China Communist acquired the skills from magic monkey


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In the 16th century, Chinese novelist Wu Cheng’en succeeded his book” Journey to the West”, it is among the four great classical novels of Chinese literature. The fable’s story represents Buddhism in practice, so the different levels of Buddhists can access the theory of Buddhism by the fictional story.


The legendary pilgrimage of a Buddhist monk named Xuanzang lived in the Tang dynasty who dared to spend at least 16 years journeyed to the West and become the successive Buddha. The remarkable story has passed through many Chinese generations, it also made a movie. Despite, the monk Xuanzang is key to take the long journey, therefore, a monkey occupied the major events in the desperate journey, actually, a monkey acquired the magic and helped” great master” Xuanzang escaped many dangers, taking over the adversities. Although a magic monkey could change the human’s form, therefore, a monkey keeping the body and became a successive Buddha with the monkey’s body. The magical monkey has a mysterious life, actually, monkey learned the magic from a secret master.


Nowadays, China communist prides the Ape’s descendant, they denied Chinese people’s background and became the Ape super gang and has ruled the mainland from 1949. The magical monkey of Wu Cheng’en replaced by the Ape’s super gang with Maoist and Marxism-Leninist. The Ape super gang acquired the” evil magic” from great master Karl Marx called” socialism and communism” with the essential magical rules based on robbery and burglary. In Russia, the prominent Ape Lenin succeeded the Ape Revolution in October 1917 and the Ape’s movement spread worldwide.


The magic of Ape’s super gang has applied the” evil magic” in the killing, the robbery, the stealing. So the high ranking Ape’s cadres applied the evil magic of Karl Marx and become millionaires and billionaires. In The Democratic Party in the US acquired the” evil magic” of Karl Marx and the high profiles are such as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein are very rich as the most Ape super gang’s members in China, Vietnam, and the other communist countries.


The communist’s Ape has no hair, nor tail but still remain the animal mind, so China communist massacred at least 65 million Chinese people from 1949 to 1976 by the first Ape’s King Mao Tse Tung, the Ape’s King Deng Xiaoping killed tens thousands of Chinese people in Tiananmen Square in 1989. The Ape super gang also killed the people at Tibert, Sinkiang Uighur, Falun Gong and treats Chinese people by the barbarous policy without pity and now, the Ape super gang’s Emperor Xi Jinping continues to rule Chinese people by the bush law and the wild policy.


The Ape super gang is keen to tell a lie, cheat, steal. Despite this Ape has no magic as the monkey in Journey to the West of Wu Cheng’ en, but Ape in Beijing stole the technology and aiming to control the world. Despite, the communist’s Ape sent many descendants to the West, unfortunately, the student’s Ape didn’t learn the democracy, instead, they stole the technology and made the counterfeit. Certainly, the Ape super gang traces behind the Western, actually, space, arms, economic races lagging. Therefore, the Ape has the mouthful speech and the left media chimes.


Recently, China communist has announced the incredible success, the magical Ape created a giant pig that has the weigh as Polar Bear. According to a report released from Southern’s China, Nanning (Capital city of Guangxi province) made a big pig weighed more than 500 kilos or 1,102 pounds that can sell about $USD 1,400 or 10,000 Yuan. Nevertheless, Chinese communist scientists displayed the photo of a giant pig weighed 750 kilos. It is good news for the pork lovers in the mainland while the Swine flu killed more than half the population of a pig, so China must exempt the tariff of pork imported from the US. A day, China will create a pig weighs as elephant, and the Peking duct will be sized as Emu, certainly, Chinese restaurants in the mainland and overseas do like it. The without tail’s descendant of magical monkey ruled Chinese people from 1949 acquired the incredible magic, China could make the counterfeit, copied the US uniform, aircraft, transforming the pork to beef. Moreover, the magical monkey in central communist could make millionaires and billionaires without spending a drop of sweat.


The world has never known the magic of Ape regimes like China, Vietnam, North Korea, and the other communist paradise. Behind the bamboo’s curtain are the mysteries covered by the propaganda. The communist paradise in Vietnam, the socialist breeders used the human body in the hospital to feed the pig, so the pig grows faster and gains the weigh, the cost reduced. The people don’t know what did the food feed the giant pig in China? Therefore, the pig is big as Polar Bear doubts the eater, if China acquired the giant pig, they will stop to import the US pork and export worldwide to make a profit. Certainly, China can use the” magic chemical” to transform the pork to beef and certified Allah to sell the Muslim./.






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