China communist loses the economic battle in Hong Kong


Posted on June 18, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The war fights against the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of cheat highlights after the US commander in chief Donald Trump launched the International Ballistic Tariffs Missile dropping right on the death vulnerability of China communist where is the base of global economic terror. The tariffs imposed 25% on products and goods are worth $USD 250 billion and it will add more $USD 300 billion, therefore, China just retaliated $USD 60 billion, certainly, China communist received the potential damages when the global market lost that affected hundreds of millions of people worked in the export sector. Moreover, the giant telecommunication Huawei owned by the People’s Liberation Army to be banned in the US and allies. President Donald Trump granted Huawei the Death Certificate and also ruined the cyberspy unit 61389, the stolen technology’s tactic cracked down. There was just a month that Huawei banned, the sale of mobile phone lost at least 60 millions of Huawei smartphone units plunged, nevertheless, the global user stay away from Huawei after Google and the most telecommunication companies in the US and Europe eliminated the services linking with Huawei. Despite, China communist should hire the left media and the dishonest academics in Western propagate the damages in the US and Europe, instead, the domestic thugs conceal and dodge telling the potential damages of China. However, the high technological communication and multiple information sources plus the social media debunked the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media.


China faces massive jobless, it should reach up to hundreds of millions of people while the US’s unemployment is 3.6% it hits the lowest record since 1969. Nevertheless, the US economic growth and China economy declined, China also faces the deep debt is up to $USD 34 trillion, the debt equals 300% GDP and its promise increases to 400% GDP. The US currency is stable but China currency devalued that conducts the inflation without control in the mainland. The worst situation of the dismal economy and finance causes China communist regime fears the old historic lesson will repeat anytime when the massive jobless plus the corruption. The Ape dynasty being panicked while the US has no sign to reduce the tariffs speeding, actually, $USD 300 billion tariffs are on the table of White House. Beijing failed to apply the deceitful tactic is talking during the fighting.


China communist predicts the worst situation is waiting, Beijing lost the global market battle and also confronting the domestic battle, when the major population in the mainland is poverty, there are more than half of population has the daily income from $USD 2 to 5 that came from the pauperization’s policy of socialism. Moreover, the barbarous treatment of communist regime pushing Chinese people abhore China communist, the genocide occurred from 1949 to 1967 under Mao Tse Tung’s era with more than 65,000,000 people killed and the Tiananmen Square massacre obsess China communist.


The Ape dynasty must find the way to escape, the plan hits back the US and allies into the economic war that conspires on the last hope. Hong Kong is among the world’s financial center where should help China counter-attacks the economic battle. The communist is keen to control the people and later, they manage the assets. After the communist occupied the government, the robbery’s policies reflect as the phrase of Mr. Nguyễn Hộ, the high ranking cadre of Vietcong, after invaded South Vietnam on April 30, 1975, Mr. Nguyễn Hộ told to his comrades at Saigon’s town hall:” their houses, we occupy-Their wife, we take and their children, we enclaved”.


China communist is the same, Beijing does want to hold all the assets of Hong Kong’s people and if they control the people that means all assets belong to China communist’s government. Nevertheless, Hong Kong is very important, the Hang Seng index, Hang Sang Bank, HSBC bank, properties will help China defends the loss of the economic war and possibly to hit back when the monetary firms in Kong Kong related with the US stock market in New York and the banking’s system. If China holds Hong Kong, the battle should change and China will use Hong Kong’s financial system to buy the time. Beijing knew the US presidential term is limited 2 terms.


The fighting back plan urges China to order a female henchman Carrie Lam who uses the power of executive Hong Kong to introduce the extradition bill. If the bill becomes the law, China will apply the terror policy to arrest the opponents and later, Beijing will control the people. The extradition bill of Hong Kong Executive Carrie Lam is not simple in the legislative council, but the bill contains the deep conspiracy of China using the finance of Hong Kong into the economic war with the US and allies.

However, the cunning conspiracy faces the strong reaction of Hong Kong people. Since June 9, 2019, there were more than 180,000 people protested on the streets and the next day, the numerous protestor was more than a million. Miss Carrie Lam must suspend the bill and apologize but she promises to introduce later.


On June 16, 2019, there were more than two million Hong Kong people march in the streets, the people ask Executive Carrie Lam resigns and scrap the extradition bill. The protestors also require Hong Kong’s administration releases the prisoners of the democratic movement, the request worked, on June 17, 2019, a young leader Joshua Wong has released from the prison and he joins the protest. He appeals to Hong Kong people” more and more people will join our fight until we get back our basic human rights and freedom”. Hong Kong people overseas respond to Hong Kong people by the protests as in Australia, Taiwanese support their compatriot to fight against the Ape regime in the mainland.


Beijing seems not to know how to solve the problem, it is the first time, Hong Kong people challenge the inhumane regime with more than two million people protest. Certainly, China communist has lost the economic war after Beijing lost control of Hong Kong people. The situation has not changed when the last hope is gone.


China communist couldn’t conceal the massive protest in Hong Kong, actually, the regions located near Hong Kong. Spiritual Hong Kong people ignite the democratic movement in the mainland. After more than 70 years, China communist-ruled Chinese people by propaganda plus terrorism, now the inhumane regime is going to pay the blood debt created to Chinese people.


The Ape regime in Beijing being faced the hostility from its people and the international community. The golden era of communism is going to end, actually, the democratic movement in Hong Kong has started.

Hong Kong people have lived into freedom since British’s rule, moreover, the independent administration is the prime condition of a nation, so Hong Kong people are eligible to declare independence.


China communist couldn’t control the people and they lose the finance, nevertheless, Hong Kong fetches the money to the mainland, if Hong Kong crashed, the mainland will collapse. Despite Hong Kong people have no missile, fighter Jets (J-20), aircraft carrier…but the financial weapon forces China communist must step back. The independence of Hong Kong has applied and since the British ruled, China must respect the people ./.







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