China communist debt bubbles in the economy declined


Posted on July 13, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China communist has failed to apply the psychological warfare covering the economic damages during the economic war is occurring. The US tariffs cause China economy and finance ruined, so left media, the left academics (profit lover’s academics including the Nobel Prize in Economic winners ) couldn’t mislead the public, China wasted the time and money for the phony propaganda of the useless tools in Western. Nevertheless, the left media companies have lost the position and prestige while the social media and multiple information’s sources defeated the old communication’s method, so the radio, television, actually, the newspapers have been reduced the audience and reader. For survival, the media companies must cut a thousand jobs and overhaul the programs while the US unemployment rate is 3.6% hits the lowest record since 1969. The US job growth but the media job declined that shows the time of left media is gone. Nowadays, the people have not trusted after the left media released the fake news, fabricated stories and false polls in the election from the US, Europe, and Australia. The left media must pay the prices as a saying” sow the wind, reap the whirlwind”. The credit lost, the left media must take a long time to restore, but the communication field radically changed since the high technological communication developed.


President Donald Trump balances the trade between the US and China, actually, the economic bully of China is no longer to apply to the US market. The previous Presidents were as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama conducted the US falling into the snare of the debt trap, trade trap and government trap of China’s global hegemony. So the adjust tariffs of President Donald Trump ruined China communist ambition to colonize the world including the US. The unbalance trade applied from many decades ago that helped China growth but the US declined, actually, China robbed the US job by the innocent companies moved to the mainland plus the Democratic Presidents granted too many privileges and facilities for the largest communist country on the planet. Actually, the Most Favored Nation’s policy of President Bill Clinton and the hoax climate change curbing the US, Western’s productivity but China grew faster.


China strengthened and made a huge profit from the US and Western loss on market and employment. Annually, China exported to the US the goods and products were worth $USD 475 billion while the US exported to China was $USD 130 billion. The economic war worries China communist regime after President Donald Trump imposed 25% tariffs on China products and goods are worth $USD 250 billion while China weakly retaliated $USD 60 billion, mostly the agricultural products. Therefore, the retaliatory tactic of China is useless because Chinese people fear China’s goods, actually, the agricultural product that meets the poison, contamination, and hygiene concern, so China government must import the US agricultural products like soybean. Moreover, the US promises to impose more than $USD 300 billion on China’s goods and products that panics the communist regime in the mainland. The labor market is the crucial battle of China, the global market lost plus Chinese Yuan devalued cause the massive jobless in the mainland, actually, the inflation could affect the living condition of a billion people in the” communist paradise”, so China communist has tried to fight for survival by borrowing and spending. Therefore, the debt just helps China solves the problem in the short term and the deficit aggravates the economy and financial system. The interest threatens China economy and adding more burden for the country currently facing poverty, almost, there is more than a half population in China has a daily income from $USD 2 to 5. The disaster comes from the consequence of communism has imposed in China since Mao Tse Tung and its communist party occupied the mainland in 1949. The pauperization plus the obscurantism policy curbed Chinese people developing the invention, so Chinese people being lagged the knowledge and communication while Taiwan and Hong Kong people pride the development of the economy plus the mind, actually, the freedom is the key to promote the progressive society and the human being.


China communist controls the people, the mind and assets, but the robbery covered by the propaganda labeled the PEOPLE so most of China titles stuck the People as The People’s Republic of China, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the People’s Liberation Army…but the assets belong to China communist party and the high profiles of China communist are the millionaires and billionaires. China people recognized the Red dynasty is the supper gang ruled China from 1949 by the bush law and the barbarous policies.


China communist controls the financial system, actually, the banking system is held by the party, so the People Bank of China (PBOC) owned by China government, PBOC is the largest bank covering the financial system of China. The PBOC covers the domestic and offshore finance, the trade trap carries out from the People Bank of China. In 2012, during Australian Labor Party ruling the government, under the era of Finance Minister Penny Wong, Treasurer Wayne Swan, the Reserve Bank of Australia signed the Currency Swap Agreement with the People Bank of China. The financial trap affects Australia currency with $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan inserted into Australian’s financial system, so when Yuan loses the valuation, Australia dollar plunged.


The People Bank of China operates into the stock market and also provides the money to the other banks of China (mostly, China owned too). When the People Bank of China plunged that affects whole the financial system of China in the mainland and overseas. The mountain debt comes from the baseless fundament of China economy, actually, the economic war threatens to eradicate the ugly economic pattern that stole from the capitalist:” the free market is led by the socialism”. The stolen theory and technology are not radical fundament to help Chinese people develop and sharing wealthiness with the international community. The economy of China has been derailed and plunging into the abyss, the mountain debt threatens the regime. China deficit escalated from $USD 23 trillion to $USD 34 trillion, actually, the first year of President Donald Trump getting the office, in 2017, China debts was 262.1 trillion of Chinese Yuan (or Renminbi), it equals $USD 39 trillion. The debt has no sign to stop and it worsens China economy despite the left media tries to conceal the death vulnerability of China being faced. The global market decides the domestic battle in the mainland and also the fate of China communist regime. China couldn’t control inflation when the Chinese currency devalued against the USD, it causes Chinese people panic, they rush to buy the gold or keeping the USD. According to the rules of China banking’s system, every customer can withdraw maximum $USD 50,000 a year, therefore, the banks in China refused, even $USD 5,000 a year couldn’t allow. China hungers the USD and the other stable currencies while Yuan is uncertain and its currency is going to reach the limit over 7 Yuan exchanges 1 USD.


The disadvantage of China in the economic war that causes debt increases, actually the banking system faces the disaster. Moreover, the rapacious ambition of one belt and one road plus the fallen piratical stations built and militarized into the disputed waters that killed the China communist’s global hegemonic dream as saying” a sword made by China stabs Chinese”. Nevertheless, China couldn’t collect the debt from the countries being stuck the debt trap and the mortgage replaced by the national assets as the ports, airports that burden China’s finance to maintain and spending. The shadow banking’s system spread overseas hit back China, the debtors couldn’t repay, actually the offshore debtors.


China debt appalls the inhumane regime, the debt increases as skyrocket plus the disadvantage of the economy. China crippled by the debt and the world wakes up, China must take at least 50 years to repay if their economic strength as the US. Therefore, China communist couldn’t do the same situation as a democratic country. The democratic countries want to trade with the same law, but China has deceived the world by bush law. So the democratic movement in China, Hong Kong are needing to bring the largest population country coming back to the world community as Taiwan. The mainland belongs to Chinese people, unfortunately, the Ape super gang occupied China since 1949, so Chinese people need to get back the democracy and freedom./.







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