China disabled to conduct Australia tumbles


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From many decades ago, the Australian innocent politicians plus the naïve businesses created an opportunity for China to develop global hegemonic ambition and aiming to colonize Australia. Mostly, China-owned companies cornered Australia’s economy and financial system. China’s communist regime succeeded in the trade trap, debt trap, actually the government trap hid under the political donations to the main political parties, so China could get a good policy whatever Liberals or Labor Party rules the government.


Nowadays, Australia seems to belong to the Red Empire, so China often intimidates Australia if the government doesn’t listen to Beijing, actually, the national security threatens in Indochina Pacific and spy network activates in Australia. China treats Australia like an unofficial vassal when Member Representative Andrew Hastie raised the grave concern about China’s growth and the tension made by China in the region. Moreover, China denied the entry visa of MP Andrew Hastie and James Patterson because Beijing dislikes them while comrade Labor Member Representative Keogh welcomed entering China to study’s China cultures that organized by China’s communist regime. China has never respected the sovereign of Australia. There were three China’s Navy arrived in Sydney Harbour (near Opera House) without public notices, but Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison knew and he shunned the people question by an overseas trip. On February 22nd, 2020, Daily Mail published an article describes Australian’s economy being controlled by China:

First our land, now our WATER: How China is the biggest buyer of Australia’s most precious resource

  • 10.4 percent of Australian water rights are owned by foreigners, says ATO

  • Chinese investors are the largest group, owning 1.9 percent of entitlements

  • Experts say this is not necessarily problematic because water can’t be exported

  • But there are calls for better regulation of the market to stop hoarding”


There were many times the media and people warned the Australian politicians fell into the government trap of China, the corruption of Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, Labor senior minister Joel Andrew Fitzbibbone resigned after the media discovered the Defense Minister linked to Chinese business. Moreover, Huawei paid the overseas trips and luxury accommodation for 12 Australian politicians of Labor and Liberals, the prominent politician Julie Bishop was among them (Miss Julia Bishop held Foreign Affairs Minister from Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull).


    However, the Australian Labor Party is the close comrade with China’s Communist Party, so when Labor ruled the government, China gained the best policies and facilities to colonize Australia by the global economic terror strategy. The naïve politicians helped China controls the Australia economy:


- China bought many Australian assets, properties, actually, the strategic port in Darwin leased 99 years for China-owned company Landbridge group with $AU 506 million but FIRB (the Foreign Investment Review Board) ignored under the rule of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. China occupied the airport in Merriden (Western Australia in 100 years with one dollar lease). The innocent traitors in Australia placed the country for sale and China grabbed. Nevertheless, China is malicious by using the local people as the henchman. Former Trade Minister Andrew Rob who managed Darwin’s port of China’s communist company with the annual salary is $AU 880,000. Western Australia Mark McGowan granted Huawei runs the 4G in the state’s train system with the lease is $AU 136 million while the federal government banned Huawei to operate 5G that is due to national security and Labor Premier Mark McGowan recruited China’s communist Pierre Yang in the state Legislative Council (Upper House in the state). Labor Victoria’s state (Melbourne) Daniel Andrew secretly signed the deal with China, so Victoria state becomes a place linking with one belt and one road of China, but the federal government doesn’t. Even, under the rule of the Coalition government, China continues the buy the major companies, in December 2019, China Mengniu Dairy owned by China’s communist government took over the infant formula company Bellamy with $AU 1.5 billion. On February 21, 2020, despite China faces the Coronavirus pandemic, but China Mengniu Dairy aims to buy Lion’s Raw Milk company with the deal is $AU 600 million and ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) flags, the people doubt about the corruption of ACCC. So, in the future, the Australian baby and the people drink infant formula and milk labeled China, the poison and contamination are available on China’s food, actually the agricultural products. Certainly, the Australian people knew China is the professionals of unhygienic goods. China’s frozen berries imported from China have not woken up the Australian government and companies. What is going on in Australia? What do the politicians serve for the country? The people think both main political parties fell into the government trap of China, so they ignore the national interest and national security. Actually, the politicians get pay by the taxpayer Australia but serve for China’s interest.


