China academics are the technologic spy in high level


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China has exploited the trade ties, free trade agreement and diplomatic relationship to carry out the global hegemony under multiple battles. The technology does needs for China into the arms race, space race and economic race. Therefore, China has not enough the invention and talent that framed by socialism and influencing the Confucianism (Chinese people pride Confucius is the timeless great master and believe his teaching is enough).


Under the communist regime, anything must stick with socialism, actually, the human resources based on the family record and becomes the rules in education and training’s system, so the communist’s education applies the criteria” the family record wins over the talent” and the employment, actually, the government job must meet the criteria is Red priority than professionals. The family history examines three-generations, actually, the public guard (as SS of Hitler), police, and education strictly apply the discrimination policy between the communist family and the major population.


 The pauperization policy transformed the major population being fallen into poverty, socialism is the hell of people but the paradise of communist. The children of the counter-revolutionary families and the people limited in education, mostly, the non-communist young people couldn’t afford the education and joining the labor market with the slogan” labor is glorious”. Moreover, the university prioritizes for communist family, so they Red princes and Red princesses occupied the most places in university. The students come from high profile families have no need to examine to enter the favored faculties and the famous best universities, even, the universities must granted the qualification as family ordered. The education’s system in communist countries being rotten from the grassroots, the regimes released the garbage academics into the society and government. Moreover, the under level academics plus the fake qualification worsen socialism, so Vietnamese people doubt the doctors (the writer calls DOGTORS), professors graduated from the communist universities. In Vietnam, Acting Prime Minister Nguyễn Thiện Nhân graduated doctoral degree before university Madeburge (East Germany) founded 14 years but he is also a professor of Vietnam university (the rumor spread in Vietnam about Acting Prime Minister Nguyễn Thiện Nhân who is a relative with Hồ Chí Minh)


The communist regime lagged behind the Western by their education’s system and socialism’s concern, its reason causes the communist countries like China must send the overseas student. As the record reports on April, in the last 40 years, China communist sent total 5,195,900 students studied in the Western and there were 1,455,100 students are currently enrolled in overseas high education Institutions. In the US, from 2016 to 2017, there were more than 350,000 Chinese students came and in 2018, the numerous student was 263, 341. Nevertheless, China communist aims the long term’s education investment in the US, the US high school had at least 82,000 students came from China’s mainland. Australia has 187,547 China students come from China, and the Australian government made more than ten billion dollars in the economy.


The most student comes from the communist countries are the hardcore communist family including the espionage agents attaching into the overseas student line. The students come from China, Vietnam and the other communist countries are the red seeds, the communist regimes have used the Western’s education system to solve the lacking technology and talent, stolen technology and also propagating the communism into the university in Western, in Australia, Chinese student silently organized the communist cells, they entice the native student.  The long term’s human resource’s investment exposes on Ho Chi Minh quoted” ten years plant the tree, and hundred years sow the people”. Nevertheless, the communist has exploited the capitalist’s education system to train academics. The Confucius Institutes boomed in the Western countries, actually, China communist referred to the obsolete Confucianism into the Western university.


The negligent education’s system and education become the business that created an opportunity for communist’s red seeds sowing and harming the national security, the national interest. Nevertheless, the scholarship helped communist family afforded free education for the children. From many decades ago, the communist countries sent the student studied and stolen technology, propagated the communism into the Western. The education transformed into business destroyed the prestige of Western’s university and institute. Nowadays, there are many China, Vietnam doctors, professors graduated in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada…but the level shouldn’t suit the titles. The corruption and education business ruined the Western prestige.


There were many China’s academics stayed in the US, Australia, and the other Western countries under the skill migrant’s scheme, they infiltrated into the high technology and security, actually, the universities employed China’s academics, so the FBI discovered the high-level thieves, they stole the secret technology, actually the defense technology. The former Chinese professor Yi-Chi Shih worked at UCLA and academic Kiet Anh Mai stole and provided the military secrets to China that alerts the Western.


China needs not to study the technology, they just send the red seeds and Beijing has anything from the stealing. President Donald Trump launches the war fighting against the global economic terror comes from China. The economy battles into multiple fields, the adjust tariffs ruined the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. The foreign companies moved out of China or repatriated the homeland to avoid the tariffs and also stop to hand the technology to China. President Donald Trump also prevents backdoor, China’s academics are the dangerous enemy. China student’s crackdown needs to prevent the high level of thieves covering under the academics, doctors, professors…The Democratic stronghold as California became a wonderful place for the Red seeds. In the passage of time, the previous presidents, actually the Democratic Presidents as Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama opened broadly the door for China, Vietnam and the other communist student. Moreover, the red seeds stayed and worked in the technology firms, including the defense, so China stole the technologies then damaged the economy, threatening the security. The US and the world are lucky, if Hillary Clinton wins the election 2016, the US will be China vassal and China communist overwhelm the red seeds in the US, actually, all technology invents from the US become China’s intellectual properties. According to John Rood, a top official of the Pentagon poses China is a huge threat to the America ways of life./.







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