Ape Emperor Xi Jinping plays risky game


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Biological warfare is the heartless plan of China’s Communist Party that has conspired from two decades ago. Possibly, the inhumane offense by a biological weapon proposed by General Chi Haotian, China’s famous strategist and defense minister of Deng Xiaoping. China’s communist regime has never denied any crime opposing humanity, the genocide in the mainland from 1949 with a hundred million Chinese people killed and 1.4 billion people enslaved. The communist doesn’t care about the life of people but the Marxism-Leninist-Maoist-Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts prioritize. Leon Trotsky, the hardcore communist said:” the end may justify the means s long as there is something that justifies the end”. Eventually, his close comrade Stalin applied his theory and killed Trotsky on August 12, 1940, while he fled in Mexico. The leftists and left media, the profit lover’s businesses, and the innocent academics ignored the bloody circumstance of Trotsky. The essential method of communists is throwing the lemon skin after juice emptied.


The world knew China’s communist regime is ruthless, but the left media and left parties blindly support since the Cold War. The global hegemonic ambition urges China to rush the arms race, the space race. Therefore, finance and technology are the keys to carry out the dream, China solves the problem by stolen technology and exploiting the free market to make a profit.


The global economic terror has applied the malicious methods, those are trade trap, debt trap, government trap. Since China joined the free market after the historic visit of President Richard Nixon in 1972, China made the profit from the Western loss. The actual henchmen of China were President Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama led the US into China’s orbit. If Hillary Clinton elected in 2016, China will control the world in 2025. Unfortunately, the cunning conspiracy defeated by the US people to elect patriotic President Donald Trump who cracked down China and Democrats’ plans.


The global economic terror of China failed by Intercontinental Ballistic Tariff Missile of commander in chief Donald Trump. Eventually, China’s Communist Party launches the global biological warfare terror, it is a form of the THIRD WORLD WAR unofficially declared by China’s communist regime, the commander in viruses Xi Jinping who plays the risky game with the biological war attacks the world. The death toll, infected population and global economic recession cause China. Nowadays, the world recognizes China’s Communist Party is the most enemy of humanity including Chinese people in the mainland. The world’s most wanted criminals are 22 tyrants in Political Bureau is led by Ape king Xi Jinping, the culprits of biological terror appeared the faces. Ape Emperor Xi Jinping and its central communist party are the genocide, the global hegemonic ambition of Xi Jinping should lead the end of China’s Communist Party after more than 70 years ruled in the mainland by bloodshed and bluffing the world by global economic terror:


-China’s Communist Party wants to solve the excessive population by the virus: the heartless plan of China’s communist regime to reduce the population has no surprise. The historic genocide proved in the mainland, after robbing the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949, Mao Tse Tung and his communist party massacred more than 65 million people to carry out the communism or Maoist by the bloodshed campaigns. China’s Communist Party killed the intellectuals, academics, and wealthy families to stabilize the regime and reduced the opponents. Nowadays, the old lesson applies, China’s Communist Party aims to killed multiple hundreds of millions of people to keep the regime. Nevertheless, the massive jobless occurred in the mainland after China lost the trade war with the US that risks the regime. Certainly, China’s Communist Party fears the old lesson of dynasties collapsed from multiple thousand years of Chinese history when the massive jobless and economy paralyzed.


-China’s Communist Party stops the democratic movement in Hong Kong by Coronavirus.


-China strays the massive jobless by pandemic, a hundred millions of people locked down that stop the people stand up.


-Using the deadly virus to take down the US, Europe, and the democratic countries. The medical supplies made in China sending under the so-called humanitarian aid, but the countries pay. Therefore, China provided false test kits and inserting a virus in the face masks (*). Indonesia is the victim of China’s biological warfare offense, on March 25, 2020, China sent the medical supplies to Indonesia because the hospitals lacked the medical equipment. Indonesian government got the medical supplies from China, including 125,000 COVID-19 test kits. Therefore, on April 7, 2020, and 24 doctors died by Coronavirus. New York’s Governor Cuomo is an unofficial executive of China, he hid the ventilators and encourages the New York residents using the personal protection equipment made in China, so the death toll and infected cases rise. On the other hand, New York Governor Cuomo supports China’s biological warfare attack in the US, murder, he did. In Western Australia, billionaire Andrew Forrest ordered $AU 160 million’s medical supplies made in China, his donation raises the safety concern of the medical workers in state’s hospital. Chinese embassy to Australia slams the outlet media defames China’s companies about the medical supplies (Magnate Andrew Forrest who has done a long time’s business with China).