- The Reserve Bank of Australia signed the currency swap agreement with the People’s Bank of China with $AU 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan in 2012 during Labor party ruling the government.


- The best time of China cornered Australia marked under the rule of the Australian Labor Party’s Minister Kevin Rudd (someone dubbed Kevin THUG) and Julia Gillard, both ministers favored Senator Penny Wong who held Finance Minister (from 2007 to 2013). China made a profit of $AU 65 billion from the taxpayers with National Broadband Network (NBN) and $AU 2.7 billion of insulation’s scheme made by Labor government, actually, Finance Minister Penny Wong (now she is a leader of Labor in Senate and holds the shadow Foreign Affairs Minister).


Annually, the Coalition government spends a hundred million dollars to fight the cyber spy of China, the well-known unit is 61389 of the People’s Liberation Army and Huawei carries out the cyber spy mission by its business. Therefore, Senator Penny Wong vowed to admit Huawei operates 5G in the federal election held on May 18, 2019.


Nowadays, Australian fell into the traps of China, so the Australian economy and finance being affected when China’s economy crippled in the trade war and disabled by Novel Coronavirus. The locomotive of China plunges into the abyss of bankruptcy, certainly, Australian’s economy on China’s train, the damages are inevitable. Now, the innocent politicians, the naïve businesses see the coffin but it is too late to cry. The Australian people and ASIO may watch out the politicians linked to China, they are the undercover activists climbed higher and dived deeper in Australian’s politics from federal, state and local government.


The Novel Coronavirus’s outbreak really destroyed China’s economy after more than half of the Chinese population locked down and quarantined, the death toll and infected people increase daily. Chinese people being hit hard by Coronicirus and the oppression of the communist regime, the food and medical treatment needed but the government doesn’t care, instead, the Red dynasty just protects the regime. There are somewhere react and trying to reduce the Coronavirus by the travel ban, goods import from China. In Singapore, Hong Kong, China’s goods removed from the shelves, it ends of the golden time of China’s products after many decades inundated the global market. The left media and Chinese undercover activists can not conceal the disaster of China and the countries deeply involved the economy with China. On the other hand, the damages of the countries can measure the damages of China.


The Australian government, businesses, economists and the people are nervous while China plunging and the Australian economy downed. The Australian Bureau of Statistics notes the unemployment rate increased from 5.1% to 5.3%. The prediction of jobless will be 5.5% in March 2020. The Reserve Bank of Australia holds the interest of 0,75 % that deals with the economy downturned. Australia currency couldn’t escape the worst situation, Australia dollar devalued since the trade war has started and now, it aggravates, possibly, on February 21, 2020, once again, the Australia currency has fallen at 66.13 US cent of the US dollar, it is the lowest record in 11 years. In the future, the Australia dollar should value half of the US dollar. The dire consequence couldn’t avoid after many decades involved with the rogue regime in China.


The prominent politicians of Labor Party like Bob Hawke (he died), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd (his son in law is Chinese), Labor undercover Malcolm Turnbull (his daughter in law comes from the high profile’s family of China’s Communist Party), actually Senator Penny Wong praised China, now what do they do for Australia economy and people? Nevertheless, On February 21, 2020,  Senator Penny Wong strays the Coronavirus and the economic loss by the hoax climate change. Certainly, the obsolete politician Penny Wong fails the obscurantism into Australian people, she often exposes the arrogant attitude as a high ranking cadre of China’s communist and China diplomat snubs the counterparts.


The Novel Coronavirus also affected Chinese businesses in Western, actually, the import of the goods from the paradise of pandemics can bring the deadly virus. The people avoid buying China’s products to deal with the viral threat, not racist. The Western countries protect their citizen but China’s communist protects their interest. So China and the world conflicts about the Coronavirus. China disabled to conduct Australia plummets, the world can measure China’s loss from Australia downed and the businesses linked to China lose the profit plus the stock market. The Coronavirus rises China risks, the largest communist regime faces the collapse./.






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