China economy is underway to collapse


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The golden time of the largest communist country on the planet is no longer to develop and bluff the world by the cunning economy’s pattern” the free market is led by socialism”, its economic method is like using a part of Mercedes to fix Toyota’s engine. Indeed, the real face of the rogue regime appeared after the global hegemonic ambition carries out with the trade trap, the debt trap and the government trap that aroused the counterparts.


The world recognized China’s dream hides the silent invasion by the soft army spreading the claw everywhere in the world including the US, Europe, and Australia. The tiger snake has never transformed to python, so the communist has never proceeded to democracy despite the communist regimes like China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba could exploit the innocent politicians for survival with the lizard changes color’s skin tactic has applied after Soviet-Union collapsed in the early 1990s.


The passage of time highlights China grew faster since Democratic President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore ruled the US from 1992 to 1996. The corruption and government trap of China succeeded to transform the US president to be an executive of China in the White House. China’s super espionage agents John Huang and Charlie Trie illegally financed the US presidential elections in 1992 and 1996 that helped China had the great opportunities to carry out the global hegemonic strategy and challenge the US. China just spent a little money on the traitors are Bill Clinton-Al Gore but Beijing gained the best policies on:


-The hoax climate change promoted and activated by President Bill Clinton to repay China in the elections. The hoax climate change curbs the Western industry and China freely releases the dioxide. On the other hand, the hoax climate change is the deep conspiracy of President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore to tie the Western’s industry to help China develops faster. Certainly, President Bill Clinton is not a scientist, when a lawyer activates the climate change that is like a mechanic talks about the pathology, cancer, diseases of medical doctor. Certainly, when everyone gets sick, they find a medical doctor, not a lawyer or a mechanic. The hoax climate change originated from an unqualified person like Bill Clinton.


-The Most Favored Nation’s policy of Bill Clinton helped China cornered the US economy and created the facilities for China on tariffs, export, and import.

President Barrack Obama transformed the US to be a vassal of China and he destroyed the US economy, plus the financial system by socialism. The Democratic presidents made China grew fast and the totalitarian country becomes the world’s second-largest economy. If Hillary Clinton elected in 2016, China will control the world in 2025 as the plan of China and Democrats.

China applied the deceived policies plus the naïve politicians and the left party in the US and Western that helped China grew and passed over the low tide of the revolutionary stage after Soviet-Union collapsed in the early 1990s. The evil regime gained the technologies (mostly, China stole the technologies) and exploited the free market to develop the global hegemonic strategy as the gang or terror organization acquires the modern weapon, the Western-made the critical mistake to trade with China.


The economic strength of China created from the loss of Western, in the Cold War, the US and democratic countries sanctioned China, the economy developed without China. Therefore, after China joined the free market and the global financial system, the world currently complicated by the cunning methods of China. The bush law, Communism (Maoist) plus the global hegemonic ambition has become a real threat in the world.


From the past 30 years, commonly, China has an annual growth of 10%, some peak years, China’s growth was up to 13%. China’s productivity has quadrupled in 15 years, the foreign investment, the foreign factories throve in the mainland, the deceived policies bluffed successfully the Western. Actually, the profit lovers are the wealthy persons (business) who helped China growth, they are the innocent traitors or the economic domestic thugs in the Western, the profit lovers ignore the country, its people.


The economic boom’s time conducted China employed about 120 million workers to respond to the offshore market, actually, the export sector. From 2009, the first year of the first Muslim and Communist President Barrack Obama elected, China’s industry grew more than 20%, the high-level terrorist and Communist Barrack Obama climbed higher, dived deeper in the top office of the US, so within 8 years ruled the White House, China grew but the US declined. Its reason explains the SATAN’s era of Barrack Obama was the jobless, food stamps the ghost towns appeared, actually, the US factories shut down when the companies moved to China.


The US people elected President Donald Trump to respond to the patriotism, actually, the nationalism wakes up after 8 years, the country shattered by President Barrack Obama and China aiming to replace the US. The war fights against the global economic terror that forces China shrinking on the economy and the financial system declined. China loses the trade war, actually, the offshore market causes China’s industrial growth from 20% in 2009 to 4.4% in 2019, certainly, the offshore market ruined, nevertheless, the giant telecommunication company Huawei disabled and the world boycotted by the national security risks (Huawei comes from the stolen technology)


China’s communist regime faces the high-level strategist Donald Trump who is the author of” The Art of the Deal”, but China’s ancient strategist Sun Tzu wrote:” The Art of the War” that can not apply to the situation today. President Donald Trump is a high level than Sun Tzu on strategy, so Red Emperor Xi Jinping failed to use” the Art of the War” on the economic invasion to the counterparts and the military threat as the Chinese kings applied to occupy the other countries in the days of yore of Chinese history.


China loses the trade war and begged the US to deal with the phase 1 agreement that is the surrender statement. The left media, the left academics, the left parties as Democrats in the US couldn’t mislead the public about China wins the trade war. Nevertheless, the socialism products and the pro-communist paradise’s style is keen to use the human’s excrement into the agricultural products, so the largest communist paradise in China becomes the wonderful land of the virus, the most recent pandemics as SARS, Novel Coronavirus, Bird flu, Swine flu come from China. The counterfeit made in China and the pandemics made in China too. On the other hand, China’s communist paradise is the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of cheat and the empire of pandemics.  In 2019, China must slaughter more than one million pigs by the Swine flu, so the pork supply shorted 46.7% in Lunar New Year, so China must buy the pork from Vietnam (the close vassal of China since Mao Tse Tung robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949) and China must exempt the tariffs on the US Pork, soybean, and the other agricultural products. The left media couldn’t lie about China’s growth or China won the trade war.

