China cannot bluff the world in Hong Kong standoff


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Hong Kong’s unrest has occurred consecutively to the week of 11th, the demonstration shows Hong Kong people unite to fight for freedom and democracy with more than two million people rallied in a high tide. Mostly, the massive people in Hong Kong completely oppose China’s bush law imposing by the inhumane regime or a super gang robbed the authentic government of Chinese people since 1949. Nevertheless, the protest has no sign to stop instead, the situation worsens when China has not solved the serious problem and Hong Kong people still doubt the role of henchman Carrie Lam who introduces the extradition bill and she shows the brazen attitude to challenge more than 7 million people. She doesn’t resign because of China perplexes and still remains Executive Carrie Lam for buying time and bluffing the world, while the economic war created the potential damages for China communist.


Despite Beijing has not acted yet as Deng Xiaoping used the People’s Liberation Army to kill Chinese people in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. Nowadays, China’s situation is quite different from the year 1989, actually, Hong Kong is among the financial center in the world and Hong Kong people hold the assets, it is the powerful weapon of Hong Kong people using to confront the super gang of Ape.


China does want to control Hong Kong from this territory wrongly handed over to the mainland, instead, the UK Labor government of prime minister Tony Blair could do something before the agreement expired on July 1st, 1997. The left parties in Western are the siblings of China communist, so when a left party rules the government, they deserve the facilities for comrade China. Democrats party in the US, UK Labor Party, Australian Labor Party are the same, as Miss lesbian Penny Wong is Australian Senator  but she always serves for China interest, she acts like China’s representative in Australia’s Senate (she is a real leader of ALP, not opposition leader Anthony Albanese or someone else)


-The Hong Kong governor could organize the referendum and Hong Kong people had the rights to choose the future. Indeed, Hong Kong could return to Taiwan, the authentic government of Chinese people.


-Britsh could hand over Hong Kong to Taiwan, unfortunately, Tony Blair government handed over Hong Kong to the super gang robbed the mainland from 1949. The mistake made that causes Hong Kong’s crisis and the situation endangered.


China couldn’t control Hong Kong people and their assets, although Beijing has attempted to stop Hong Kong people declare the independence by bill in 2003 (Law Act 23) and the conspiracy to point the administration of Hong Kong so the people responded by the Umbrella Revolution the Executive Leung Chun-Ying resigned on December 2014.


China measures the bloodshed as Tiananmen Square will cost the inhumane regime. If China uses the People’s Liberation Army to quell Hong Kong people, the dire consequences will occur


1-Hong Kong people will move the assets to somewhere else, actually, the US is the safe place. Certainly, China will lose money and enrich the US financial system. During the standoff occurring between China and the people live in Hong Kong, the residents threaten to withdraw the money from HSBC and Hang Seng Bank is possible to move out of Hong Kong any time.


2-The world will react and condemn China, the sanction will impose and China’s assets to be frozen, moreover, China must pay the mountain debt reached more than $USD 40 trillion, so the embargo will cost the ruthless regime when Hong Kong crashed, China communist collapsed, the financial system of Beijing risks. China has devalued its currency to retaliate the US tariffs, but China commits suicide as a boomerang hits back the thrower. The loss of Yuan valuation conducts the inflation in the mainland and people rush to exchange the US dollar and gold, they stay away from Yuan while China does need the US currency to buy the oil and materials, so Chinese people keep the USD that worsens the financial system of China.


China has fallen into the panic state while Hong Kong people continue to rally and clashing with Hong Kong police plus the secret agents and bandits hire by China to abuse Hong Kong people. China hesitates to solve Hong Kong’s crisis, obviously, the traditional manner is the intimidation by the People’s Liberation Army gathered and parade at Shenzhen, therefore, the killing machine has not received the order entering and quells Hong Kong people. The world raises the grave concern, actually, the obsession of second Tiananmen Square should repeat. However, China and Ape Emperor Xi Jinping must know the unmeasurable consequences if the bloodshed occurs in Hong Kong, actually, China is due to the worst economy’s situation. Nevertheless, Chinese people in the mainland can stand up any time with hundreds of millions of people being lost the job without government assistance.


The barking dog never bites that exposes on the military parade and intimidation, it is a kid’s game of Beijing. China threat to crash down the democratic movement in Hong Kong that bluff the Western and the US, actually, President Donald Trump warns and deeply concerns when the People’s Liberation Army exercises and showing the miliary muscle to frighten Hong Kong people. The anti-communist experts quote:” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”. China communist applies mouthful intimidation. Therefore, Hong Kong people knew the giant has the feet of clay and being lost the trade war with the US. The common tactics of communist have applied from the Cold war are the talking during the fighting, getting one step back and preparing the three steps forward and the propaganda applies before the action. Therefore, the world knew the key tactics of communist as a doctor knows a kind of virus. Moreover, the death vulnerability of China is economy and finance that reflects a quote of Napoleon Bonaparte” an army marches on its stomach”, so Hong Kong people develop the financial weapon versus the killing machine labeled the People’s Liberation Army.


Do not fear what the communist does.

Let’s do what the communist fears


    During China’s super gang deployed the killing machine at Shenzhen and releasing the video to intimidate, therefore, Hong Kong people know China communist fears the financial and economic weapon and the protests continue. On August 19, 2019, there is about 2,000,000 Hong Kong people march through the territory responds to the military parade and intimidation of China’s killing machine.


Eventually, when the intimidation is vain, China will order henchman Carrie Lam steps down and scraps the extradition’s bill without a condition, Hong Kong people will ease the protest and later, they will declare the independence by the referendum when the Legislative Council bill passed, Hong Kong people have the rights to decide the future, it is not the job of China communist regime./.







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