China confesses the loser in the Trade War


Posted on January 18, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles




The enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media plus the dishonest academics (370 top US economists including 8 Nobel Prize of economic winners) are the shame after the phony propaganda and the distorting career that overturned about the outcome of US economy after President Donald Trump getting the office. The economic peril’s prediction and the dire warning intimidated the US that conflicts the economic growth, the unemployment rate is 3.5%, it hit the lowest record since 1969, the stock market has risen, the Dow Jones was 17,000 under the SATAN’s era of the first Muslim and communist President Barrack Obama, on December 2019, Dow Jones was 29,000, and on January 17, 2020, Dow Jones reaches 29,030, it is the SANTA’s era of President Donald Trump. The academics are arrogant, mostly, they believe themselves the top university degree is invincible in education, the guru of people and the noble class in society, so the dishonest and distorted doctors avoid apologizing for the wrongdoings, almost the keep quiet as a stone and waiting for the time passed, the people will forget. Therefore, the distortion of a career in the US election has never forgotten, actually, every success of President Donald Trump on the economy to dig a grave bury the high-social class, they are DOGTORs, not doctors. The dishonest academics destroyed the prestige of the intellectual line and also harming the credit of the universities. The dishonest academics are like the robbers with a doctoral degree, the knowledge drives to individual favor and policial purpose.


The left politicians have sophisticated China’s growth and the US should lose the war. In Australia, Senator Penny Wong leads the Senate of the Australian Labor Party, she is the Australian politician but always serves for China’s interest as Vice President Joe Biden of Barrack Obama’s administration. Senator Penny Wong confirmed:” No-one wins from the trade war”. Senator Penny Wong misleads and snubs the public, she thinks everyone is stupid.


The war fights against the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and center of cheat that fetch the victory of US, the left media lost the propaganda to praise China’s economic growth despite the offshore market ruined, the stock market tumbled (in 2018, China lost more than $US 2.4 trillion and in 2019, the situation worsens), the left media concealed the worst situation of China. Moreover, China faces the mountain debt was $US 40 trillion in 2017 or 300 GDP (China debt occupied 15% of world debt). The currency Yuan devalued that is due to the economic disaster and financial system is on the brink of collapse. The inflation increases without control that deeply affects Chinses people in the mainland. The retaliatory tariffs imposed on the US agricultural products hit back Chinese consumers in the mainland. Almost, Chinese people fear the food and agricultural products made in the communist paradise or Mao’s wonderland. The food and agricultural products meet the poison, contamination and hygiene standard. Even the baby milk powder made in China, Chinese people rush to buy Australia’s brand because in 2008, China’s milk powder killed 6 infants and 300,000 struck the poison. China must overhaul the tariffs imposed on the US’s agricultural products, actually, Chinese people do love the soybean, pork, chicken, and beef exported from the US, Australia, and Europe. The socialism method failed from the grassroots when the people fear the food and goods.


China loses the economic battle, China must spend at least more than 50 years to pay the debt if China’s economy peering the US. The export section employed about 120 million people in the high tide of economic growth, but now, the foreign factories moved out or repatriated the homeland to avoid the tax. China’s companies reduced the orders from the Western countries, actually, giant telecommunication Huawei is dead after President Donald Trump banned and the world boycott by the security risks. The weakness of China exposes on Hong Kong unrest, China perplexes to quell the democratic movement in Hong Kong by the killing machine called the People’s Liberation Army. The intimidation plus the military exercise and the left media in Western propagated that is vain. The left media exposed the propaganda machine of China in Western. China appalls the regime should collapse anytime when the high unemployment rise, actually, the hundreds of millions of people lose the job without the income support from the government. Moreover, corruption becomes terminal cancer in China’s government system.


China exhausted the tactics, Iran failed the provocation when China and the US talking. The comrade Democrats ruined the unconstitutional impeachment, actually, while President Donald Trump meeting China, the lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi plus her Democratic gang launching the garbage impeachment. The desperate plan of Democrats cost more the damages, actually, the US people recognize Democrats appeared the treasonous party and the terror gang in US Congress, Senate.


The loser must prove good behavior, China signed an agreement to buy the US goods are worth $US 200 billion over two years in four industries. China promises to buy $US 50 billion of energy, $US 40 billion of agricultural products and $US 40 billion of the services. Moreover, the manufacturing goods estimate $US 75 billion. President Donald Trump has signed the first stage of the trade deal with China after nearly two years discussed and postponed. China rushes to deal while the economy dealing with the peril. If China advances, the communist regime forwards to victory. Therefore, China has begged the deal after Argentina canceled APEC.


The author of the Art of the deal makes America great again, China crippled the economy, domestic thug Democrats frighten the White House’s swamp-draining out. President Donald Trump wiped out Islamic State, Iran’s regime fears and China loses the global economic terror’s strategy.


The essential tactic of China is taking one step back to prepare three steps forward couldn’t apply when the economy declined and Beijing must take the long term to recover. China’s growth hits the lowest record in 30 years, the den of global economic terror loses the main battles on the economy, finance, stock market, offshore market, actually, China loses the psychological consumer from the mainland and the world by socialism. In the passage of time, Democratic Presidents were like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and the others got lost the US’s economic strength, they conducted the strongest economic center belonged to the thieves. Nowadays, President Donald Trump gets back the US’s strength and forces the rogue regime must belong to the US economy.


The 370 top economists including 8 Nobel Prize of economic winners, the left politicians, and the left media to be debunked the misleading public. How can they lie about the US economy downed in the trade war? The basic lesson of economic crisis exposes the stock market tumbled, the debt, the currency loses the valuation and the unemployment rate hike. The US’s economy thrives, but China meets the conditions of economic crisis. China’s economy matches its ancient strategist Sun Tzu’s”  wait for at leisure while enemy labors”./.






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