s campaign that sends the message to Australian people about Australian Labor Party controlled by the union and China commands. Mostly, the left parties have not favored the policies on the economy, national security and border protection and the public interest. Instead, the demagogic policies covering the fallen nation needs on three subjects are the homosexuality, the Sharia Law’s activists hidden under the label of asylum seeker and the hoax climate change. Australian Labor Party, Democrats in the US, Labor Party in the United Kingdom have the common formula is 3D=Deception + Demagogy +Destruction.


ALP characterizes Australian Leninist Party is the hidden communist party in a democratic country, so the tactics apply as the same Mao Ste Tung launched into the Culture Revolution. The hoax climate change prepared before the electric car’s scheme officially announces by the opposition leader Bill Shorten. In China, Mao chairman used the young people and student to found the Red Guard was the main force to support the Culture Revolution. In Australia, the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten and Greens Party exploited the student rallied nationwide to support the climate change and recently the Vegans movement aiming the farmers.


Mr. Bill Shorten focuses 50%  electric car to 2030 and he promises a subsidy for the electric car company. Certainly, China communist’s company is ready to establish an electric car company in Australia or an electric car company of Australia controlled by China’s investors and Bill Shorten will use the taxpayers to cover the subsidy. In the passage of time, under the rule of Labor government from 2007 to 2013, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a profit for China with the obsolete telecommunication NBN, it wasted the taxpayers $AUD 65 billion. The Finance Minister, Senator Penny Wong and Communication Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy carried out the NBN. So, the electric car’s scheme of Bill Shorten will create a profit for China. Moreover, the insulation scheme cost $AUD 3.7 billion, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made the profit for China with the Pink Batts provided, the scheme cost 4 lives and 100 houses fired.


The federal election day is going to poll on May 18, 2019, while Coalition and Australian Leninist Party are campaigning, China’s Communist leaders promote the sale of the electric car, it matches the electric car’s scheme of opposition leader Bill Shorten.


China communist’s leaders mandate the electric car’s market being helped by the government’s subsidy. Shanghai’s Auto show refers to the electric car made by China and encourages Chinese drivers in the mainland would afford the subsidy is up to 50,000 Yuan ($AUS 10, 4322) each purchased electric car. Therefore, the subsidy will cut half to the end of next years. China communist leaders have been promoted the electric car from 15 years ago, but the electric car couldn’t favor Chinese drivers in the mainland. Certainly, Chinese drivers knew the electric car is inconvenient, the speed limit and it couldn’t deal the long-distance driving and the battery will replace, it costs a lot of money. Nevertheless, the dumped battery is a big problem. So the electric car’s market in China didn’t interest its people. China communist invested the money into the electric car, but it faces the consumption’s problem.


The electric car’s scheme of the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten responds to the electric car’s company of China being faced the loss of profit. Even Chinese drivers in the mainland rejected the electric car, so the Australian drivers have not interested in the hoax climate change of Bill Shorten is keen to help comrade China sells the electric car into Australia’s market. It is possible China’s electric car company moves to Australia or Australia’s electric car company shares with China’s investors.


China communist is waiting for the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten to win the federal election on May 19, 2019. Moreover, the giant telecommunication Huawei also waits for Senator Penny Wong takes the Foreign Affairs Minister and Huawei will return with the 5G technology while annually, the Coalition government spent a hundred million dollars to prevent the cyberspy comes from China, actually Huawei owned by the People’s Liberation Army with the spy unit 61398.


The election 2019, China could intervene by the malicious tactics as the donations, certainly, China communist support comrade ALP and former union boss Bill Shorten. /.







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