China applies the art of war for the global hegemony


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The ancient strategist of Chinese is Sun Tzu referred” The Art of War” with Thirty-Six Stratagems. Sun Tzu advocated the war, he became the timeless guru of the war in the days of yore in China and nowadays the art of war still favors China communist regime. The Thirty-Six stratagems of Sun Tzu helped the kings, generals to win the war by the armed force, including the invasions and wiped out the other countries in the region. So the art of war has become the art of invasion.


The aggressive theory of Sun Tzu created the bloodshed, actually, the conquerors succeeded the ambition by the art of war and governed the occupied land with the cruel policies as Vietnam was invaded by the descendant of the art of war, the small country suffered a thousand years enslaved by the Chinese dynasties, the barbarous policies echoed into the Vietnamese people throughout the historic length by the saying:” Thousand years enslaved by Chinese thug and a hundred years colonized by France”.


The art of war becomes the traditional blood of China communist after Mao Ste Tung won the war against the nationalist Chiang Kai Shek in 1949. China communist applied the art of war to invade Tibet and Sinkiang Urguir in 1950, the pupil of the art of war has applied the cruelty policy to two countries, so the human rights raise the grave concern about China dominates those occupied territories.


In the Cold War, the descendant of the art of war has launched the war into the democratic countries with the Maoist rebels in India, Philippines, Nepal, South America. Actually, the Vietnam War, China, and Soviet-Union were the key to support Vietcong terror to kill and enslave the Vietnamese people after Hanoi won the unpredictable war on April 30, 1975. Therefore, the art of war failed in the Korea War, the human wave’s tactic of Mao Ste Tung wasted a million lives of the People’s Liberation China. The human wave’s tactic caused the death of tens of thousand of troops of Ho Chi Minh’s People Army in Điện Biên Phủ battle whereas French lost a thousand lives. In the Vietnam war, the human wave’s tactic of Mao Tse Tung cost 1,500,000 Vietcong lives and 300,000 still missing.


The Red Emperor Xi Jinping is the loyal pupil of Sun Tzu, he is keen to apply the art of war into the global hegemonism, the ambition labels the Chinese dream. The president for life of Red dynasty in Beijing exposes the rapaciousness, the art of war has applied into one belt and one road plan and the illegal artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters, those are due to the art of war.


China strictly carries out the teaching of great master Sun Tzu by threatening the region, trying to lock and control the maritime road enters Asia, the annual goods transport estimates more than $USD 5 trillion. The art of war performed by the illegal islands become the piratical stations in the region. Therefore, the art of war failed when the countries in the region lined up to react to the brazen attitude of China. Under the era of the first communist US President Barrack Obama ruled in White House, China developed the hand into the Indochina Pacific ( not China Sea as the wrong title called, indeed China has no ownership of the international waters). Therefore, the situation completely changed, President Donald Trump prevents the art of war applying by China communist.


The author of the art of the deal Donald Trump is the high level strategist than the art of war. If Sun Tzu lives in this era, he bows out President Donald Trump as the greatest strategist. Sun Tzu just favored the war and the military invasion, actually, he was not commander in chief, this career deserved the emperor. Nevertheless, Sun Tzu advocated to create the war, without making money, instead, President Donald Trump is a billionaire and also the commander in chief, he commands the strongest army on the planet. Moreover, President Donald Trump succeeded the art of the deal to stop the war in Korea Peninsula from June 12, 2018, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un who volunteered to stop the missile launch and nuclear bomb test. North Korea solved after the Korea War ended in 1953, once again, China communist failed to apply the art of war into using the Pyongyang regime to threaten the region.


The Red Emperor Xi Jinping is the descendant of Sun Tzu, but his great strategist Sun Tzu is the lower level than President Donald Trump, certainly, Xi Jinping couldn’t win the war on military battle, he failed the arms, space race, actually, the economic battle has been defeated by the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of the commander in chief, author of the art of the deal President Donald Trump.


President Barrack Obama applied the art of war, he ignited the racial war between the black and White. The gender war divided the society, the major natural couple fight against the homosexual couple. Nevertheless, Barrack Obama created an opportunity for the Islamic State founded after withdrew the US troop in Iraq, he also silently financed $USD 400 million for terrorist under the label of a hostage exchange. Moreover, President Barrack Obama flagged his comrade China to develop the art of war into the Indochina Pacific. President Barrack Obama is the global war maker, however, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded Obama in 2009 despite he didn’t do anything for the peace. The Nobel Peace Prize committee recognized the No Fair Peace Prize wrongly honored a global war maker, so the committee requires Barrack Obama to return the Prize.


The lawmaker terrorist and also the commander in thug Nancy Pelosi denies the art of the deal with the fund to complete the wall. Nancy Pelosi applies the arts of war of Sun Tzu, she activates the war between the US people and her Democrats into the national security. Certainly, Nancy Pelosi leads her party to be the treasonous party and the terror party. President Donald Trump applies the art of the deal, he has many solutions to complete the wall included using Defense resources while Congresswoman and her Democratic gang just have the art of war, she is going to lose the wall battle. The arts of the deal eliminates the war, but the art of war conflicts against the peace ./.







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