Aussie education business ignores Coronavirus


Posted on March 6, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The travel ban strictly applies in Western countries like the US ban Chinese people come from the mainland, Iran (a close ally of China), Italy (one belt and one road signed with China). The Australian government does the same the travel ban applied to Chinese tourists including Chinese students. Moreover, Australian carried out the rescue mission to help a hundred citizens returned to the homeland and quarantined 14 days at Christmas Island. The other rescue mission got the Australian citizens from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship in Japan and one patient died in Western Australia’s hospital, his wife quarantined negative, but after 14 days, she tested positive Coronavirus.


During the travel ban is applying, the Australian government also opens the back door for Chinese students quarantined offshore and entering Australia. Despite the Coronavirus varies the harmful activities, the reinfection and some cases tested positive after 14 days, the time can be longer to 27 days or more.


The education business has become the” educated epidemic” spread nationwide in Australia from many decades ago. Most universities and high schools in Australia warmly welcome foreign students, including the students who come from communist countries like China, and Vietnam, they have brought the” viral communism” infected the mind of Australian young generation into Australian’s education system. The innocent politicians and the profit lover’s chancellors place the education for sale, so the Red noble class families in Vietnam, China have sent their children to study in the counter-revolutionary countries, the education becomes the business. Mostly, every student comes from a communist country, they are a propaganda activist. The Western students have been intoxicated by China and Vietnam’s students. Moreover, the students come from the communist paradise inherit the communism’s education, so they often show the aggressive behavior, the viral communism has infected Western education. The profit lover’s academics in Australian’s education system have destroyed the Australian’s valuation.


The numerous Chinese student study in Australia is about 260,000, the revenue of universities estimates about $AU 12 billion a year. So the travel ban causes the profit loss of universities and schools around Australia, almost, the Australian universities have carried out the education business and Chinese students have been deserved the facilities because they have good payment and contributed the economy. Nevertheless, the Chinese students also the espionage agents to steal the technology, unfortunately, the profit lover’s chancellors ignored, instead, they just protect the revenue than national interest. China’s communist students have developed the loopholes of the travel ban and the profit made by the overseas student, so Chinese students can pass the quarantine from the third country and entering Australia.


The government and health officials may overhaul the medical assessment granted from the other countries while the Coronavirus can transmit from human to human and reinfection. The Australian government can not trust everyone, including the World Health Organization and corruption, that can help the pandemic spreads in the country. The loopholes of travel ban discovered when a Chinese student names Karen Ji who studies the law and commerce at the University of Sydney, she paid nearly $AU 20,000 to avoid the quarantine in Australia, she told the media that she and her mother spent 16 days in Thailand for quarantine and returned the Sydney.


The incident of a Chinese student who studies the University of Queensland tested the positive Coronavirus despite this Chinese student passed 14 days quarantine at Dubai that alerts the Australian government and the health department can know the deadly virus could transmit from the other Chinese students and the local students. Now there are more than 11,000 Chinese students of high school and university returned to Australia by the quarantine applied from the other country. The health department and health officials don’t know how many students passed the quarantine overseas like Dubai, Thailand having the Coronavirus? The Australian people’s life risk after the infected cases and the death toll increased. The Australian people question the government and the profit lover’s chancellors about the education business, they just want to get the money from overseas students while the life of people risks.


    Prime Minister Scott Morrison plays the double-cross- game, in the formality, he confirms the ally with the US, but he also adores China as the business counterpart, China succeeded the trade trap, the debt trap and the government trap in Australia. The leadership challenge in August 2018 to remove the Labor’s undercover activist Malcolm Turnbull from the top job, Mr. Peter Dutton is the concerned Liberals who saved its party from the disaster. Unfortunately, the vesitges of Malcolm Turnbull remained in Liberals plus the traitor Julie Bishop, so Mr. Scott Morrison became the Prime Minister. The Liberal voters had no choice because the Australian Labor Party is just the hidden communist party, so Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed the landslide victory in the federal election held on May 18, 2019. Therefore, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s stance reflects Malcolm Turnbull, in the leadership spill, Scott Morrison said:” Malcolm Turnbull is my leader”. After winning the election, Prime Minister Scott Morrison took a trip overseas to avoid the question of Australian people when the three China’s warship arrived in Sydney Harbor, the People’s Liberation Navy showed the aggressive attitude, China snubs the sovereign of Australia. Once again, 11,000 Chinese students entered Australian soil while the quarantine doubts, so the Coronavirus can transmit from Chinese students to Australian people. Certainly, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the university’s chancellors can not know how many Chinese students bringing the deadly virus. Actually, the reinfection and 14 days quarantine are uncertain. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and universities ignore people’s life, instead, the profit made from Chinese students. When the pandemic outbreak, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will take responsibility if the virus comes from the Chinese students./.






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