Allah certified the New York Times and the left media


Posted on April 30, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Sharia law’s activists migrated to the other countries, actually, the Western is favorite. The Sharia law is Islamic law or religious law derived from the Quran bible. Certainly, the Sharia law conflicts against the social valuation in Western and the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Its reason, Saudi Arabia failed to introduce Sharia law into the United Nations despite they had the Muslim nations endorsed.


The negligent immigration’s policy, the innocent politicians plus the left parties in Western are keen to get more the ballot by promoting the demagogic propaganda about the multiple cultures. So the Sharia law’s activists become the social problem, actually, the extremists, the arrogant clerics, and bigot clerics, the Muslim community leaders apply the psychological warfare, they have propagated the hatred aiming to the other religious faith that conducts the terrorism. The negative aspect of multiple cultures is multiple trouble, on the other hand, the significant of multiple cultures didn’t respond the harmony as the Western governments want to, instead, the national unity replaced by a hundred tiny nations have the different cultures that divided the country, it causes the domestic conflict as the cancerous cells in a human body.


The Sharia law’s activists have attempted to impose the inhumane culture into the adopted countries. Nevertheless, the left parties in Western are such as UK Labor Party, Australian Labor Party, Democrats in the US, Socialist Party in France and the others are the wonderful places for Sharia law’s politicians to promote the Sharia law. The left parties need the ballot and Sharia law’s activists do want to legalize their religious law, so both have clung together. Moreover, the Sharia law’s politicians destroyed the adopted country’s Constitution when they swear by the Quran Bible that reflects the inhumane Sharia law. It is dangerous when the Sharia law’s activists could use the dishonest judges at Supreme Court and High Court to impose the Sharia law into the legal system, so the child bribe, gender discrimination, polygamy would be legalized somewhere else in Europe. The dishonest judges are like the robbers with the paper knife and the wooden hammer, they forget the knowledge of the law university, justice, and morality. The judges are human being, so corruption could inevitable. The Sharia law’s activists could pay the dishonest judges, actually, the wealthy countries as Saudi Arabia may secretly finance or deserve the privileges and the judges work for them. The Justice Department may overhaul the judges exploited the attorney’s authority to impose the Sharia law into the people.


The Sharia law’s activists changed the adopted country’s society, the minor Muslim forced the society to comply with the Allah food certified, actually, the Burqa being controversial while the security being thwarted in the anti- terror’s war.


Nevertheless, the left media stands alongside with the Sharia law activists, the T.V shows to promote the Muslim’s leaders and their culture into the adopted country. In Australia, the most television companies as ABC, Channel Seven…actually, Channel Ten to be Allah certified, nevertheless, the Project of Channel Ten with the main host is Waleed Ali who uses the television to propagate for Sharia law, he argued with Senator Jacqui Lambie. Mr. T.V host Waleed Ali is arrogant, his show being reacted by the public, but Channel Ten ignores.


In the US, mostly the enemy of people is the left media to be certified by Allah. Recently, The New York Times has launched the phony propaganda, an article distorts and humiliates the Bible and the Catholic, Christian faith. The New York Times attribute Jesus is a Palestinian man. The article released on the Easter that insults the Catholic and Christian. Journalist Eric V.Copage labeled:” As a Black Child in Los Angeles, I Couldn’t Understand Why Jesus Had Blue Eyes” and they consider:” But Jesus, born in Bethlehem, was most likely a Palestinian man with dark skin.”. The New York Times propagate the disgraced cheat, they confuse the reader by the same article. The bottom of the article wrote: “Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article referred incorrectly to Jesus’s background. While he lived in an area that later came to be known as Palestine, Jesus was a Jew who was born in Bethlehem.”.


The Easter 2019 is the tragedy in Sri Lanka, the Sharia law’s activists attacked the Catholic churches and luxury hotels, the terrorists killed 360 innocent people and injured 500. So the people have no surprise the New York Times attack the Catholic and Christian faith, they assimilate Jesus was the Palestinian. There is no Christ but Allah, there is no Jesus but Palestinian and the barbarous massacre in Sri Lanka that is no God but terror.


The left media is the mind terrorist, they have exploited the free speech to mislead the public from the Vietnam War and propagating the social hatred into Western people. The people recognized the fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls to mislead the public. President Donald Trump has the right decision to cancel the Press party because he didn’t want to sit and talk with the fake news, the dishonest in mainstream media./.







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