China communist is perpetrator to poison the world


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The death of Vietnamese Emperor Quang Trung or Nguyễn Huệ on August 1792 was the mystery. The Vietnamese national hero, Emperor Quang Trung born on September 16, 1953. He was among the military talent of Vietnamese people, he established Tây Sơn Dynasty with elder brother Nguyễn Nhạc and Nguyễn Lữ and later, he became the Vietnam Emperor after dethroned King Lê Chiêu Thống and fighting against Nguyễn Ánh who was descendant of Nguyễn Hoàng or Lord Nguyễn. During the fighting,  Lord Nguyễn Ánh fled to Thailand and asked the support from Siam (Thailand), but Emperor Quang Trump wiped out the army of Siam. Nevertheless, the great victory marked in 1789, the crucial battle at Ngọc Hồi-Đống Đa or also known as Victory of Kỷ Dậu.

After the deposed King Lê Chiêu Thống fled to China, he asked Qiang Dynasty helped to restore the throne. It was an opportunity for China had the reason to invade Vietnam. In 1788, the Qing dynasty gathered nearly 300,000 soldiers under the highest commander was Sun Shiyi. The urgent situation forced Nguyễn Huệ proclaimed the king of Vietnamese and he commanded the army to fight against the invader. The military talent of Emperor Quang Trump surprised the Qing commander Sun Shiyi who lost the battle and had to abandon the army, he escaped and returned to China with several soldiers.


The bilateral peace agreement signed, therefore, Qiang Dynasty feared the military talent Emperor Quang Trung, so they should conspire to assassinate the Vietnamese’s king by the poison. It was the historical mystery, but the Vietnamese people suspect the death of Emperor at the age 40, he also was the top class martial arts master of B́nh Định Martial Arts (In the Vietnam War, South Korea’s military officers surprised the strange martial arts of Vietnamese people). Nevertheless, while Emperor Quang Trung was healthy but after he is worn a winter jacket of Qing Emperor Qinglong who gifted. The jacket embroidered a phrase, later, after Emperor Quang Trung sudden died, some intellectuals believed Emperor Qianlong poisoned Vietnamese Emperor Quang Trung by the jacket.


After Emperor Quang Trung died, Lord Nguyễn Ánh retook the battle, eventually, he eliminated Tây Sơn’s Dynasty and established Dynasty’s Nguyễn in 1802, he proclaimed King Gia Long. Therefore, King Gia Long exhumed Emperor Quang Trung’s tomb for revenge, moreover, King Gia Long used the skull of Emperor Quang Trung for the urinal and threw the remains into the sea. After Vietcong won the war on April 30, 1975, the communist regime dug up the cemeteries of the South Vietnam soldiers, actually, the ruthless regime planted the big trees at Biên Ḥa’s Cemetery, the trees destroyed the graves and remains. Nowadays, the Vietnamese people couldn’t know what kind of poison that Emperor Qianglong inserted into the winter jacket and killed Vietnamese Emperor Quang Trung.


The ancient Vietnamese bravely fought for independence, the Vietnamese history recorded China occupied a thousand years and imposed the barbarous policy, the phrase has remained into the Vietnamese descendant” China forced the Vietnamese people came to the jungle for hunting the rhino horn and approached the shore to find the pearls” ( Người Tàu bắt dân ta lên rừng săn sừng tê giác và xuống biển ṃ ngọc trai). The patriotism fed the nationalism that helped the Vietnamese people existed as the saying:” Thousand years enslaved by Chinese thug and a hundred years colonized by France”. Unfortunately, after Mao Tse Tung took over the mainland, Ho Chi Minh became the actual henchman of China communist, he and his Vietnam Communist party have driven the country to be a vassal of China. The situation of Vietnam is like Tibet and Sinkiang Uigur, but Hong Kong is better with one nation applies the different government’s patterns.


In the passage of time, China dynasties couldn’t annex Vietnam as they occupied and wiped out the cultures of many small nations in the region. So Vietnam communist party helps China carries out the thousand years’ dream of ancient Chinese.


Beijing has applied the cunning tactics, they have imported the poison and the banned chemicals to kill the Vietnamese people, actually, the young generations. When the people being weak the body, they couldn’t stand up to fight for the independence as their ancestors did. Nevertheless, the illiterate and low-educated peasants have used the banned chemicals and the rapacious business sold the poisonous stuff to the people. Nowadays, the Vietnamese people lost the national spirit when the body weakened. Nevertheless, the obscurantism of Vietcong to abolish the nationalism by replacing the socialism. The concerned Vietnamese alerted the poison of China is going to destroy whole the people, Vietnam is going to annex into China. The cancerous villages appeared and spreading that causes the poisonous strategy of China, it works.

The story of Vietnamese Emperor Quang Trung that reminds about the poisonous tactic of China, the using poison to kill everyone appeared a long time in China’s history. Nowadays, China communist regime has silently poisoned the world, actually, the key enemies are the Western including the US. China communist always condemns the capitalist is the main enemy of socialism.


Indeed, China couldn’t occupy the lands as their ancestors did, therefore, China communist could apply the malicious tactics. The poisons contained into the products and export to the world. The counterparts have faced the products, actually, the agricultural products made in China meet the poor quality, poison, and contamination.


China communist has poisoned the world as they have applied in the vassal Vietnam. The trade ties and free trade agreement exercise between China and the other countries that harm than good. The poisonous products (food, fruit and agricultural products including the pet food) cost more budget on the health care and the government must spend more money on the quarantine.


When all the world, actually the Western countries being poisoned, China will carry out the global hegemonic ambition. The circumstance of Vietnamese Emperor Quang Trung died after worn the jacket of Qiang Dynasty gifted that warns the national leaders, actually the Western, China communist should insert the secret poisons into the gifts, it is the clever assassination should happen. The tourists have to be careful when eating the food in China, including the human meat could have in the restaurant’s dishes.


China has used the poison to kill the world that alerted by American author Peter Navarro wrote in his book” Death By China” (*). The world wakes up, the Western Business may stay away from the products made in China. The profit lovers are the accomplices with China to kill the people./.


Notes:(*) Peter Navarro is the Westerner who alerts the poison of China, the writer (Hoa Minh Truong) is an Asian who wrote the fifth book” A Humble Vietnamese Woman” that unmasked the malicious conspiracy of China into the global hegemony.







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