Australian Labor party is the close compare with China


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China communist has cornered Australian’s backstage politics by the donation to both main political parties. Whatever, Liberals or Labor Party rules the government, China could buy the best policies matching China’s interest and China also silently colonizes Australia under the labels are trade ties, diplomatic relationship, and the other facilities. Indeed, behind the titles are the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap have deployed by the largest communist country on the planet.


The corruption and innocent politicians could betray the country by money or privileges, so China just uses the Australian politicians to serve for Beijing and acting as treason. Actually, a political donation is a form of bribery applying to the political party and politicians. In the passage of time, the giant telecommunication company Huawei paid the trips plus the luxury accommodation to 12 Australian politicians of Labor and Liberals for 55 overseas trips:


- MP Bronwyn Bishop (Liberals): traveled from August 1-6, 2011 with business class flights to Singapore and China. She was Speaker in the House of Representatives.


- MP. Andrew Rob (Liberals) traveled to Hong Kong and China from December 13-19, 2012. Later, Mr. Andrew Rob became Trade Minister, he signed the Free Trade Agreement with China. After Mr. Andrew Rob left the politics, Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo referred Mr. Andrew Rob to China-owned company Landbridge Group and Mr. Andrew Rob controlled the strategic port in Darwin with an annual salary is $AUD 880,000. The strategic port of Australia handed over China communist in 99 years with $AUD 506 million, the national security risks while the US bases located in the area. The Australian Foreign Investment Review Board’s agency ignored the situation of Darwin Port despite China’s investment was over $AUD 250 million.


- MP. Julie Bishop (Liberals) enjoyed the trip to China on January 4-9, 2012 and the accommodation paid by Huawei. Now she was Foreign Minister and helped Malcolm Turnbull made a coup in 2015. Now, Miss Julie Bishop has been pointed a Vice-Chancellor of Australian National University. After Julie Bishop left the politics, she confirmed China Foreign Minister Wang Yi is her friend.


- MP. Steve Ciobo (Liberals), Paul Fletcher, Alex Hawke, Alan Griffin, Harry Jenkins, Maria Vamvakinou were paid the trip plus accommodation to China by Huawei on March 3-8, 2013 (Now Steve Ciobo is the Trade Minister).


- MP. Steve Irons traveled on August 24-28, 2015 with Huawei paid and accommodation.


- MP. Jim Chalmers and Stephen Jones are Labor flew to China, Huawei paid the trip plus accommodation on July 5-12, 2015. Now, Dr. Jim Chalmers is shadow Treasurer of opposition leader Anthony Albanese.


Australian Labor Party is the close comrade with China communist, so Beijing has deserved the special treatment from official donation to secretly provided the finance. The circumstance of Senator Sam Dastyari is just an iceberg floating on the surface, Senator Sam Dastyari stood alongside China and he praised Beijing illegally built plus militarized the artificial islands threatening the security in the region including Australia. Labor Senator leader Penny Wong who is the real boss of Australian Labor Party, so she should stand behind Senator Sam Dastyari, he is just a puppet of Penny Wong. China succeeded the donation’s tactic, so opposition leader Bill Shorten (he lost the election on May 18, 2019) maximally protected Sam Dastyari after the corruption discovered. Eventually, the public and intelligence pressured, Senator Sam Dastyari resigned, but Labor Party still favors Sam Dastyiari.


Beijing interests the Australian Labor Party, so the state and federal election, China should pay for the left media to carry out the propaganda plus the false polls to support. The federal election on May 19, 2019, that proved China intervened Australian politics, probably, China communist should pay the left media propagated, actually, the false polls released during the election campaigning, the psychological warfare applied the psychological public as French saying” le mouton de Panurge”, it is a form of the rigged election to influence the undecided voters, so Labor could get the ballots and will win the election. Unfortunately, Australian people voted Coalition and boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten lost the top job’s dream. Senator Penny Wong holds the shadow Foreign Minister Affairs, she could carry out the decision to permit Huawei operates 5G in Australia if Labor rules the government while annually, Coalition government spent more than hundred million dollars to fight the cyber spy, mostly coming from China with the unit 61389 of the People’s Liberation Army.


China communist has focused to colonize Australia, actually, Labor Party could help China carrying out the colonial ambition. On August 28, 2019, a senior Labor staffer has told an inquiry that he knew about a Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo who used an Aldi plastic bag handed over $AUD 100,000 cash to Labor Party’s headquarters in 2015, it breached the Election Funding Act. Mr. Huang Xiangmo was revoked the Australian citizenship by Coalition’s government after ASIO discovered the espionage mission activated in Australia. Mr. Huang Xiangmo was an economy agent of China, he exploited the donation to influence the politics and universities in Australia, he linked to Australian Labor Party’s high profiles as former NSW Premier and former Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr who held a communist cell of China called Australian-China Relationship Institue of the University of Technology Sydney.


