Carrie Lam who bans the protestors wearing the mask


Posted on October 5, 2019 Hoa TruongPosted in Published Articles



Hong Kong’s Executive Carrie Lam becomes a brilliant star in Hong Kong and the world. Unfortunately, the rising star Carrie Lam is also the fallen star after she introduced the extradition bill that has sparkled the consecutively massive protests since June 2019, Hong Kong’s unrest shows the death of China’s rule to impose into the former colony of British. Although British is not Chinese compatriot, therefore the colonial government deserved the democracy and freedom for Chinese people lived in Hong Kong at least a century. Moreover, China’s communist regime is not the authentic government, the Ape super gang robbed the mainland in 1949 and imposing the dictatorial regime into the Chinese people. Therefore, Hong Kong’s situation is not like the mainland, actually, the British armed the monetary weapon and democratic weapon to Hong Kong people, so China’s communist regime can not quell the protests as Deng Xiaoping massacred tens of thousand people in Tienanmen Square in 1989.


Indeed, China’s communist regime and Red Emperor Xi Jinping do want to use the People’s Liberation Army or the killing machine’s robot force to quell Hong Kong people as Tiananmen Square. Instead, China flinches in the bloodshed’s solution because Hong Kong crashed, China collapsed. However, Beijing applies the psychological warfare, so the intimidation exposed on the People’s Liberation Army gathered and exercised at Shenzhen, but the military muscle couldn’t frighten Hong Kong people when the dead vulnerability of China is economy. So Beijing failed the menace to cow Hong Kong people, China cowardly used and hired the bandit to beat the protestors. Nevertheless, China should hire the left media propagates the intimidation campaign.


From June 2019, Hong Kong’s protests have become a hot spot on the planet, actually, the high technological communication plus the brave heart of Hong Kong people and world support, so the Police Force couldn’t conceal the cruel attitude by using the excessive force to oppress the protestors with the bare hand.


Hong Kong people must protect themselves by the umbrella and the mask because the Police use tear gas. Moreover, the Hong Kong Police shot a teenager in the protest and the bloody court (the hand of China) prosecutes a victim by assaulting the Police while Police used the gun to shoot a civilian. The victim has recovered in hospital but facing the charge by the bush law of Executive Carrie Lam. The people gathered at the hospital to support the victim of Police and the world condemns. The court provokes the people outrage, that causes more protests.


China’s communist regime perplexes in Hong Kong’s crisis, certainly, Red Emperor Xi Jinping studies carefully the situation while he faces the domestic problems on economic peril, actually, the rivals struggle to threaten the throne. Its reason remains Executive Carrie Lam and the protests continue. The undecided solution of the Ape super gang that aggravates the worst situation. Xi Jinping applies the buying time’s tactic to deal with Hong Kong people.


One October 4, 2019, China’s henchman Carrie Lam orders the law to ban the protestor wearing the mask while Police use the mask and shooting the tear gas to the people. The mask ban provokes hundreds thousand of people rally on the streets and central city. Once again, Executive Carrie Lam challenges the people by the bush law and Hong Kong people reject the ugly law of an obsolete henchman Carrie Lam. Certainly, the protests will continue to fight for democracy./.








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