China could use money buying the offshore henchmen


Posted on June 5, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The money and privileges could buy the politicians, academics, a political party, the dishonest judges (the robbers with the wooden hammer) and something else, so China communist has exploited the rapacious character of the dishonest components in the Western getting the henchmen to serve for China’s interest and the global hegemonic strategy. The profit’s lovers could sell the country or exchange the national interest with the individual favor, the traitors just care the private pocket. The henchmen of China is the domestic thug, the most dangerous enemy in the nation.


The highly educated people in the Western, actually the intellectuals clearly recognize and distinguish between the wrong and rights as black and white, God and evil. Everyone knew China communist is the ruthless regime, there was just alone Mao Tse Tung who killed more than 65,000,000 people. The Tienmanen Square massacre in 1989 has never forgotten into the Chinese people, actually the survivors and victim’s family. Unfortunately, in Western, the left parties left media, left academics to stand with China.


-The Democratic US President Bill Clinton became an executor of China in the White House in 8 years, Bill Clinton-Al Gore repaid China after the espionage agents illegally financed in the presidential election 1992 and 1996; China just spent a small monetary amount but got a great profit, the US interest sold with the Most Favored Nation’s Policy and the other trade traps. President Barrack Obama deserved the interest of China and created an opportunity for China to control the US. Vice President Joe Biden was an actual hand of Beijing, in 8 years, he behaved as China’s representative in White House and Beijing reward $USD 1.5 billion for his son is Hunter Biden invested in Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co.Ltd. The people could recognize Democratic politicians oppose the war fighting against the global economic terror come from China, they should relate the business with China companies


-Australian Labor Party always condemns the human rights violation, but do not listen to what ALP talks, let’s watch what they did. During ruling the government, Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke cried the Tienmanen Square massacre and he granted the residency for 27,000 Chinese students in Australia. Everyone knows the almost wealthy family in communist countries are the Red noble class, they have money and conditions sending the children to study in the Western, so Prime Minister Bob Hawke helped China communist sowed 27,000 Red seeds consisted the espionage agents legally lived in Australia since 1989. Nevertheless, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, and former opposition leader Bill Shorten (before May 18, 2019) vowed to stand with China communist and distance the US. The circumstance of former Senator Sam Dastyari who officially endorsed China occupied the illegal islands in the disputed waters after he received the privileges from China’s businessman Huang Xiangmo (China communist) in Australia. Huawei paid the overseas trips for a dozen politicians of Labor and Liberals Party, actually, Senator Penny Wong is the most powerful person in Australian Labor Party, she is the real boss to command its party, she promised to grant Huawei operates 5G if Labor wins the election, therefore, Coalition claimed the landslide victory on May 18, 2019.


The left media knew well the barbarous regime in the mainland, but they support China into psychological warfare. In the Vietnam War, the left media misled the public by propaganda, it is a form of the mind terror that conducted the innocent people brainwashed and they joined the protests with violence to slander the US, allies, and South Vietnam, instead they praised Vietcong terrorist was the just war. The undercover activists, espionage network of the Global Communist Bloc hired the left media and the left academics lied the people, they are an accomplice with Vietcong terrorist led by Ho Chi Minh who was the genocide, he killed more than 1,700,000m people, the rapist, and pedophile, but the left media adored Ho Chi Minh as the hero, great leader.


Nowadays, the war fights against the global economic terror come from China is the global warmaker since the Cold War, the global hegemony causes China always wants to control the world and colonize the counterparts. The dishonest media exercise communication as the business, the money can buy good advertising and biased propaganda. Despite China has faced potential damages after the US imposed the tariffs, but the left media released China economic growth. Therefore, the high technological communication’s era debunked phony psychological warfare. The left media condemns the Tiananmen Square massacre but they also acclaim the developed weapon of the People’s Liberation Army. On the other hand, the left media conceals the damages of China and the regime being panicked when hundreds of million people lost the job, the China currency tumbled, the foreign companies moved out from the mainland or repatriated. Chinese people in the mainland suffered the hardship, moreover, the government has no social security’s scheme.


China communist wasted the money to hire the useless media, the people have no trust the left media companies like CNN, boss Jeff Zucker plans to lay off more employees because the annual profit lost more than $USD 10 million, actually, the report on April 2019, CNN lost 26% viewers compares the last year. The other left media companies face the same situation, the phony propaganda is vain. Nevertheless, the hard time of left media, the viewer conducts the advertising, it causes the enemy of people suffers the profit loss.


The golden time of fake news, fabricated stories and false polls are gone. The left parties couldn’t woo the people by the demagogic policies, actually, the climate change is the most deception on the planet. The left media failed to conceal the potential damages of China and the poor technology after the Jade Rabbit Robot died when it just touched the moon. The modern weapon of China couldn’t convince the military exerts when China must contract $USD 3 billion missiles made by Russia, almost the high technology of China comes from the steal and copy.


The hoax climate change is real, it is the deceitful conspiracy has started from President Bill Clinton who repaid the illegal fund provided by China in the election 1992 and 1996, the hoax climate change to curb the Western’s industry, so China could hire the left media to propagate the climate change to sell the Solar power and panels


Almost, the left parties have no policies on the economy, national security, so the demagogic policies replace, those are the same-sex-marriage legislation, the human rights to make a profit for the people smugglers and the climate change could help China sells the solar power and also curbing the Western’s productivity. China often supports the left parties into the election, actually the general election. The political donation of China favors the left parties.


Despite the HOAX CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, but China interest the climate change’s propaganda, it divides society and stops or reduces the Western’s industry. China could hire the left media and dishonest academics to propagate the hoax climate change and Beijing also use the money to support the left parties in the elections. When a left party rules the government, the hoax climate change becomes the key policy and China making a profit from solar power and panels./.







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