Alp led Australia falling into the traps of China


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Commonly, the left parties have the same tactics, those reflect the formula is  3D=Demagogy+ Deception +Destruction. The Democrats in the US, UK Labor Party, Socialist Party in France and ALP (Australian Leninist Party) are keen to pauperize the country by socialism with the demagogic policy propagates on the hoax climate change, the homosexuality and the asylum seeker for the ballot.


ALP conducted Australia falling into the traps of China communist then Beijing developed the facilities to colonize Australia when the Australian Labor Party rules the government:


1- The trade trap: from 2007 to 2013, Labor Party ruled by Prime Minister Julia and Kevin Rudd created an opportunity for China made the huge profit from Australia’s taxpayers: the obsolete technology NBN cost $AUD 65 billion, China company provided the equipment, the insulation scheme imported the Pink Batts made in China that cost $AUD 3.7 billion plus 4 lives and 100 houses fired. Labor Party made the profit for China by Australia’s taxpayers.


The trade ties and trade agreement putting above the fair trade that helped China silently colonized Australia. In 2012, The Reserve Bank of Australia signed the Currency Swap Agreement with the People’s Bank of China was worth $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan. The China’s currency stored in Reserve  Bank of Australia has become the big problem when the China currency plunged, actually, President Donald Trump launches the campaign fighting against the global economic terror comes from the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit. Nevertheless, the Westpac and ANZ banks followed the Reserve Bank of Australia, both monetary firms directly trade Australia dollars into the China currency. Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard attributed the currency exchanged between China and Australia that is the important economic relationship of two countries. Nowadays, Australia pays the consequence, the Australia dollar follows China currency declined and it struggles 0.7 cent USD equals 1 Australia dollar.


2- The debt trap: after winning the election in 2007, within a year, Labor government spent $AUD 42 billion surpluses of Coalition left over and Australia has started into the debt, now the national deficit is up to a trillion dollars. Labor Party succeeded the pauperization’s policy, they drove the country into China’s debt trap, it is the untold conspiracy of Australian Labor Party. Nevertheless, the Labor Party advocate the pauperization as the traditional policy of the communist government, the Labor politicians destroyed the national economy by the illiterate economy’s politicians. It is like the communist regime in Vietnam, the buffalo keepers, low or uneducated cadres hold the economic position. Mr. Đổ Mười who was illiterate, his original job was castrated piglets, but he became deputy prime minister and Secretary General of Vietnam Communist Party, a poet Tố Hữu (not an economist) was Deputy Prime Minister and also held the economic portfolio, Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng who was the primary shool’s level…therefore, they were the economists to decide the national economy, so Vietnam listed among the poor countries in the world.


ALP is not different in Vietnam, under the era of Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, Treasurer Wayne Swan, and Finance Minister Penny Wong didn’t understand the basic economic lesson, so every time, the Reserve Bank of Australia cut the rate, both were happy, they considered the economic growth, indeed, it faced the declination. Nowadays the excellent economist Wayne Swan becomes ALP president and Senator Penny leads the Labor Senate and she also holds the Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister. If ALP wins the election will be held on May 2019, Senator Penny Wong will be Foreign Minister, and China is very happy when Huawei re-enters and installs the technology 5G in Australia, it means the national security risks, Huawei owned by the People’s Liberation Army, the den of hacker and cyberspy. Moreover, despite Labor has not elected yet, but Bill Shorten promised the drain out the taxpayers $AUD 500 million to United Nations for the asylum seeker labeled humanity and Penny Wong vowed to give the foreign aid broadly. Senator Penny Wong released the statement:

“Today I pledged that in government, Labor will rebuild Australia’s international development assistance program and increase aid investment beyond current levels.

Australia has a deep interest in contributing to global poverty alleviation, and our international development program supports security and stability in our region.

The Abbott and Turnbull Governments have abandoned Australia’s bipartisan commitment to aid funding and slashed well over $11 billion from our International Development Assistance Budget.

These cuts are a source of international embarrassment for Australia and are at odds with the generous spirit of the Australian people.

A Shorten Labor Government will contribute more to international development assistance than the current Government. And we will ensure more of it gets to the people who it is meant to be assisting.”


Both Labor leaders want to make Australia’s poverty and China is ready to pump the money and taking the land and national assets.


Labor pushed Australia into the deep debt and the Down Under fell into the debt trap of China, so Darwin port leased to China’s company Landbridge Group taking control in 99 years with only $AUD 506 million. The Darwin port lease is the same Sri-Lanka port, Pakistan port, and the others fell into the debt trap of China. Australia easily accesses the one belt one road when China deeply involved the economy and currency.


The boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten has announced the climate change policy, the electric car will make a profit for China as NBN and Pink Batts. Australian Labor Party and Democrats in the US with President Barrack Obama who pauperized the United States of America in 8 years, so the US nearly to be China’s colony.


Australian Labor Party made Australia falling into the debt, so China could develop the debt trap to force Australia to sell the land, farm, national assets. The trade ties and diplomatic relationship between China and Australia become the tragedy, actually, China could get the facilities and interest when comrade ALP controls the government, the left prime minister in Canberra helps China colonizes Australia, nevertheless, China has arrayed the debt and Australia falling into the global hegemony of Beijing.


The hoax climate change of Labor carries out the electric car, Australia will be bankrupted when 50% electric car reaching the target in 2030, so the economists predict, every Australian people pay at least $AUD 9,000 a year. Actually, China’s electric car company is waiting for Bill Shorten wins the election.


3- The government or politician trap: China has applied the political donation to corner the parties, actually, the election becomes an opportunity for the espionage agents, the finance agents involve the politics. China is keen to invest the donation to “ comrade” Labor Party and exploits the free election to insert Chinese candidates. The general election in Australia is going to poll on May 2019, ALP couldn’t hide the deep influence of China communist when the people often seeing a Chinese woman candidate Chisholm Jennifer Yang appearing into the public and television with the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten in the campaign. Formality, Mr. Bill Shorten and Labor Party pride the numerous female politicians in the House of Representative and Senate. Why does Mr. Bill Shorten campaign with only a Chinese woman’s candidate? The scene Mr. Bill Shorten with the Chinese woman’s candidate Chisholm Jennifer Yang proved China communist should control Australian Labor Party, so the role of Bill Shorten should be a puppet of China communist, the shadow power being held by Senator Penny Wong and China communist party?  A rumor releases the former Senator Sam Dastyari prepares to take a job if Bill Shorten becomes prime minister. Mr. Sam Dastyari opposed national security, he officially supported China illegally occupied the islands into the disputed waters.


China communist does want Labor Party wins the election, so Beijing should pay the left media to release the biased articles and the false polls as they did in the US election 2016. Certainly, China media and the pro-Beijing’s Chinese community launching the campaign to support the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten. The Australian people could recognize the deep involvement of China communist into the federal election in 2019, so vote for Bill Shorten, Penny Wong and Labor Party that means to elect the disguised communist party in Australia and Bill Shorten is like China’s executor in Canberra.


The world knew communism is the most human disaster, there were more than 100 million people killed by socialism and the other a billion people lost the freedom. Taiwanese vows to protect the island nation after Mao Tse Tung took over the mainland in 1949. Despite Hong Kong returned to the mainland from 1997, therefore, Hong Kong people are allergy with the communism. Unfortunately, Democrats in the US, Labor Party in the United Kingdom, actually, Australian Labor Party are still favoring the socialism although the ALP politicians knew China is the ruthless regime and human rights violation. So former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, and now the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten want to drive Australia to be China comrade./.







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