China covers up the Coronavirus investigation


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The suspicion increases in China’s communist regime to make the biological weapon aiming to destroy the world. From December 1st, 2019, the Novel Coronavirus was identified by Chinese medical officials but China concealed, certainly, the communist government knew the Coronavirus appeared at Wuhan where is near the biological laboratory of Hubei province. The deep conspiracy exposed when China’s communist regime concealed until the deadly virus leaked and spread. China’s concealment cheated the world, so during Coronavirus was activating in the mainland, Chinese tourists still traveled everywhere around the world, the Coronavirus stations brought by Chinese tourists, so the pandemic spreading in the Western countries, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran, and the other countries are the victims of China’s deception. The death toll and infected people increased outside China that is the cunning conspiracy of China’s communist regime using infected Chinese tourists as a human weapon with Coronavirus to attack the world. The concealment strictly applied, whoever breaches the government’s order, the punishment would be. The whistleblower Doctor Li Wengliang was arrested by the Police because of the concerned doctor raised the alarm about the virus.


The death toll rose and the infected population affected more than 780 million Chinese people in the mainland, but the high technological communication’s era to force China to confirm the Novel Coronavirus outbreak and from January 2020, unfortunately, the Coronavirus spread worldwide already. The people also distrust the World Health Organization (W.H.O), the corruption doubts that proved the contradiction’s attitude of W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus, the chief of W.H.O considers pro-Beijing, he issued the global declaration but denied the pandemic. Moreover, W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus praises China into the reaction to contain Coronavirus and he also called on the global leaders who do not politicize the deadly outbreak. The world questions WHO is the boss of W.H.O?. The dangerous attitude of W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus helps the Coronavirus spread worldwide, he distorts the career and misleading the world. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus must take the responsibility of the death toll and infected people increase outside China, possibly, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus is the medical criminals. Nowadays, people distrust the United Nations after the corruption of Mr. John Ashe, president of General Assembly and UNICEF who received multiple million dollars from China’s espionage agents, so the case of W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus doubts about the corruption.


China has avoided the investigation about Coronavirus since the pandemic has started in Wuhan plus the uncleared attitude of  W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus. The reasons increase in the biological weapon made by China’s laboratory, certainly, the world can not trust W.H.O taking the investigation.


China covers up the Coronavirus, the virus comes from Wuhan’s seafood market that can not prove. Moreover, China destroyed the evidence by cleaning up Wuhan’s market. Nevertheless, some Asian countries have eaten the bat, so China failed to stray the original Coronavirus. Chinese people have eaten the bat, wild animals a long time, but the Coronavirus didn’t appear. Therefore, after China’s communist regime lost the trade war and signed the surrender phase 1 agreement with the US, the Coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan. The world believes China’s Communist Party conspires using the biological weapon to destroy the US and democratic countries on the planet, therefore, the socialism manner and the low-level scientists of the communist regime plus the irresponsibility becomes the biological accident. China’s communist regime can not escape responsibility. However, China claims the Coronavirus comes from the US, it is funny, the world has no trust in China, the propaganda and the malicious tactics can not cheat the people. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton hints the Coronavirus came from a super Laboratory in Wuhan. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida wrote:” American officials have noted the existence of networks of thousands of social media accounts, many reportedly Kremlin-tied, with identical posts, publishing messages claiming that the virus is meant to ‘wage economic war on China’ and propagate ‘anti-China messages”.


The world knew the deadly Coronavirus made in China and the suspicion of biological warfare should have conspired on the table of China’s Political Bureau is led by Red Emperor Xi Jinping. Moreover, the famous General Chi Haotian held the Defense Minister of Deng Xiaoping and he involved the massacre at Tiananmen Square in 1989. The tyranny general advocated using the biological weapon to destroy the US, so the biological warfare was on the table of 22 tyrants in the Political Bureau.


Unfortunately, the Coronavirus exploded before launching the attack aiming at the US and Western countries. Chinese people know the perpetrators are 22 tyrants lead China’s Communist Party and Chinese business overseas affected after Coronavirus spread worldwide, the Chinese food, Chinese goods, Chinese Restaurants and China’s Towns facing the global China-phobia.


The global China phobia can solve after China’s communist regime collapsed, the democratic government in the mainland will restore the prestige of Chinese people like Hong Kong and Taiwanese. The world suspects China made the biological weapon despite Beijing has tried to escape the investigation. Certainly, China still has the left media and the World Health Organization is led by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who has misled the world since China declared the death toll and infected population rose.


The left media in Western and W.H.O have lied to the world about the Coronavirus contained and reduced in the mainland while the US, Europe, Australia and outside China increase the death toll and infected people. China’s communist regime applies psychological warfare as a stratagem of Sun Tzu:” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west”. China and its tools stray the death toll and the massively infected population in the mainland by the Coronavirus spread at the capitalist countries. So, most Western media become the propaganda machine of Beijing to help China’s communist regime conceals the economic disaster plus the massive death in the mainland. The obsolete propaganda aims to appall the people in the world, but the communication debunked the lies./.





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