China Dogtor conspires to impeach the US President


Posted on June 8, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The dishonest academics destroy Western University’s prestige by distorting the career into the individual favor and the political purpose. Nevertheless, China communist and the other rogue regimes have exploited the education’s system in Western to infiltrate into the universities, academies, institutes carrying out the espionage mission in the high level, so the ethnic academics should be the undercover activists, espionage agents, they are the academic thugs graduated the top university’s degree, the doctors, professors, Ph.D., psychiatrists, scientists could use the qualification to attack the national interest or stealing the technology and misleading the public by the distorting knowledge. The academic thugs have used the Western’s education to stab in back the country and serve for the foreigner.


Nowadays, besides the Doctors have the DOGTORS ( the title of the writer describes a dishonest doctor who distorts the career for individual favor and political purpose). The Dogtors commit suicide the career and volunteer to donate the top’s university degree into the recycle bin after appeared the real face. They are the dregs of the intellectual line and the enemy of society. A dishonest academic is dangerous than a normal form of dishonesty, the dishonest academics easily trick the people and their deception broadly influences the society. Moreover, the left media is keen to promote whoever has a doctoral degree, so the television and media companies often invited the academics to appear to the public. The dangerously social manner has repeated to mislead the people. China communist could hire or pay the Western media to promote their academics, the clever propaganda has applied a long time in Western since the Cold War. The honest media respects the people and the truth, but the dishonest media (almost the left media) exercises the business, they have transformed the communication into propaganda.


It is the shame of academic line when the famous universities are Harvard and Yale wrongly granted the doctoral degree for the 27 dishonest doctors distort the career for political purpose, they attack President Donald Trump by releasing the garbage assessment, the 27 dogtors are the medical terrorists.


President Donald Trump has become the number on target of Democrats after the most cheater in the US history is Hillary Clinton shattered the wonderful dream to be the first female president of the United States of America. Almost, the cunning conspiracies to impeach President Donald Trump completely failed, actually, the most hopeful henchman, legal terrorist Robert Mueller spent 22 months and wasted the taxpayers $USD 34 million with nothing to change and the impeachment’s plan trashed by the conclusive report wrote” no collusion, no obstruction”. Nevertheless, the investigation carried out on Russia meddled the US election in 2016 that based on the fabricated dossiers wrote by the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele was meltdown after FBI found the truth, Hillary Clinton hired, so the Democratic thug exposed the crazy and foolish reaction. The lawmaker terrorists and also the commander in thug Nancy Pelosi with her comrades calling to impeach President Donald Trump despite he is innocent and the victim of political abuse or the victim of legal terror. The US is not China, certainly, Democrats failed to exercise the bush law, but the people recognize the Donkey’s Head Party is the domestic thug of the democracy, the enemy of people.


Democrats exhausted the tactic from the Congress, Senate, the court, defamation (pornstar Stormy Daniels), the Special Counsel including the bureaucratic coup conspired by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Deputy Director FBI Andrew McCabe. The Democratic law professor of Havard Laurence Tribe becomes the disgraced clown, his legal practice turned to garbage. The recent conspiracy is the tax returns of President Donald Trump failed, once again, Democratic lawmakers are illiteracy’s Constitution, they don’t know the sitting president cannot show the tax returns, but President Donald Trump authorizes to order the Treasury Department and IRS investigate any tax returns of Democratic Congress, if the IRS found the fraud, the government’s attorney has the power to impeach a lawmaker.


The loud voice has made into the impeachment’s conspiracy carried out by 27 medical doctors (psychiatrists) of Havard and Yale University, despite, they have never diagnosed President Donald Trump but dared to release the medical assessment to confirm President Donald Trump is mental health illness. Therefore, people recognize who is the mental health illness? President Donald Trump is a billionaire, he defeated 16 heavyweight politicians of Republicans and transformer the dream of Hillary Clinton to the nightmare while 27 dogtors must work for the wage. Eventually, the medical statement of Rear Admiral, Doctor Ronny Jackson unmasked 27 dishonest dogtors of Havard and Yale.


The war fights against the global economic terror has struck the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat created the potential damages of China and also threatening the inhumane regime in the mainland, the massive jobless estimates hundreds of million people is the real problem and the existence of China communist’s regime. Certainly, China always wants to topple the commander in chief Donald Trump, unfortunately, the domestic thug is Democrats failed. The panic station of China exposes in the reaction of Dogtor Bandy Xenobia Lee born in 1970, Chinese background, the people doubt the role of Dogtor Bandy Xenobia Lee who should link with China communist?


Dogtor Bandy Xenobia Lee comes from Yale University becomes the vanguard to attack President Donald Trump, she and 27 Havard dogtors misused the medical career, the medical assessment based on 25th Amendment, not a medical practice. Nevertheless, the left media like CNN promotes Dogtor Bandy Xenobia Lee as the top psychiatrist in the US, therefore, according to the State of Connecticut confirmed Bandy Lee does not have a valid license to practice psychiatrist, she has not qualified to release any medical assessment, but she released the cheat medical assessment to President Donald Trump. In December 2017, Chinese Dogtor Banky Xenobia Lee met 12 Representatives, 11 Democrats, and 1 turncoat Republic and January, she met 50 Democratic lawmakers to discuss the mental health of President Donald Trump. Certainly, Democratic representatives do nothing to impeach President Donald Trump, actually, the medical assessment conflicts the medical code practice and she didn’t have the license.


Dogtor Bandy Xenobia Lee wrote a book” The dangerous Case of Donald Trump” to defame the US president and she stands alongside with China communist, domestic thug Democrats to topple the US president who makes America great again, the enemy fears, the allies respect. Dogtor Bandy Xenobia Lee aims to sell her book and serve for China interest, her campaign supported by a change. org petition to disqualify President Donald Trump from the office, they revealed to have more than 70,000 signatures from mental health professionals, but the people have never trusted the fake news and the false polls.


However, the garbage medical assessments of 27 dogtors of Havard and Yale University, actually dogtor Bandy Xenobia Lee to impeach President Donald Trump that is impossible. Nevertheless, the great achievements of President Donald Trump succeeded from domestic and international issues those guarantee President Donald Trump will win the second term, certainly, China panics and Democrats worry. The lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi is folly plus stupid, she said with 5 Democratic committee chairs” I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison”. Therefore, the impeachment is the first stage to prison the US president, she doesn’t understand the Constitution but she is the boss of a lawmaker in Congress./.







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