British Mandate PM Boris Johnson but elect a judge


Posted on September 20, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The people have never elected a judge, but the politicians are chosen by the people, so the people mandate President in the US, Prime Minister in the UK, Australia and somewhere else to carry out the national issues and running the country. The national leader authorizes to exercise the power serving the national interest. Therefore, some dishonest judges distort the career to bend justice for the individual favor and political purpose, even the foreigners may pay for the dishonest judges to impose the ugly law that conflicts the national interest and social valuation. The dishonest judges practice the legal services as the robbers with the wooden hammer. Certainly, the judges represent no one, instead, they represent themselves to abuse the legal system and bully the public by the bullshit court order. The legal systemís loopholes in Western deserved the absolute power to the judges, so the dishonest judges become arrogant as the king and exploit the position to abuse the people. The Westernís legal system is rotten by the dishonest judges, they are the legal thugs distort the justice by themselves, so the robbers with the wooden hammer ignore the national interest and scorn the public.


The Democratic judges in the US overrode the authority by releasing the so-called court orders to prevent the presidential orders like the travel ban, border protection of President Donald Trump that is due to protect the country, national security. Eventually, the court orders are unlawful and conflict with the Constitution to mandate the commander in chiefís authority running the country. Moreover, the country just has one President or Prime Minister, but there is many judges serve in the multiple courts.


The United Kindom couldnít avoid the legal thugs abuse the government and legal system. The British Court recognized the Sharia Law into the divorce case despite the Sharia Law conflicts the Britishís valuation and UNís Universal Declaration of Human rights. Certainly, the courtís order doesnít reflect the public view and justice. Instead, the courtís order represents the judge in personal behavior. The Muslim and whoever can buy the judges to use the legal servants abusing the people. The Western countries may watch out the judges and limit their authority.


Brexit decided by the major population of British, therefore, the anti-Brexit often rallies to thwart the Brexitís process with the European Union. The Conservative Party failed to deal with European Union, it cost the top job of Prime Minister Theresa May and now British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is in charge of the Brexit.


The anti-Brexit abused the power and ignored the referendum, they hampered Prime Minister Boris Johnson into the Brexit. Eventually, Prime Minister Boris Johnson must act to save the country while the European Unionís members have sunk in the deep debt and the illegal migrant threatening the economy and national security. Prime Minister Boris Johnson authorizes to apply the proposal to the Queen for suspension of parliament and he can carry out the Brexit. It is a possible solution to decide the future of the United Kingdom. The last solution creates the hopelessness of anti-Brexit including UK Labor Party. The left media couldnít prevent the legal process as Constitution, they distort Prime Minister Boris Johnson lied the Queen. Therefore, the Queen and Royal Council must understand well the Constitution. The Brexit is processing while parliament suspending and the left media failed to mislead the public. The last weapon using is the legal thugs, the UK Supreme Court joins the legal battle against UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who suspends the parliament. Before, the Scottish Court opposed the parliamentís suspension, but the court didnít affect Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Whatever, the judges have no authority to force President, Prime Minister obey the court order. Certainly, the court order validates in the courtroom and affecting the legal argument between the personal issues, criminal issues. Therefore, the judges have no rights to intervene the politics, actually, some judges overrode the authority as Supreme Court Justice Cameron Macaulay in Victoria, Australia, the judge forced Australian government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull used $AUD 70 million of taxpayers to compensate 1923 illegal migrants held in Manu islands from 2012 to 2014 and Law Firm Slater & Gordon earned $AUD 20 million for the legal fees. Despite, the law school and legal system in Australia confirm the intruder a property is a crime. Unfortunately, the illegal migrants intruded the country but the so-called human rights lawyers and Supreme Court Justice Cameron Macaulay seems forgotten the basic lesson in the law school and nationally legal system. Recently, the judge and the so-called Human Rights lawyers are playing the legal business by the taxpayers on the deported case of Tamilís family illegally intruded Australia.


The government and Justice Department may overhaul the authority of judges. Certainly, the people have never voted the judges but the senior lawyers promoted the judges, they are the public servants, therefore, the judges have the absolute power to force the president or prime minister to comply the court order. If the judges run the country, the election doesnít need to vote the parliament (lawmakers) and President or Prime Minister. On the other hand, the judges are not the Emperors in the medievalís era. The legal system of Western has the loopholes in the courtís system being rotten and abused by the senior lawyers. The democratic country respects free speech, therefore, the dishonest judges exploit the free speech to impose their stance to the public and force everyone must obey as the decree of a king in the monarchic era. The dishonest judges are the legal thugs to destroy justice and bring the garbage to the nation./.







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