Behind the Democratic high profiles are the crimes


Posted on June 2, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The loss of presidential election in 2016 totally disappointed Democrats, the hidden felons, treason, corruption, fraud currently appall the White House’s swamp drains out while the legal safety net of President Barrack Obama arrayed into the legal system and investigating bodies disabled. Democratic wrongdoers are like all kind of insect have been struck by the pesticide that conducts the physical reaction has to occur until fallen into the motionless state. For survival, Democrats have to find any way to escape, the main target aims to President Donald Trump. Whatever Democrats want to remove the potential commander in chief by the cunning conspiracy, actually, Hillary Clinton spent $USD 168,000 to hire the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele who wrote the fabricated dossiers about Russia meddled the US election, moreover, Hillary also paid $USD 1.02 million for Perkins Coie is an international law firm, headquarter located in Seatle, Washington State. The impeachment plans with the involvement of Vice President Joe Biden, turncoat Republican John McCain. Unfortunately, the presidential impeachment’s plan of Democrats failed from A to Z, actually, after the legal terrorist Robert Mueller passed the conclusive report to Attorney General William Barr and Robert Mueller resigned from Department of Justice that destroyed the last hope of the Donkey’s Head Praty. The legal terror’s battle changes to guerrilla’s tactic, it is the tax returns of President Donald Trump, it has become the hottest spot in Congress. Democrats exploit the slight major member in the House of Representative to abuse President Donald Trump. The taxpayers wasted for Democratic Representatives and Senators, they have not served for the country, instead, all effort attempt to impeach President Donald Trump who makes America great again, so Democrats expose the treason.


However, Democrats blunt the tactics and turning folly, they issued the subpoenas to the Treasury Department and IRS asking the tax returns of President Donald Trump after a court dismissed Democratic Congress filed. White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney warned Democrats have never seen the tax returns of President Donald Trumps as the Constitution consent by law does not require a sitting president to release its tax returns. The subpoenas have continued to issue from the illiterate lawmakers, it is a farce when the subpoenas applying to a 4-year-old of Donald Trump family’s member. The impact has never occurred in the Congress history, but it happened under the power of lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi.


The phony subpoenas humiliate the Constitution and Capitol Hill, the lawmakers are the legal illiteracy but occupied the Congress. Recently, President Donald Trump ordered the IRS to turn over the tax returns for every Democratic member in Congress. President Donald Trump authorizes to exercise the power of a national leader, the IRS can release any tax returns of any Democratic Congressperson, certainly, the wrongdoers fear the investigation on tax fraud, tax evasion, actually the money laundering. According to the law, any Congressperson was found guilty of any kind of fraud, they will be impeached immediately by the attorney general and also expelled from the Congress without payment. Almost, behind Democratic Congress’s high profiles are the serious crimes, the frauds, even treason that is enough to turf the wrongdoers out from the Capitol Hill.


The lawyer team of President Donald Trump and Trump’s organization are filing the lawsuit against the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cunning, they override the power and abuse the US president.


President Donald Trump hits back after more than two years, Democrats and the henchmen used the taxpayers to terrorize and abuse the commander in chief. Nevertheless, the Department of Justice, FBI CIA, and the National Intelligence agency authorized to investigate the prominent suspicious felons are such as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, actually former FBI director James Comey who didn’t indict twice Hillary Clinton during the presidential election campaigning and recently, Attorney General William Barr investigates James Comey about the FBI Academy misconducted and sexual harassment  the FBI female trainee. President Donald Trump warned releasing the list of sexual predators in Congress. Moreover, the cases of Representative Ilhan Omar who misused the campaign money to pay for her divorce’s legal fee, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exploited the election fund for private purpose. Despite the cheat investigation on Russia meddled the US election is over, but the reaction of President Donald Trump that panics the Democrats, the presidential candidates 2020 are Senator Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris call to use the conclusive report of Robert Mueller to impeach President Donald Trump although” no collusion and no obstruction”./.







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