Allah certifies the Anzac day in New Zealand


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The Sharia Law is a form the inhumane culture based on the faith of Islam, the Sharia law is derived from Quran bible, so every Allah adherent is a Sharia Law’s activist. The people just watch the Sharia Law applies in Brunei, the LGBT banned strictly and the conviction would be thrown by the stone to death, it is enough to recognize Sharia Law really opposes the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the social valuation.


The Sharia Law’s activists bring their strange culture into the adopted countries, so the most Western appeared the form of Allah food certified, even the army, in Australia, the minor Muslim military personnel required the Allah certified ration. A Muslim man named Raymond Akhtar killed his child by cutting the body to parts. During serving in prison, he complained the prison camp food without Allah certified, so he used a lawyer to sue the government and he won the case with $AUD 3,000 compensation. Indeed, the prison is not a hotel.


Anzac Day is the national event of Australia and New Zealand, annually, the commemoration holds on April 25. Therefore, Anzac day 2017 to be humiliated by a Sharia Law’s activist Yassmin Abdel Magied by the comment:” Lest We Forgot Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine..”. During attacking Anzac Day, Miss Yassmin Abdel Magied was working at ABC televion, the national televison network funded by Australia taxpayers and she also served as an advisor of the Foreign Affairs Department with Minister Julie Bishop.


After the shooting at Christchurch, New Zealand, the culprit is leftist Brenton Tarrant who adores MaoTse Tung and the Maoist follower, not a right-wing or far-right as the left media and the left politicians labeled for the political purpose to prepare the general election in Australia. The incident in New Zealand measures the capacity of the national leaders and exposing the left media exploits into the propaganda, actually, the left parties politicalizes.


Prime Minister New Zealand Jacinda Ardern showed the bizarre emotion, she wore the headscarf as a Sharia Law’s follower despite New Zealand is the Christian country. moreover, the shooting places located at a place called Christchurch. In the courtesy of a concerned national leader to keep the neutral attitude. Unfortunately, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern got lost the national leader’s character, so the world thinks New Zealand is the Muslim country.


The New Zealand shooting spread the global mourning, actually, the Muslim communities in Australia. The mourning echoes and influences to the Anzac day in New Zealand, the country is going to be certified Allah when the Returned Services Association (RSA) branch at Titahi Bay, near Wellington, to decide to invite a Muslim cleric or Sharia Law activist to pray the victims of Christchurch shooting. According to the program, the Muslim prayer will start from 6 am dawn service to its 10 am a civic ceremony.


The fresh idea proposed by an Afghanistan veteran Simon Stromborn, certainly, he exposes the extraordinary emotion as New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The New Zealand people question veteran Simon Stromborn, he should convert the Islam, innocent person or New Zealand Labor Party’s member? Moreover, he should know a Muslim cleric prays in Anzac Day basing on the Quran bible that reflects the Sharia Law, it is the human rights violation’s culture.


The Muslim pray in Anzac day at Returned Services Association (RSA) branch at Titahi Bay become the outrage of New Zealand veterans and also Australia with RSL. A Vietnam veteran Dave Brown, former manager of Porirua RSA emailed to branch Titahi Bay after he knew the Newlands Mosque Imam Mohamed Zawada will come to pray, Mr. Dave Brown wrote:” What took place in Christchurch was shocking and we all agree that it was completely out of order in every way,”


Auckland RSA president Graham Gibson noted the Navy Padre will pray at the dawn service in front of War Memorial Museum with the attending of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, he confirmed the Anzac Day separates from the remembrance of the Christchurch’s shooting victims, he said:” We shouldn’t mix the two events” and he concerned:” We have traditionally been a Christian country in terms of our services and that type of thing. Obviously, we are a multicultural country now so it’s up to individual RSAs, but they are two separate events”


Wellington RSA president Theo Kuper confirmed the New Zealand Defence Force provided the military chaplain for the dawn service and Governor-General Dame Pasty Reddy will attend, he said:” I don’t think the NZ Defence Force has a Muslim Imam”


Anzac Day 2019 becomes the controversy, but it creates the anger to the veterans of New Zealand and Australia. Anzac Day doesn’t link to the Muslim, instead, this day is the national event, therefore, some innocent veteran as an Afghanistan veteran Simon Stromborn creates an opportunity for the Sharia Law’s activists to certify the Anzac Day as they succeeded in Allah certified food and the other issues occurred in the Western countries.


However, the New Zealand government changes the tactic after the Muslim praying on Anzac Day has met the strong reaction from the veteran and public, it means the Muslim praying inserts into Anzac Day failed, so Jacinda Ardern Government lies the people about the terror attack, and some Anzac Day Commemorations in Kiwi country canceled as RSA in West Auckland, North Island will not attend Anzac Day on April 20, 2019, President Les Coste of RSA in Helensville canceled the Anzac Day.


The annual commemoration of Anzac Day has celebrated at Gallipoli, despite the current terror threat but Turkey government has no surrendered. Therefore, the Labor government of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reasons the terror fear to eliminate the Anzac Day 2019 that is not acceptable. Moreover, New Zealand has the police force, army, and the security network, so Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has no reason to erase the Anzac Day.


Anzac Day’s Allah certified in New Zealand raises the grave concern of the social valuation, the national spirit, and the Constitution in the Western countries. In Australia, a Labor Representative Edhem Nuredin Husic of Chifley electorate, Western Sydney, he swore in with Quran bible. The Muslim politician Husic changed the Australian Constitution. Certainly, the Australian government knew the inhumane Sharia Law comes from  Quran bible while the Constitution has never accepted the human rights violation. There is no Christ but Allah./.







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