China communist regime is the ape herd have big mouth


Posted on June 25, 2019 Hoa TruongPosted in Published Articles



Karl Marx labeled the ancient communist derived from the Ape, certainly, the animal has the instinct, not the mind as a human being. Since the Ape Revolution occurred in October 1917 at Russia, the communist Ape spread the animal regime into the world and has become the most disaster on the planet. The Ape communist killed more than 100 million people and enslaved a billion people. The communist Ape’s characters are cruelty, lie, cheat…The expert Ape quotes:” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”.


China communist refused the original Chinese, instead, they pride to be descendant of Ape, so China communist has applied and imposed the animal regime in China after the first Ape King Mao Tse Tung occupied the mainland in 1949. The animal regime killed more than 65 million Chinese people without pity plus the Tiananmen Square massacre carried out under the Short Ape King Deng Xiaoping’s era. The Ape herd ruled Chinese people in the mainland, the Ape communist is the real enemy of Chinese people and the humane society.


President Donald Trump activates the war fighting against the global economic terror of China communist. The Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile crippled the economy and finance plus devalued currency Yuan of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. China received the potential damages despite Beijing could hire the left media and the dishonest academics launching the psychological warfare to mislead the public about the damages in the US and allies, therefore, they conceal the damages of China, actually the high rate of unemployment threatens the communist regime with hundreds of millions of people lose the job without the income support from the government. The poverty and unemployment plus corruption are the death vulnerability of the Ape regime in China.


Despite China has been faced the difficulties from the domestic issues to the global market lost but Beijing has never given up the arrogant attitude, it is the instinct of the Ape. Actually, the giant telecommunication company Huawei is dead after President Donald Trump granted the death certificate to ban Huawei, 70 related companies and Google refused to allow Huawei mobile phone accesses. Moreover, almost the US companies cut ties with Huawei. Recently, the US Commerce Department stopped 5 China companies buy the chip.


The weakness of China communist could recognize when the Ape Emperor Xi Jinping demeaned to visit Russia and North Korea. The phenomenon of Iran attacked two oil tankers and downed the US drone, the people should recognize China stands behind and conspires to confuse the US as the tactic” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west” of Sun Tzu. Therefore, the author of the arts of war couldn’t compare the high strategy’s level of President Donald Trump, author of the Arts of the Deal, so the US used the cyber weapon to strike over the computer system of Iran’s army and imposed the new sanction. The cyber attacks have no casualty but the damaged unmeasurable. In Australia, annually, the government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyberspy, so Iran received the potential damaged than the US drone. Actually, G20 summit at Osaka, Japan when China attends with the feeble position. China regime raises the mouthful announcement with the arrogant attitude as a saying” the monkey eats chilli” that exposes on the speech of Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shounen who wants the US cancels the so-called inappropriate actions against China communist’s companies. However, China communist being faced the low gear in the economic war, so Beijing cannot force the US to obey the order as the era of President Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama served as the executors of China in White House. The brazen attitude of China applies to the wrong time and wrong place.


Hong Kong crisis is unrest while Ape Emperor Xi Jinping being perplexed and fallen into the panic station, he appalls the throne should be removed anytime by his comrades and the regime will collapse if the second Tiennamen Square is possible to repeat. Hong Kong sparkles the democratic movement in the mainland. Certainly, China communist fears when Chinese people knew the death vulnerability. The worry of China Ape regime exposed by Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Zhang Jun who said that China will not allow the group of 20 nations to talk or discuss the Hong Kong crisis. The world laughs the Ape’s Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs who doesn’t know the weak position of China in G20 Summit, actually, G20 respects the free speech, Osaka or somewhere else is China’s mainland. The US and any nation can discuss Hong Kong, even they can remind the massacre of Tiananmen Square and the human rights violation of China./.







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