British armed the finance weapon to Hong Kong people


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Despite British is a foreigner but they deserved the freedom and democracy for Hong Kong people. Therefore, the Ape super gang labeled Chinese people, they always want to rob and enslave the people. Moreover, Hong Kong people experienced the cruelty of China communist regime, actually, they have the family and relatives were massacred and robbed by the inhumane regime, so Hong Kong people have never accepted the Ape dynasty has ruled in Beijing. From a century, British armed the monetary and democracy weapon to Hong Kong people, so they can use both weapons to fight for freedom and independence effectively. Actually, the financial weapon is more dangerous than the People’s Liberation Army with armor, missile, aircraft carrier, and the Police Force plus the Public Guard Force (as SS of Nazi) because “ an army marches on its stomach” as Napoleon Bonaparte quoted. Certainly, the Ape super gang does need money to cover the heavy government’s system, repay the mountain debt, interest, and exchanging the oil, materials.


The Ape super gang occupied the mainland of China from 1949, the first and founder of Ape dynasty was Mao Tse Tung who had no human mind, instead of the animal instinct, the Ape rules or the bush law caused more than 65 million Chinese people killed into the bloodshed campaigns. The Ape regime has never respected the life of Chinese people, therefore, Karl Marx’s pupil does worry about the money. Its reason has stopped Beijing using the military solution to quell Hong Kong people since the British wrongly handed over the territory to the Ape regime on July 1st, 1997 while Taiwan is the authentic government of Chinese people and its government was the first member presented Chinese people in the United Nations. Hong Kong’s situation is quite different from the mainland:


  • Hong Kong people have contacted and lived in a democracy for a century under the rules of British.

  • Hong Kong is among the world’s financial center, the banking system, actually the foreign investment deeply rooted in this land. The stock market Hang Seng contributed a part of China’s finance. Moreover, Hang Seng Bank is the private bank, it can move out of Hong Kong with the money at any time.

  • Hong Kong people hold the money and making money for the Ape regime rules in the mainland.


China Ape super gang does want to rob the assets of Hong Kong people as they did in the mainland after 1949. The barbarous policies applied by the bloodshed campaigns that killed and robbed Chinese people, actually, after the Ape super gang totally controlled the people’s stomach, they pauperized Chinese people and enslaving plus the obscurantism that transformed Chinese people in the mainland being left behind the Western in technology and democratic concern.


The Ape super gang has attempted the communism imposing onto Hong Kong, but the cunning conspiracies failed. From 2003, China communist couldn’t prevent Hong Kong people to claim the independence and in 2015, the Umbrella Revolution stopped China to point the politicians in government and in 2019, Ms Carrie Lam failed to introduce the extradition bill. Certainly, Hong Kong people have to stand up to protect their life, assets and fighting for democracy. The massive people protested from June 2019 gathering multi millions people and the unrest has no sign to stop after more than 10 weeks. Executive Carrie Lam exposes the worry of her Ape boss in Beijing, she warns the protests harmed Hong Kong’s economy, but, Hong Kong people have no choice, freedom or death. Hong Kong people recognize Carrie Lam is the real henchman of the Ape super gang, therefore she is a dead card of Beijing.


The Ape super gang faces the economic war with the US and also burdening the rapacious ambition called one belt and one road plus the artificial islands illegally built, militarized and maintaining in the Indochina Pacific. The money can ruin China communist ambition, so China communist and Ape Emperor Xi Jinping seem perplexed the solution to Hong Kong’s crisis. Beijing worries but they do nothing to stop Hong Kong people fighting for freedom. Executive Carrie Lam has not resigned yet because of her boss Xi Jinping has no solution, despite the situation worsen, Hong Kong people continue to protest at the streets, parliament, the main roads and international airport. The protestors blocked the roads in Wan Chai where located police headquarters and the Causeway Bay shopping district. Hong Kong police use the excessive force by tear gas plus the bandit to terrorize but the people in Hong Kong are fearless, although the police arrested about 600 protestors, therefore, the police can not imprison 7 million people in Hong Kong. Certainly, Hong Kong people must defend themselves by using the barricades and anythings as the slingshot fighting against the Police.


The Ape super gang measures Hong Kong’s unrest that can damage the regime, actually, the military solution can cost the regime, Hong Kong crashed that conducts China communist collapsed. China wants to use the People’s Liberation Army to kill Chinese people in Hong Kong as Deng Xiaoping massacred the people at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Therefore, China will face the world reaction, actually the economic sanction plus the frozen assets that flinch China if the Ape regime dares to repeat the massacre of Tiananmen Square.


The barking dog never bites, Beijing applies the psychological warfare by gathering the troops at border plus the video released as intimidation. Therefore, Hong Kong people know the death vulnerability of the Ape super gang is money, so the protests continue. Nevertheless, China communist has been periled, Beijing is falling into the dilemma while Hong Kong people totally reject the inhumane regime and China lost the offshore market, it conducts the massive jobless in the mainland. The mountain debt reached up to $USD 40 trillion that crippled a giant with the feet of clay. The people believe Ape king Xi Jinping should be the last emperor of the Ape dynasty in China. The signs of a dynasty are going to end, exposing on the massive jobless, corruption and the natural force appears on the Three Gorges Dam can collapse any time, actually, Chinese people abhore the ruthless regime created the bloodshed from more than 70 years.


Hong Kong’s situation panics the Ape super gang, the world eye on every protest, Amnesty Internationals condemn Hong Kong police and the US calls China is the thuggish regime. Chinese people overseas support the democratic movement by sending $USD 2 million to Hong Kong people../.







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