China replaced the symbolic Christian in churches


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Karl Marx declared the war with the religions since he was jobless and lived on the income’s support from the” capitalist” Friedrich Engels. Karl Marx angered society and the wealthy people, he was dishonest on a high level. Normally, a dishonest steals and robs or fraud to solve the personal problem. Therefore, Karl Marx wrote the books to teach the dishonesty components to kill, rob and enslave the people. On the other hand, Karl Marx is the most master of genocide. The communism is the most human’s disaster on the planet. The religions were among the hateful targets of Karl Marx, he concerned” the religion is the opium of the people”. The atheism becomes the religious enemy of the people on the planet. Mostly, the communists hate all religions, instead, they conspire to replace the religions by the religious atheism. Nevertheless, Karl Marx labeled the people come from the Ape, despite Karl Marx didn’t know the source of human. Certainly, the religions or non-religious components reject Karl Marx’s concern. Therefore, the communists, the leftists, the left media, socialist and the left parties pride the Ape’s descendant. They deny the human mind, instead of the animal instinct, so Karl Marx’s pupils ignore human rights, telling a lie, fraud, and cheating. On the other hand, Karl Marx’s followers are the dregs of society, the enemy of people, the foe of morality and the thug of the country.


From the event of Ape’s Revolution occurred in October 1917 at Russia, the people have been threatened by the Ape super gangs in Russia, Eastern Europe’s communist Bloc, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia Cuba, and the Maoist rebel organizations operate in Philippines, India, South America. After Soviet-Union collapsed in the early 1990s and the Eastern Europe Communist Bloc eliminated the ruthless regime. Therefore, China gathered the communist vestiges in Asia and applying the lizard changes the skin’s color tactic for survival. The naïve people believe the Cold War is over, indeed, the Cold War transforming to the Cool War, China leads the communist countries to fight and developing the global hegemonic strategy.


The communist founded the religious atheism, their iconic religions are Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro…almost, the communist countries adored the statues, portraits of the global evils, the genocide killed more than 100 million people since Lenin succeeded the atheism in Russia. The Ape super gangs reject other iconic religions, instead, they canonize the genocide to be the angels and force the people to adore.


In China, the most genocide Mao Tse Tung becomes the beneficent angel, the regime applies malicious tactic to transform Mao as the angel, so the taxi drivers hung Mao’s portrait in the cab, the Police deserves the facilities, but the cab without Mao’s portrait, the drivers face the problem by Police. After many generations, the evil Mao Tse Tung becomes an angel or Mao goes to the pope. In Vietnam, the communist party promotes Ho Chi Minh as a successful Buddha despite Ho killed 1,700,000 people, the rapist 15 years old names Tuyết Lan in 1929 at Thailand and Ho Chi Minh was the well-known pedophile in Vietnam. Nowadays, Vietnam Communist Party set many the so-called Ho Chi Minh’s temples and the government’s Buddhist temples placed Ho Chi Minh’s statue at the altar with the Buddha. Nevertheless, Ho Chi Minh’s body mummified placed at Mausoleum in Hanoi. Vietcong regime has used Vietnamese sweat to keep and maintain the body of  Ho Chi Minh since he returned to the communist paradise on September 1st, 1969. Annually, the cost of maintenance and security for Ho Chi Minh’s body can feed Vietnamese people in six villages.


Christmas 2019, the Ape Super gang in China represses the Catholics, Christian exposing their religious symbols and replaces the portraits of Mao Tse Tung and Xi Jinping in the churches. China shows the anti-religious policy, instead, religious atheism forces the adherents of Catholics and Christian to comply with the regime’s order. The evil religion of Karl Marx develops the hateful religion. Everyone can recognize it, therefore, the left parties, the left media, actually, the left politicians in Australia like former Prime Minister Bob Hawke (he died), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, actually Senator Penny Wong stand with China. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son received $USD 2.1 billion from China, President Bill Clinton became China’s Executive in 8 years and President Barrack Obama drove the United States of America to be China’s vassal.


In communist countries, all religions become the enemy, the bibles replaced communism, the religious faith is led by socialism. In China, the religious atheism’s slogan:” Follow the Party, Obey the Party, and Be Grateful to the Party”. The painting of the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child, plus the Cross to be discarded and put into a corner, then the portrait of Mao Tse Tung and Xi Jinping replaced. The evil Mao Tse Tung and Xi Jinping become the Catholic and Christian symbols. The incident will perpetuate through the late generations and the Churches in China using Mao and the other communist leaders replacing Cross, Virgin Maria, and Jesus as the temples in Vietnam canonized traitor Ho Chi Minh is the successful Buddha.


In China, the Catholics have about 12 million adherents, therefore, China’s communist regime has applied the discrimination policy to curb the Christian. Moreover, the regime threatens to cut the pension for whoever attends the worship. China and Vietnam have destroyed the religions by training the communist priests and communist monks. Nowadays, in Vietnam, there are many priests and monks who graduated from the People’s Police Academy, so the churches and temples filled full the policemen plus the secret agents wearing the priest and monk’s uniform. Moreover, the communist countries sent the fake priest and false monks to the Western countries for propaganda, the spy mission and collective money carrying out under the charity’s label./.






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