China deeply sowed the seeds and using the Australian politicians serving for China’s interest, mostly, Australian Labor Party is an actual comrade of the Ape Super gang rules in the mainland from 1949. The high profiles of ALP are just like former Prime Minister Bob Hawke (he died), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, and the other senior Labor members vow Australia to be comrade with China and distance the US. Its reason exposed Labor’s stance on the presidential election 2016, Australian Labor Party lined up to support comrade Hillary Clinton, opposition leader Bill Shorten used the low-class language” barking mad” to candidate Donald Trump.


Among the Labor high profiles, there is former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (someone calls KEVIN THUG) who always stands with China and support the human rights violation’s regime despite his verbal speech often opposes the human rights abuse as the other leftists raise the demagogic policy. In 2007, the Labor opposition Kevin Rudd succeeded the campaign and he became Prime Minister.


Mr. Kevin Rudd promoted Senator Penny Wong into the Finance Minister and the illiterate economy Treasurer Wayne Swan. They spent $AUD 42 billion surpluses was leftover by Prime Minister John Howard and Treasurer Peter Costello. Labor government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Penny Wong, Wayne Swan pauperized Australia, they created the debt trap for China, so Darwin port fell into China’s hand with the lease in 99 years. Moreover, the illiterate economy Treasurer Wayne Swan and Finance Minister Penny Wong were happy for every time the Reserve Bank of Australia cut the interest rate, they concerned the economic growth, indeed, Australia economy downed. Nevertheless, Finance Minister Penny Wong and Communication Minister Stephen Conroy made a huge profit for China on the obsolete telecommunication’s technology NBN that cost the taxpayer $AUD 65 billion and wasted $AUD 2.7 billion for the insulation scheme (the Pink Batts made by China). Senator Penny Wong has served for China interest, so she often attacked President Donald Trump into the war fights against China, the den of global economic terror.


Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ( Kevin Thug) who conspired to establish the Pacific Bloc when he ruled the government, this bloc aiming to use China currency Yuan challenging the US currency and Euro, but his conspiracy failed. Therefore, his plan to take the UN’s Secretary-General was going on but Prime Minister Malcolm didn’t refer, so another communist is Antonio Guterres elected. Whatever, United Nations cornered by a communist Antonio Guterres or Kevin Rudd if he had a reference of Malcolm Turnbull. Mr. Kevin Thug who speaks Mandarin well, he has a son in law is Chinese man as former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has a daughter in law comes from a hardcore communist’s family in China. (Mr. Malcolm Turnbull was Labor undercover activist, he climbed higher and dived deeper in Liberals, she shattered Liberals from the grassroots).


The war fights against the global economic terror created the potential damages of China communist. Once again, Mr. Kevin Thug criticizes President Donald Trump, he mocks the author of the art of the deal on the disgraced left television Channel Ten on Project show of Muslim host Walled Ali. Mr. Waleed Ali who is activist the Sharia Law, therefore its religious culture conflicts the human rights and UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Australian valuation, certainly. Mr. Waleed Ali hates the US and President Donald  Trump and opposes the Australian valuation. Moreover, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has a degree in Chinese studies from the Australian National University, he knew Chinese ancient strategic Sun Tzu wrote “the art of war”, therefore, President Donald Trump who wrote” the art of the deal” that is high level than Sun Tzu. Certainly, Mr. Kevin Rudd doesn’t understand” the art of the deal” but Mr. Kevin Thug attacks President Donald Trump. Mr. Kevin Thug acts like a kid loses the lolly but he has no shame.


President Donald Trump is billionaire while Kevin Thug couldn’t compare the success of POTUS. President Donald Trump makes American great again, but Prime Minister Kevin Rudd pauperized Australia from 2007 to 2013. Prime Minister Tony Abbott stopped the boats and President Donald Trump completes the wall to prevent the drug syndicates and cartel plus the illegal migrant, therefore, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard unleashed the border that caused more than 50,000 asylum seekers invaded and the Australian taxpayers wasted $AUD 16 billion.


The Australian people and the world laugh a deposed prime minister of Down Under Kevin Rudd often tries to protect the Ape super gang in Beijing. Even Chinese people abhore China communist as the enemy after Mao Tse Tung killed more than 65 million people plus Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 carried out by Deng Xiaoping. Nevertheless, Hong Kong people reject the Ape super gang, therefore, Labor Party, actually, Mr. Kevin Thug stands alongside with the most human rights’ violation on the planet.


Former Prime Minister Kevin Thug seems to lose the mind when his great comrade China loses the economic battle and China comes groveling on their knees to beg for a deal with the US, so Mr. Kevin Thug crazily butts whoever opposes and unmasks China communist. On the Project show of Channel Ten, Mr. Kevin Thug also attacks Member Parliament Andrew Hastie who exposes the patriotic heart by comparing the military growth of China as Nazi Germany. Australian people believe Mr. Kevin Thug opposes the patriotic attitude of MP Andrew Hastie who is chair of the Parliament Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security. Moreover, MP Andrew Hastie authorizes the raise the concern about national security while Mr. Kevin Thug was no longer to hold the top job after 2013, now he just is a political ghost, China should create Mr. Kevin Thug as a zombie and he continues to abuse the Australian people, attack the national interest./.







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