China bought the major Universities in US


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The education business has become the” global pandemic” silently spreading into the Western education system from many decades ago. The Novel Coronavirus made in China, the biological warfare kill and infect people worldwide, the education business pandemic also made by China with the viral communism or Maoist to destroy Western education from the grassroots. The viral Maoist is a great master of deadly viruses, the most disasters on the planet created by 22 tyrants in the Political Bureau of China’s Communist Party. There are just 22 tyrants, but 1.4 billion Chinese people infected and more than a hundred million Chinese people killed, moreover, 7 billion people on the planet are threatened by 22 tyrants (the den of viral Maoist). Chinese people can eliminate 22 tyrants, the Viral Maoist will stop and all the deadly viruses to be expelled and the world will live peacefully.


The education business pandemic made by China, it has attacked Europe, Australia, and the US. The education business pandemic infects the schools and universities in the Western by the dishonest academics who have transmitted the deadly virus to the young generations, the victim’s mind is rotten, the education valuation ruined.


The dishonest academics have placed the education for sale, it is the education business’s pandemic carrying out by the robbers with a doctoral degree destroyed the Western’s education and prestige of well-known universities like Yale, Harvard in the US. China’s communist regime has developed the favor of profit lovers of the university’s chancellors plus the academics to carry out the global hegemonic ambition. Indeed, the so-called Chinese dream can not apply if China’s communist regime has no money and lack the technology. The essential problems solved by the irresponsible components in the Western who become the innocent traitors to destroy their country for individual favors.


China has exploited innocent politicians and the naïve business in Western to make a profit and stolen technology. The money could help China performs the rapacious dream to control the world and colonize its counterparts by the trade trap, the debt trap, and the government trap.


The political donation and corruption are like deadly virus silently have rooted and spread into Western government from the Cold War. China could use the money to buy the dishonest academics and arraying the high-level technological espionage agents infiltrating into the universities, so the technology and scientific institutes are the main targets of China to carry out the stolen technological mission.


The profit lover’s chancellors also have opened the gate for China’s students penetrated, the viral Maoist has intoxicated the Western students in their homeland. Moreover, the under-level doctoral degree of China, Vietnam graduated from the famous universities in the US, Australia, United Kingdom, and the others to destroy the prestige of Western’s education, the garbage doctors are arrogant and distort the career for money and political purpose, they are DOGTORS, not Doctors (the writer defines the dishonest and under-level academics are Dogtors). From many decades ago, China and vassal Vietnam succeeded in the stolen technology’s mission and also destroyed the credit of Western education. When the education places for sale, the school, and the university distort to business, the garbage academics destroy the Western’s education valuation.


In the US, the well-known universities are Harvard and Yale fell into the monetary trap of China’s communist regime after the US Department of Education discovered the famous universities didn’t declare the gifts and contracts came from China and Saudi Arabia in the past four years, the illegal money is about $US 375 million. Nevertheless, since 1990, Harvard and Yale University didn’t report $US 6.5 billion provided by foreign countries, certainly, China’s communist regime was the major payer. The incident shocks the US’s education system, the high-education was sold to China, so from many decades ago, the high-technologies stole or secretly handed over to China by the domestic thugs in the US universities. The betrayal perpetrators are the chancellors and the staffs, President Donald Trump vows to drain out the White House’s swamp, certainly, the swamp of the university is important, the corrupted academics are dangerous, they have stabbed in back the US interest and national security. The US. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos said:” If colleges and universities are accepting foreign money and gifts, their students, donors, and taxpayers deserve to know how much and from whom. Moreover, it’s what the law requires. Unfortunately, the more we dig, the more we find that too many are underreporting or not reporting at all. We will continue to hold colleges and universities accountable and work with them to ensure their reporting is full, accurate, and transparent, as required by the law.”. China silently controlled Harvard university in the past 30 years, the researches made by the US scientists but China acquired. The high-level thieves are Chinese academics and the dishonest academics of the US.


On February 289, 2020, FBI arrested Professor, Dr. Charles M. Lieber, the chairman of Harvard’s Chemistry Department who lied about seeking to draw foreign-educated talent. The incident is not new, in 1999, William Joiner Center (WJC) of Massachusetts employed two Vietcong propaganda activists were Hoàng Ngọc Yến and Nguyễn Huệ Chi from Hanoi, the Rockefeller Foundation sponsored $US 250,000 to re-write Vietnam’s history by Vietcong’s view, so the Vietnamese overseas strongly reacted by the legal action against William Joiner Center. In 2011, Hanoi awarded the Director of the William Joiner Center Kevin Bowen, possibly, the William Joiner Center should receive the bribery from Vietcong’s regime.


The stolen technology’s network to be cracked down, on December 13, 2019, the Chinese citizen names Zaosong Zheng, 29-year-old who was arrested by FBI at Boston Logan International Airport, he alleged stealing 21 vials of cancer research, the materials hid in his luggage, he should face 10 years in prison. The arrest-related with Professor, Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard University. The US’s Education Department warns:” The Department is also concerned Harvard University may lack appropriate institutional controls over foreign money and has failed to report fully all foreign gifts and contracts as required by law,”


China made a profit from the Western’s loss, China grew from the stolen technology of the Western. The dishonest academics and the profit lover chancellors of the Western’s university become the traitors, they sold the national interest for China. The arrests of Dr. Charles Lieber is just an iceberg floating on the surface, the corruption deeply involved from many decades ago. The people suspect China stole the Novel Coronavirus from Canada’s Laboratory, China’s communist regime conspires to create the biological weapon to destroy the US and democratic countries. Therefore, the deadly virus leaked and Chinese people receive a dire consequence. The Western countries may overhaul China’s students, mostly, they come from the Red noble class in China’s Communist Party. Every Chinese student is a propaganda activist and a technologic burglar and nowadays, every Chinese student should contain the Coronavirus. The chancellors of Western universities are the traitors, they destroyed the national education and also helped China developed the global hegemonic strategy. In Australia, the education business pandemic infected the Australian government, the annual revenue estimates $AU 12 billion, so Prime Minister Scott Morrison ignores the pandemic, he helped 11,000 Chinese students entered Australia after quarantined at a third country while the travel ban is applying strictly. A female Chinese student spent $AU 20,000 quarantine in Thailand and she entered Australia, it risks the Australian people because the corruption should cause the Coronavirus outbreak in Australia. Prime Minister Scott Morrison will take full responsibility if the Coronavirus outbreak comes from the” offshore quarantined Chinese students”. A Chinese student in Queensland quarantined 14 days in Dubai, but this student tested positive Coronavirus, the case alerts the loopholes of Australia travel ban and Prime Minister Scott Morrison./.





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