The deadly pandemic Novel Coronavirus has appeared from December 13, 2019, in Wuhan. Therefore, China commits suicide by the concealment that applies to the obscurantism, it is the potential propaganda of the communist government. The young Doctor Li Wengling alerted the deadly virus to governments, but he was arrested by police with the crime to spread the rumor. If the incident occurs in the US, Europe, Australia and the other democratic countries, the deadly virus can prevent.


    However, China’s communist regime couldn’t conceal after the outbreak spreads without control, actually, the high technological communication forces China must confirm the death toll and the numerous infected people. The infected cities increased from 3, 15, 31 and now, there are 60 cities locked down to affect more than 400 million people. Three important economic provinces locked down to deal with the pandemic. Obviously, the tourism industry disabled because of domestic transport and international flights suspended that affect 22.5 million jobs. In 2018, China got more than 62.9 million tourists or 11% of economic growth. Therefore, the Novel Coronavirus cohort develops widely, the vaccine has not found yet, so China’s death toll rises daily and the economy worsens. Despite China faces the mountain debt was $US 40 trillion in 2017, now, the debt increased, therefore, China’s communist regime injected $US 10.3 billion into the health department to fight against the outbreak of  Novel Coronavirus. But this monetary amount can not cover the massively infected people, China’s government needs to quarantine at least 250 million people among 400 million people live in dangerous areas.


When China’s communist regime couldn’t conceal the coronavirus outbreak, the central communist party sent Premier Li Keqiang came down to Wuhan with the mask, he promised to build two hospitals with 1,000 beds in 10 days. Therefore, China concealed about a dozen quarantine centers in Wuhan, the quarantine centers in Wuhan overwhelmed about 46,000 infected people without a doctor, nurse, food, water, they come themselves and waiting for death. Nevertheless, in Wuhan, there are 49 cremation sites operate 24 hours a day to deal with the dead people by the pandemic.


      It is possible, the hoax climate change activists and its perpetrators should slam the Novel Coronavirus and any pandemic come from climate change like Prince Charles slammed the Syria War causes climate change, the annual bush fire in California, Australia called the climate change and recently, the United Nations labels the asylum seekers are the climate refugee. Actually, the corruption should cause climate change, is it?


The total stock market lost 9%, as the major stock market Shanghai Composite lost $US 370 billion from its market value in the Coronavirus outbreak of the first week, the biggest loss is waiting for China, the temporary solution can not save the disaster, China has pumped $US 236 billion into the stock market, but it continues to plunge.


The economic situation risks, on February 2, 2020, China’s stock exchange dropped 32 %. China’s tycoons lost about $US 530 billion in 2018 in the trade war.  China’s economic boom that created about 100,000 wealthy persons, actually, the millionaires and billionaires come from China’s Political Bureau. However, from 2017 to 2018, the trade war hit Asian tycoons, the rich persons lost $US 1 trillion. Moreover, in 2019, the tycoons lost from $US 20 to 21.6 trillion (The French Consulting firm Capgemini report). Now, China’s tycoons suffer the big loss by Coronvirus, actually the tourism industry, hotel chain, restaurants, and the other business facilities. From the trade war, China’s equity markets dropped 25% in 2019, it is worth $US 2.5 trillion while the US economy grew, the US dollar increases the valuation.


China’s manufacture downed more than 30% in February. The small’s business heavily suffered the lockdown’s order, mostly, the low-income earners and the small businesses struggle to survive while the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread. China’s smartphone shipments dropped from 30 to 50%. The Coronavirus causes China’s economy disabled, actually, the inflation is inevitable, the food increases the prices as vegetable adds more 20% price.


The Swine flu, Bird flu and the Novel Coronavirus outbreak that brings China’s economy coming closer to the collapse. Nevertheless, the Coronavirus speeds up the infection throughout China’s mainland, the rogue regime faces money disasters. The death of Dr. Li Wengliang creates public outrage, his funeral attracts multiple millions of Chinese people to mourn. The Red Emperor Xi Jinping must take full responsibility, so he has maintained silently, actually, he reduces to appear the public, certainly, Xi Emperor is waiting for the Coronavirus clear and he will address Chinese people about the victory over the pandemic, it is the character of communist leaders. The Novel Coronavirsu outbreak also threatens the throne of Red Emperor Xi Jinping, but he must defuse the worst situation and Chinese people outrage, so on Monday, February 10, 2020, Xi Jinping has appeared the public with a blue face mask and white surgical gown. Therefore, Xi Jinping doesn’t come to Wuhan’s hospital, instead, he visited the medical workers and patients being infected by Coronavirus at a hospital in Beijing. It means the Novel Coronavirus spreads to Beijing, there is no safe place in China. Actually, the death of a strong man in China is former Chinese bodybuilding champion Qiu Jun who has passed away after struck by Coronavirus. The world complies strictly with the undeclared sanction’s order of Coronavirus cohort imposing to China, so the largest communist regime being isolated from the international community. Certainly, China can not slam the US and the hostile foreigns intervene in the domestic issues in the mainland, despite the Novel Coronavirus made in China and harming the ruthless regime./.







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