Bill Shorton exposes the arrogant attitude as Hillary


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The US presidential election in 2016 made the people laughing and upset, when candidate Hillary Clinton often exposed the extremely arrogant attitude in the presidential campaign, she always prided herself as the commander in chief, and she claimed candidate Donald Trump unfits the commander in chief, so in the debates, Hillary Clinton behaved like the US president while the US people recognized Hillary Clinton is the commander in cheat.


The left media and Democrats elected Hillary Clinton despite the people didn’t decide yet during the election campaign was proceeding. The strong belief of Democrats plus the dream of Hillary Clinton and the left media currently released the best polls, but cheat polls conflicted the election outcome on November 8, 2016. Eventually, Billionaire Donald Trump transformed the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton to the nightmare. Nevertheless, the left media is Newsweek printed 125,000 copies with the photograph of Hillary Clinton at the front cover wrote the title:” Madam President: Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House”. The Newsweek made the historic media on the fake news, but the left media has not learned the lesson yet, they have not given up the propaganda, actually, the false polls are as an anesthetic medicine to promote their favorite candidates, so the funny sitcom repeats in Australia while the federal election will be held on May 2019. After the fabricated polls of the left media companies in Australia and the UK released, almost the cheat polls always described ALP (Australian Leninist Party) leads the Coalition as a phrase of a poll’s company wrote:” Labor remains ahead of the Liberal-National coalition with an unchanged two-party preferred vote of 53-47 percent, according to the last Newspoll published by The Australian on Sunday night.

   The Coalition’s primary of just 37 percent remains unchanged since the start of the year, the data show.

The two-party preferred vote hasn’t shifted since the start of the year, but both prime minister and the opposition leader have suffered hits to their respective approval ratings.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s approval rating dropped to one percent to 42 percent, while Bill Shorten was at 35 percent.”.

The left media provided an anesthetic medicine to the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten that works. Mr. former union boss is dreaming the top job belongs to him despite the general election day is still waiting for Prime Minister Scott Morrison declares and seeing the Governor General.


According to the record and rumor described Mr. Bill Shorten has many scandals from the period that he held the union boss. Nevertheless, he has no economic policy, nor the border protection but he is keen to use the taxpayers to serve for the asylum seeker while the taxpayers to be ignored. The Medivac bill introduced by Dogtor Lesbian Phelps reflects the key policy of Bill Shorten to make Australia worst off again. The Australian people obsess the Muslim boat army overwhelmed under the rule of ALP government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, there were more than 50,000 undocumented asylum seekers came to Australia’s soil that cost the taxpayers $AUD 16 billion and the national security risks. The left media applies the psychological warfare to help ALP retakes the government during tens of thousand asylum seekers are waiting for Bill Shorten wins the election, the Muslim boat army is preparing to invade Australia’s soil. Recently, the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten who elects himself as the Australian Prime Minister, he sends a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison that has released on media:


Bill Shorten sends PM a letter asking for ‘smooth transition’ of government



Labor leader Bill Shorten has asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a letter if the Opposition frontbench could meet with senior public servants in the coming weeks for a ‘smooth transition of power’ if Labor wins the upcoming election. Sky News host Nicholas Reece says the letter could have been better worded, and that Labor needs to be careful of being presumptuous, as ‘Australians do not like hubris at all’. Outsiders co-host Rita Panahi says Labor is ‘cocky’ due to being in front in the polls for some time.”


Mr. Bill Shorten shorts the economic and national security policy but he is the king of promise, the spendings continue to cheat the people, actually, the money comes from the pocket of nearly a million pensioners to make the Australia debt adding and the ALP treats the asylum seekers as the super citizen. On the other hand, Mr. Bill Shorten is like a jackpot lotto’s dreamer, although he has nothing, therefore, he dreams to spend as a jackpot winner, so he brags a letter sending to Prime Minister Scott Morrison asking for “ smooth transition of government” that exposes the extremely arrogant attitude of a former union boss’s character.


The Australian laughing the low gear politician Bill Shorten who has no talent but big mouth as the traditional character of a Karl Marx’s pupil” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”.. If Mr. Bill Shorten plays a game in Casino, he can not ask Casino pays despite a game doesn’t decide yet. The Casino security will throw a crazy player out. A lotto player as Mr. Bill Shorten cannot come to National Lottery Commission asking for the” smoothly transfer” the jackpot’s prize to his account although the result has not released yet. So Mr. Bill Shorten has no authority the require Prime Minister Scott Morrison hands over the government to Australian Leninist Party while the general election has not decided yet. The arrogant attitude of Mr. Bill Shorten suits the union boss intimidates the company to respond to the requirements as a pay rise, if not the strike action or class action with the picket line have to carry out.


The people have no surprise the arrogant behavior of Mr. Bill Shorten when he held the Workplace Relations minister of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Mr. Bill Shorten used the low-class language to Miss Annie Huang was a shop owner when a pie ran out, he menaced the shop owner too. Nevertheless, in the US presidential election 2016, the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten slammed candidate Donald Trump” barking mad”. How could the Australian people trust a terrible politician as Bill Shorten?. The Australian Leninist Party (ALP) seems to run out the talent, so Mr. Bill Shorten still remains the leadership since 2013 and now he contests prime minister’s job.


The top job decided by the people, not the left media and the cheat pollsters, they just asked about 1,500 persons in a survey and daring to conclude the opinion of 25,000,000 people with the accurate numbers. The left media and the cheat pollster disrespect the public that conducts the bullshit request of boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten to Prime Miniser Scott Morrison hands over the government will the general election has not set yet./.







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