Carrie Lam is the obsolete pawn of China communist


Posted on October 25, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



In the Western and democratic countries often have appeared the innocent component and blind politicians plus the monetary lovers ( the academics, business, left media, left parties) support communism. They are like a person who stands on a mountain and looking for the other mountain although they don’t know what it looks like a new place. Moreover, the theoretical communism attracts ebullient youth and short-minded persons. The communism’s followers become the domestic thugs in Western countries, they have helped communist propaganda and poison society plus the activities endorse the communist regimes as the leftists did in the Vietnam War. Therefore, everyone knew communists are barbarous, the most genocide came from the communist countries since Lenin succeeded in the Ape Revolution in October 1917, the world has faced the human disaster, the victims of Marxism-Leninist-Maoist-Ho Chi Minh-Pol Pot and the others were 100,000,000 people killed and the other a billion enclaved. The communist paradise just deserves for the communist, but this place is the hell of people. Certainly, the communist paradise doesn’t convince the major population in Western and democratic countries, therefore, the leftists follow and support, they eat the democratic bread but adore the evil communism.


It rarely occurs the Western people, actually, the leftists choose the communist paradise for living or retire despite they spent the lifetime to support. The prominent leftists like Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane), John Kerry, Bill-Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and the others have never wanted to leave the” counter-revolutionary land” in the US to live in communist paradise at Vietnam, China, and the other communist states. Indeed, they have clung the US and activating for communism. However, the hardcore communists do want to live in the condemned countries, they sent children to study, transferred the corrupted money and finding the way to migrate. The US became the wonderful land for the wealthy communists, now, the family of Vietcong Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng, Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, daughter of Red Emperor Xi Jinping stationed in the US.


The circumstance of actual henchman Carrie Lam is a sample of the untold policy of communist is throwing the lemon skin after the juice emptied. The extradition’s bill of Executive Carrie Lam responds to the terrorization’s policy of China. The bill threatens the life of Hong Kong people and foreigners including the tourist, they will be arrested and extradited the mainland if Beijing requires. The further conspiracy will rob the assets of Hong Kong people as the Ape super gang applied in the mainland after 1949 if the extradition law passed and applying, and China communists will rob the banking system, control the Hang Seng Stock Market, Hang Seng Bank, HSBC and China can use the financial strength of Hong Kong to retaliate the US’s tariffs. Unfortunately, Hong Kong people knew the cunning conspiracy, they must fight for safety by standing up since early June 2019. The consecutive protests carrying out by massive people that reply to the failure of China’s conspiracy. Certainly, Executive Carrie Lam is just a pawn of Beijing, she should receive the decree of Red Emperor Xi Jinping to introduce the bill. Hong Kong unrest that should cost the throne of Red Emperor Xi Jinping. Therefore, China also failed the intimidation’s campaign by the People’s Liberation  Army’s exercise at gathered at Shenzhen plus the left media in Western threatening the second Tiananmen Square will repeat the bloodshed in Hong Kong. The extradition’s bill of Carrie Lam sparkles the democratic movement while Beijing has no solution. Certainly, Red Emperor Xi Jinping knows Hong Kong crashed that conducts China collapsed, actually, the rival’s struggle inside the communist party and the pressure comes from the international community that flinches Beijing using the killing machine to quell Hong Kong people as Deng Xiaoping did in 1989. Eventually, China has no choice to eliminate the actual henchman Carrie Lam to defuse the tension. After the solutions and cunning conspiracies couldn’t change Hong Kong’s situation, recently, China intends to replace Carrie Lam while Carrie Lam says she wants to resign. When a boss wants, the henchman must obey.


Certainly, Hong Kong people dislike Carrie Lam and the Police, so the fate of henchman is uncertain as a spying quote” when a hunter recognizes a dog can not do the job properly, a hunter must know how to eat the dog’s meat”. Even the beloved comrades can treat each other as the enemy in power struggle, so the henchman can be thrown out while Chinese people in the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan expect Carrie Lam and Police are the traitors. However, China can not stop the democratic movement in Hong Kong, the major population completely reject the Ape Super gang, Hong Kong people knew very well the ruthless regime has ruled the mainland from 1949. There is not compatriot with the Ape Super gang, so China communist’s regime could not cow Hong Kong people by force./.






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