China communist is underway to lose the economic war


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The war fights against the global economic terror has made the potential damages of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. Indeed, China has terrorized the world’s economy more than a half-century, nowadays, the people wake up and lining up behind the US to fight against the most dangerous enemy of democracy, economy and human rights on the planet.


The Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of President Donald Trump has pushed China communist being shrunken from the domestic productivity to global market. Beijing has faced the loss of both battles. The worst news released after President Donald Trump issued the executive order to ban Huawei, the most important telecommunication company owned by the People’s Liberation Army where is the den of cyberspy. Huawei has been crippled the global market and allies follow to boycott Huawei plus the related companies. Moreover, Google stopped Huawei mobile phone access, so the customer must stay away, Huawei is useless.


China growth comes from the stolen technology, free market, so the export section is very important to keep China exists and develops. The export’s field employed at least 120 million people and the other industrial sectors also helped hundreds of million workers to pay the cost of living. Certainly, China growth has never come from socialism, neither Maoist and nor Karl Marx’s theory, instead the free market’s pattern stole from capitalist that promoted China’s economy.


However, China appeared the global hegemony on the rapacious plan called one belt and on road, the illegally artificial islands built and militarized at Indochina Pacific threatening the common maritime transport entering Asia, annual goods transport more than $USD 5 trillion. Moreover, China has used the trade trap, debt trap and government trap to control the counterparts and corner the government. In the Cold War, the US sanctioned China, the world economy developed but since China joined the free market, there are many problems have occurred.


The adjust tariffs of President Donald Trump forced China must respect the counterpart and returning to the fair trade. Therefore, the rouge country reacts after the interest and the ruse is no longer to deceive the US. But China has not enough the strength to confront the US into an arms race, the space race and the other fields. The new tariffs forced more than 400 companies linking the US repatriate homeland, actually, the giant telecommunication company Apple plans to move from China to India. Following Foxcom linked to Apple shifted to India and promise to create a million jobs in 2020.


The allies respond to the US acts into the war fighting against the global economic terror, the companies of Japan are Olympus, Sumitomo, Kobe Steel, Mitsubishi Electric, Komatsu, Toshiba, Ricoh, Epson, Omron, Kyodo News…Samsung of South Korea, Yue Yuen of Hongkong, Adidas – Nike, Puma of Germany left China. Moreover, there more than 20,000 foreign companies left China that affected about 50,000,000 workers. Nevertheless, China products and goods lose the US market and the allies that aggravate the unemployment rate increasing, it is the vulnerability of Red dynasty. China communist obsesses the common formula’s collapse repeated from thousand years of Chinese history when the massive jobless and the corruption.


The socialism means poverty, the so-called communist paradise just deserves for the Red noble class, actually, the high ranking cadres in the Politburo are the millionaires and billionaires. After more than a half-century built the socialism, China has more than half of the population’s income daily earns from 2 to 5 USD, but the unemployment benefit in the Western equals the wage of communist leaders. Besides the major poor people, the middle class just has a better living, therefore they couldn’t compare the income with the middle class in Western, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan.


The global hegemony conducts China mudded into the quagmire of debt that reached 34 trillion USD, the deficit is over 400% GDP and the debt promises to increase, actually, every tariff imposes, the debt adds more. China currency is uncertain, the valuation drifts against the US currency, so the countries fell into the trade trap have been damaged.


China communist has been hit hard into the worst time of the revolution, nevertheless, the Chinese people in mainland lost the trust after the inhumane regime built the government on violence, terror, robbery, enslave and pauperize the people. The Maoist becomes the nightmare in China from 1949, so the communist party couldn’t convince the people believing in socialism and trust the government. The economy decides the existence of the regime, when the weak economy, massive jobless drive the mainland into the inflation, mostly the middle class would receive the damages plus hundreds of million poor peasants have no income support from the government.


China is underway to lose the economic battle, Beijing just applies the old tactic in the Vietnam war. The espionage agent, undercover activists could hire the left media, profit’s lover academics propagate the consequence of the economic war affecting in Western, actually in the US. Therefore, obsolete psychological warfare doesn’t work in high technological communication. The negative reaction of Beijing exposes by using the hungry money lawyers into the legal battle against the US federal government applying the Huawei ban. Unfortunately, a court doesn’t authorize to scrap the presidential order.


Everyone knew the US economy grew after more than two years President Donald Trump getting the office, the unemployment rate is 3.6% hits the lowest record since 1969 and the GDP continues to grow, the first quarter of 2019, GDP grew 3.2% while in the mainland, the massive jobless is inevitable.


China’s dynasty built on the violence and annexation by force. Now the time to stand up and escape from China communist’s hand as Soviet-Union and former Yugoslavia collapsed. The people in Tibet, Sinkiang Uguir, Mongolia, Manchuria, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Laos, North Korea have an opportunity to get back the independence and freedom./.







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