The global biological warfare of China attacks on the full scale, initially, China used the life of Chinese people in Wuhan plus Hubei province to spread the Coronavirus and using the people of countries fell into the trade trap, debt trap like Italy to carry out the biological spread when the virus transmits from human to human.


When a house fires, the mouse appears, the Coronavirus is the biological weapon of China, the Chinese Virus spread worldwide and the Western can find the domestic thugs appear, the hidden enemies launch the full-scale battle with China. The spy- networks of China appeared, the left parties, the wealthy components have done the business with China, the left media can not hide the face.


The risky biological warfare’s game of Ape king Xi Jinping hits back China’s communist regime from the mainland to abroad. China’s communist regime must pay the price, Chinese people in the mainland are the victims of the genocide carrying out by the pandemic, the undercover activists, spy-network in Western uprooted. China’s Communist Party lose all after more than half of the century built and sowed the red seeds worldwide. After the Coronavirus, China’s communist regime isolated, Chinese people’s abhorrence. The new world order without China will develop. Certainly, the Ape super herd will be eliminated, Chinese people decide the national fate.


Ape Emperor Xi Jinping plays a risky game that purposes to kill the hundreds of millions of people in the mainland to reduce the people standing up and also destroying the US and the world’s economy as a stone kills two birds. The hypocritical morality of China can not cheat the world as a stratagem of Sun Tzu:” hide a knife behind a smile”. The fake gentleman Xi Jinping as a fake hero names Yue Buqun of  Hong Kong’s author Jin Yong. China sends false medical supplies and masks contain the virus to kill more people and on April 6, 2020, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping called President Donald Trump seeking the collaboration to fight against Coronavirus, indeed, Xi Jinping is the commander in Coronavirus. It is the malicious tactic calls talking during the fighting of communist.


However, the Ape Emperor Xi Jinping commits suicide after the world recognized Coronavirus is the biological weapon of China and the Chinese Virus has never removed. The ruthless regime doesn’t care about the people, but the money is death vulnerability. Certainly, the world stays away from China and the global China-phobia kills China products. Moreover, the US and victim countries are eligible to file the lawsuit against China, the compensation estimates a hundred trillion of US dollar, that is enough to make China’s bankruptcy. The biological weapon hits back China’s communist regime as a says” the sword made by China to stab Chinese”. The political party in democratic countries woo the people by the policies, but China’s Communist Party keeps the regime by genocide./.



Notes (*)

British PM Boris Johnson is said to have decided to pull out of the 5G contract with Chinese firm Huawei. It has been reported that the British PM came to the decision after he was furious about a recent shipment of test kits bound for the UK were found to be contaminated with coronavirus. Furthermore, Boris Johnson too is said to have gone into self-quarantine after being tested positive for Coronavirus.

The test kits were assembled in Luxembourg by food safety and laboratory testing services firm Eurofins. The infected elements are “probes and primers,” the long, thin swabs that medical personnel use to collect samples from the nasal and oral cavities. Eurofins has saidthat the infected elements were supplied by China.

British politicians across party lines are angry that China did not inform the world about the true spread of Corona in time and also for not taking the crucial consignment of test kits seriously as they have come infected with Coronavirus. Many have started to question if theChinese government deliberately hid the information about the contamination as many other countries have alleged. The contamination of the test kits will further delay the testing of British citizens which has everyone in the country concerned.

China has also been indulging in massive PR exercise the world over in a bid to stop anyone from blaming them for the Coronavirus. First the Chinese government tried to blame the US soldiers and later pinned the blame on Italy itself. People and governments the world over are waking up to the evil machinations of the Chinese government to take control of the world using dubious means. Chinese companies have been trying to influence decisions in many African countries and Australia too.

In India too, many organisations have warned the government to be extremely wary of the Chinese and their products. In January, Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM), requested the central government to ban participation of Chinese companies in 5G trials in view of national security and privacy issues. The SJM had said that there is ‘ample evidence that lead to suspicion of Chinese companies indulging in the ex-filtrating sensitive information from, devices and equipment that it exports’, Huawei must be stopped from the 5G trials.








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