Barack Obama became an illegal President or treason


Posted on October 18, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The birthplace of the first Muslim and communist President Barrack Obama has raised the long term controversy since a man who joined the Democratic nominee’s campaign and throughout two presidential terms with the mouthful slogan” yes we can”. The blind fan, naïve component, and the Democratic donkey’s voters supported and helped a man who destroyed the US from A to Z. Certainly, the supporters share the responsibility of the shattered country. A French proverb quotes” It faut tourner sept fois sa langue dans sa bouche avant de parler” that failed in a circumstance of Barrack Obama. The irresponsible voters didn’t study carefully before voting, so the US ruined in 8 years and nearly facing the brink of collapse after the wrong ballots endorsed Barrack Obama. The presidential campaign in 2008 and 2012, President Barrack Obama went high and the innocent voters went low. Moreover, President Barrack Obama was the global thug, his legacy leaving the long term disaster in the world. Unfortunately, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee wrongly awarded Obama in 2009.


There are many sources and rumors released about President Barrack Obama’s background. Moreover, the mysteries covered by Democrats including the outside enemies. The case of President Barrack Obama is not different from viral meningitis infiltrated the human’s brain, the life risked or paralyzed. The outside enemies, domestic thugs, actually, the communist and terrorist arrayed Barrack Obama climbed higher and dived deeper in White House, certainly, the enemies always want to destroy the United States of America, but they couldn’t defeat the US by the war, economy or any tactics, so it is the best way to annihilate the US by its president and politicians as a Buddhism’s fable describes the lion is invincible in jungle, even after lion died, no animal dares to eat the lion’s meat, therefore, the worm can. President Barrack Obama could destroy the US as the worm of Buddhism’s fable, so yes we can make the US collapse. On the other hand, President Barrack Obama didn’t represent the US people although they elected and also believed Obama would develop the country as his mouthful speech. Instead, President Barrack Obama served for communist and terrorist through 8 years in White House, he strayed the commander in chief to commander in cheat and commander in thug, even commander in terror.


Certainly, President Barrack Obama always protect himself about Kenya’s citizenship. He always denied any clue and accusation about citizen fraud. Despite, Mr. Barrack Obam is no longer rule the White House from January 20, 2017, therefore, the birthplace of Obama still discussing, the question has no answer, actually, the fake news and Obama’s fan have never revealed his birthplace in Kenya. According to Article Two of the Constitution requires the US president must be a natural-born citizen of the US. Moreover, Barrack Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery as some theories proved. Therefore, the life of Barrack Obama covered the mysteries, the people believe Barrack Obama was not born in Hawaii, instead, he is Kenyan. Certainly, Barrack Obama spent childhood in Indonesia, he was an Indonesian citizen. President Barrack Obama succeeded to apply the Racist shield to protect the citizen fraud and also gag the presidential candidate Republican in the campaign’s debated 2008 and 2012.


After 8 years ruled the US, President Barrack Obama made the worst America ever, the consequences of Obama can recognize on few consequences:


1-The domestic: Obama destroyed the economy and financial system, ignited the racial war and gender war. President Barrack Obama is the culprit of social division and digging up the civil war in the US. Nevertheless, President Barrack Obama brainwashed the US people in 8 years.


2-The International issues: President Barrack Obama created an opportunity for the enemies to besieged the US from Middle-East and Asia.


-Barrack Obama created an opportunity for Islamic State founded and he provided money, weapon and training the terrorist by the US’s taxpayers. Formally, President Barrack Obama called to fight against the terror and using the taxpayers to play the double-cross war game.


-Barrack Obama flagged” comrade China” built and militarized the piratical stations in disputed waters at Indochina Pacific.


-President Barrack Obama and Secretay of State John Kerry fed the rogue regime in Teheran, they also gave multiple billion dollars of the taxpayer to Iran.


3-President Barrack Obama represents corruption, he left the swamp in White House, now President Donald Trump drains out.


-Barrack Obama lavished $USD 100 million of the taxpayers by his family’s trips.


-The US people question about the assets of Obama reached more than $USD 40 million, he also purchased the luxury mansion in the US and recently, Obama has bought the vineyard is worth $USD 14.85 million. The US people doubt the money that Obama got and becomes multiple millionaires after left White House in a few years.


Former President Barrack Obama put the US soldiers and national servants at risk by his double cross war gam, actually, 4 deaths in Benghazi have not investigated yet. President Barrack Obama is eligible for the treason, his suspicious crimes are plenty. If the court found former President Barrack Obama convicted the treason as the Consitution, he will escape by the birthplace is Kenya that means Barrack Obama will confess he was a false president. Former President Barrack Obama is clever, and also avoid the treason. If former President Barrack Obama confessed the Kenyan, that means he born in Kenya, so Democrats and Democratic National Convention lied and deceived the US people, they breached the Constitution, actually, Democrats helped the enemy infiltrated White House in 8 years. So, Democrats are treason.

Almost, the US people and the world, actually Wikileaks recognized Barrack Obama is a Muslim and communist. However, Miss Valerie Jarrett, a hardcore communist in the US,  former top adviser of Barrack Obama, she guested Americans owe Obama a debt of gratitude. Miss Valerie Jarrett exposes the true character of a communist, she snubs the US people and honored Barrack Obama as Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded a global war maker the peace prize. Miss communist Valerie Jarrett snubs the public and the world, she told like a million victims of the Landlord Reform’s campaign in North Vietnam. The landlords and intellectuals must shout” bravo uncle Ho great” or” long life chairman Ho Chi Minh” before execution by fire-arm, the machete beheaded and the other barbarous methods. Certainly, the victims and families have never owed the genocide a debt of gratitude for the killers. So Miss communist Valerie Jarrett applies the tactic as Ho Chi Minh and the communist party killed the people and forced victims praised the culprit.


Whatever, former President Barrack Obama is treason. If he was born in Kenya, he will escape the treasonous conviction, but he will be charged by frauds and the US government will force Barrack Obama refunds the president’s salary paid in 8 years, $USD 100 million’s vacation plus the privileges (Secret services, the office budget of retired president cost the taxpayers a million dollars a year) and deport Obama to Kenya./.






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