China applies the tactics in biological terror


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Commonly, communist parties have the same basic tactics, the social dregs promote themselves the revolutionary component, indeed, the animal covered the human body with the Ape’s brain, so the communist and its siblings (leftists) just act by the instinct. Karl Marx was right to label his followers are the Ape, so human rights have never respected in the communist countries by the bush law.


Vietnam, China, North Korea, and other communist regimes have applied two tactics are fighting during talking and taking one step back to prepare three steps forward. In the Vietnam War, after the Tet Offensive 1968,  during talking at Paris to discuss the peace solution, the North Vietnam communist also accelerated the military operation to attack South Vietnam and allies. After the Paris Peace Agreement signed on January 27, 1973, Vietcong breached the agreement, eventually, South Vietnam lost on April 30, 1975. Vietnamese people and the US learn the bloody lesson about the maliciousness of communist. Do not trust what the communist talks, let’s watch what the communist did.


China’s Communist Party was the great master of Vietcong since the Cold War and nowadays, China leads the communist vestiges after the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s. The Cold War is not over yet, it transforms into the Cool War, China is malicious, the global war maker hides under the label of economic collaboration as a stratagem of Sun Tzu” hide a knife behind a smile”, so China deceived innocent leaders in the US and Europe. After more than a half-century joined the free market and stolen technology, China became the second-largest economic center, the Ape super herd cheated the Western including the dishonest academics and profit lover’s businesses, once again, China applied successfully the stratagem of Sun Tzu” create something from nothing”. Now, the Western must pay the dire consequence after giving the evil acquired the powerful weapon.


China’s Communist Party has never given up The global hegemonic ambition, China has deceived the world about the ugly economic pattern is the free market is led by socialism. The global economic terror has hidden under the trade ties, diplomatic relationship to conduct the counterparts fell into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. Therefore, China’s Communist Party can not cheat the author of the Art of the Deal, so the global economic terror cracked down after a half-century struck the world. China fell to apply the tactic” taking one step back to prepare three steps forward” after the retaliatory tariffs were in vain. The phase 1 agreement is the surrender statement of China, so the Ape super herd outrage and Ape Emperor Xi Jinping launches the biological weapon attack worldwide.


China’s Communist Party is malicious, they didn’t declare the war as Hitler in the Second World War, but the biological war proves China conspires to destroy the world, moreover, the global economy affected after Coronavirus outbreak worldwide. Once again, China applies the talking during fighting’s tactic, it applies flexible into multiple battles:


1-China tries to escape the culprit of biological warfare terror: Beijing strays the Coronavirus comes from the fish market in Wuhan, the bat, and wild animal meat, but those have not convinced the people. Indeed, the Novel Coronavirus comes from the laboratory in Hubei. China also shift the Coronavirus comes from the US, it is a farce, but everyone knows China is the culprit.


2-China pretends the hypocritical attitude by sending the medical supplies to Europe (Italy, Hollands, Spain) and some Asian states like Pakistan, mostly, the medical supplies made in China are not free, but China inserted the virus into the face masks and European countries discovered. Moreover, the test kit made in China giving 80% false results. The fake morality of China debunked. The hypocritical attitude of China is like in the Vietnam War, Vietcong called the deadly trap is the humanity’s blind ditch. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma offered to donate 500,000 Coronavirus test kits and a million face masks. The fake morality of Chinese billionaire Jack Ma that helps the Coronavirus spread and kill more the US people that match China’s biological terror. China’s communist regime attack the world by biological weapon and also providing the medical supplies made in China. The purpose of aiming to kill more people, so the world discovered the heartless aid hides under humanity cover. The global biological warfare terror has prepared a long time, China’s communist regime created the puppet W.H.O director-General Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who misled the medical advice to delay the Coronavirus pandemic’s outbreak. The global biological terror also supported by the domestic thugs laid inside the US and the democratic countries:


-In the US, Democrats exploit the Coronavirus to attack President Donald Trump. The presidential candidates like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders criticized President Donald Trump during dealing with the pandemic. The lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi with her lieutenant Adam Schiff to raise the news impeachment’s plan. Nevertheless, Democratic Governor of New York is Andrew Mark Cuomo who plays the heartless game, he hid the ventilators in a warehouse that causes more casualties, therefore, President Donald Trump unmasked the inhumane governor. On April 5, 2020, once again, New York Governor Cuomo announces the plan using the National Guard to raid the hospitals and confiscate the Ventilators and the personal protection equipment (PPE) while China’s communist regime offers to send 1,000 Ventilators. The New York residents are endangering under the rule of heartless Governor Cuomo.


- In Australia, China’s undercover activists appeared the face, they hoarded the medical supplies from the supermarket and sent to China about 172 tons, so the Australian people have not enough the protection. Therefore, the long term businessman with China is billionaire Andrew Forrest who ordered 90 tons of medical supplies made in China, the health servants in Western Australia should be risked the life if using the medical supplies made by China. During Australian needs the health services, but Chinese billionaire Liu Dian Bo who closed 34 private hospitals with 8,000 beds across Australia and 800 staff are jobless.


- The left media supports the heartless plan of China into the fake news to appall the world by the death toll and infected cases increase in the US, Italy, Spain while the left media praises China contains the pandemic and the death toll decreased. Therefore, the phony psychological warfare is obsolete when high technological communication, social media, and multiple information sources defeat the lies. China’s communist government can not explain 21 million cell phone users vanished and the second wave of Coronavirus starts, China orders to lock the cities after a million people infected. The false face masks and test kits cheated doctors and nurses in the mainland, it should cause the Coronavirus to remain in China.


China’s undercover activists, espionage networks appeared the face after hoarding the medical supplies as the face masks, sanitizers sending to China despite Beijing and the left media propagate China treated Coronavirus properly./.







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