Barack Obama expected the President of food stamps


Posted on September 11, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



In the record marked about SATAN’s era of President Barack Obama who created the high jobless rate in US history. Therefore, President Barack Obama who raised the demagogic slogan” Yes we can” in the first presidential election’s campaign in 2007. However, after the United States of America ruled by Barack Obama in 8 years, the US people really recognized the first communist and Muslim president in the US was the rhetorical activist as a saying of the communist experts’ quote” when a communist a born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”. The slogan” yes we can” that meant” yes we can” making the high unemployment rate. Currently, the jobless was about 5%, but the high tide on October 2009 was 10%, it coincided the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded the most valuable prize on the planet for the global warmaker Barack Obama.


President Barack Obama also named the president of  food stamps, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said on CNBC on December 2011 while the second term of Obama was campaigning:” We are going to have the candidate of food stamps, the finest food stamp president in American history, in Barack Obama, and we are going to have a candidate of paychecks.”


However, after President Donald Trump inaugurated on January 20, 2017, all predictions of 370 economists including 8 Nobel Prize of economy’s winners turned to garbage by writing and signing a letter to pressure Republicans do not nominate candidate Donald Trump. The bullshit predictions warned about the US economy will worsen if Donald Trump becomes the US president, therefore, the warnings totally went wrong. The well-known economists distorted the career and placed for sale the knowledge, actually, China communist is keen to hire and pay money and privileges to whoever serves for Beijing interest despite they knew China is the most barbarous communist regime on the planet. The dishonest academics are dangerous than low educated dishonest. The dishonest academics easily deceive and mislead the public by the doctoral degree and social position.


SANTA’s era of President Donald Trump boomed the job, in August 2019, there were 157,878,000 jobs and the unemployment rate is 3.7% hit the lowest record since 1969. Moreover, President Donald Trump cut the taxes for worker and company, so everyone is happy, except Democrats and China don’t want to know about the US bonanza exposing on the economy. Moreover, President Donald Trump achieved the major promises in the election 2016 including the wall and he will win the second term while Democrats struggle to find a candidate including the recycled candidates as Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump makes America great again, the enemies fear and allies restored the truth while the domestic thugs ruined the cunning tactics to impeach the patriotic president in the US.


The great achievements did after more than two years that defeated and debunked the left media, profit lover’s academics, all domestic enemies failed the phony psychological warfare to frighten the US people about the recession if President Donald Trump continues to impose the tariffs into China products and goods.


The garbage propaganda hits back the henchman of China in the Western, the public has no trust in the left media and also doubts the honesty level of academics after they appalled the people by the recession. However, when the job boomed, economic growth and the US currency stabilized while China faces the mountain debt escalating without control, China currency devalued over the alert level that conducts the inflation in the mainland. Moreover, the massive jobless comes from the loss of the offshore market, actually, the tariff weapon of commander in chief and the great economic general that eradicates the den of thieves.


President Barack Obama was the worst leader in US history, he was the president of jobless and food stamps. Certainly, under the era of President Barack Obama, there were multiple million of US people fought so hard to stay away from the food stamp, but they had no choice while president Barack Obama created the job for China and abandoned American. Therefore, President Donald Trump helped at least 6.2 million people getting out the food stamps, they got a job and returning the normal life.


President Donald Trump who volunteers to serve the country without salary, his presidential wage donates the public interest, while former President Barack Obama still earns an annual pension is $USD 207,000 and in 2018, his office’s request cost the taxpayers $USD 1,153,000 although the former President Barack Obama has the assets are worth $USD 40 million (the people question about the sources of money). Recently, former President Barack Obama purchased the property was $USD 14.85 million on Martha’s Vineyard included the weathered-Shingle house is set on 29 acres with private beach. It is the glorious life of President of food stamps in the US./.







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