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China is the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of cheat and also the lair of pandemics. In 2002, SARS appeared in China and spread worldwide within a few months, it was the rehearsal of biological warfare to prepare the global biological terror in the future. Since the SARS outbreak, Chinese Burqa early appeared as a new fashion in the mainland and the infected countries then spread worldwide. The hoax climate change activists follow Chinese Burqa, and the tourists come from China and some Asian countries have referred Chinese Burqa in the Western. The new fashion was born from the communist paradise,  China  Burqa defeated Muslim Burqa in the population, even the Allah Adherents wear China Burqa after the Coronavirus outbreak. Certainly, the Coronavirus outbreak and also develop Chinese Burqa around the world. Despite the Chinese Burqa originated in the land of pandemics, but the Burqa made in China is not safe, the poor quality fears the users to prevent the Chinese virus.


    Do not use anything made in China, so the medical supplies made in China including Chinese Burqa are dangerous. During the Coronavirus outbreak in Australia, the Chinese Buqa made in China imported to Australia to cheat the people, the faulty Coronavirus protection that helps the pandemic spread in Australia. The Border Force seized 800,000 face masks are worth $AU 1.2 million, Chinese people in Australia sold the garbage” Chinese Burqa” imported from the air cargo. Nevertheless, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, the Philippines, and other countries rejected Chinese-made protective medical supplies.


While the Coronavirus is outbreaking nationwide, Chinese people in Australia hoarded the face masks, sanitizers, and medical supplies sending to China during Australia is insufficient medical needs to fight the deadly virus created by China’s communist regime. In Australia,  Chinese wealthy persons link China’s Communist Party carried out the hoarding mission, so Australian people have not enough medical protection. Moreover, air cargo flew 82 tons of Australian medical supplies from Sydney Airport and 90 tons from Perth Airport (Western Australia), the collective commander of medical supplies is a former officer of the People’s Liberation Army lives in Australia. The pro-Beijing Chinese people and China’s undercover activists stab in the back of Australian people, the Coronavirus exposes the domestic thugs in Australia and other countries. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton bans whoever sending Australian medical supplies as the face masks, sanitizer to China will face 5 years in prison. Therefore, Chinese people in Australia change the guerrilla tactic, they collect the face masks and sanitizer sending to China by post, the post office alarm and checking carefully the parcels to China.


The rumor revealed about CEO of Chinese Real Estate Firm in Australia called Greenland Group, Mr. Hu Gang conspired and order his staff plus Chinese-Australia to collect Australian’s medical needs, so Australian people can not protect themselves and the Coronvirus kill and infection so far so good. The Greenland Group is China’s communist real estate company founded in Shanghai from 1992,  the assets estimate $US 60 billion. The Greenland Group owned a lot of properties in Australia, so the Chinese communist regime influences deeply economy and politicians in Australia.  The loopholes in investment help China’s communist company sold Australian lands and Greenland Group made a profit, they use the money to collect the medical supplies then sending to China.


However, Western Australia’s billionaire Andrew Forrest donates $AU 160 million to the state government fighting against the Chinese Virus by the medical supplies made in China where is the den of global biological terror. Mr. Andrew Forrest who has related the Iron ore business to China from the mining industry boomed. The people doubt magnate Andrew Forrest’s charity, he doesn’t order the safe medical equipment made in Australia but ordered from China while the country needs the job and saves the transport’s cost (*). So the charity of Mr. Andrew Forrest is led by socialism, why didn’t he ask the health officials before order China’s medical supplies? Certainly, China’s communist government pleases to sell the medical supplies while the world fears and rejected it. The people doubt Mr. Andrew Forrest who should contact China’s Consulate-General before donating. Why didn’t Mr. Andrew Forrest donate $AU 160 million to Western government and they can find the good medical supplies, but he forces the hospital using the risky medical supplied made in the den of biological warfare?. The concerned philanthropist respects the people, they have never donated the expired food, rotten vegetables to the food banks or charity organizations, especially, the medical supplies to be considered carefully, the poor quality’s medical supplies will risk the people’s life. moreover, China always wants Coronavirus spread so far so good and so long so good in the Western countries including Australia.


Chinese undercover activists hoarded and collected Australia’s medical supplies and sent it to China by air cargo, but Mr. Andrew Forrest ordered the unsafe medical supplies to give Australian use. The generous heart of Western Australia’s billionaire could be reviewed. Certainly, 104,000 face masks N95 or Chinese Burqa made in China should match the faulty protection that can cause the pandemic spread without caution. The public fear China made, particularly, the medical supplies made in the lair of Coronavirus to be alerted. On April 3, 2020, after the first cargo landed to Perth Airport, Mr. Andrew Forrest appeared on television, he tries to convince the people about the dangerous medical supplied made in China, he told the medical supplies are personal order. Western Australia’s health servants to be careful the donation of Mr. Andrew Forrest. During the Australian government locked and isolated the states, regions, the Coronavirus transmits from human to human, so the contact rule applies the distance 1.5 meters. Therefore, billionaire Andrew Forrest donates $AU 160 million of China medical supplies come from the den of Coronavirus. What happens when the health servants in Western Australia infect Coronavirus by using the medical supplied made in China.


There is no guarantee the medical supplies made in China are safe, 104,000 face masks, 30,000 surgical gloves and 8 million gloves made in China should be made by the Coronavirus infected employees and China’s communist regime should insert Coronavirus inside the medical supplies (**). The left media supports China’s communist regime into psychological warfare during the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading worldwide, the communication uses to appall the public. It is incredible when China announces the death toll decreased and the cities locked down that ease. Instead, the left media propagates the death toll in the US surpass China, and the death toll plus infected cases in Europe appall the people. However, everyone knows China is the super liar, indeed, the Coronavirus is still spreading in the mainland. The bamboo curtain can not cover the new wave of Coronavirus spread again in the mainland, on March 3, 2020, China’ s National Health Commission reports the news cases, so China’s government locked down the cities again after a million infected cases threaten. China shifts the new wave of Coronavirus come from overseas. Therefore, faulty masks and poor quality test kits could cause new cases. Mr.Andrew Forrest may learn the newest information and the health servants in Western Australia to examine carefully the medical supplies made in China of billionaire Andrew Forrest. Nevertheless, the Health Department will lose a lot of time to detect 90 tons of medical supplies made in China while they must take care of the people. On the other hand, billionaire Andrew Forrest donates $AU 160 million to China’s communist government and bringing the dangerously medical supplies made in the den of Coronavirus./.




(*): Prime Minister Scott Morrison writes on the facebooks: (Why didn’t billionaire Andrew Forrest order 90 tons of medical supplies made in Australia?)


We’re ramping up the production of surgical and respirator masks in Australia for our fight against coronavirus. Almost 200 million masks will be made right here in Australia to help keep our frontline health and essential workers safe.

We’re supporting Med-Con, which was Australia’s only producer of surgical masks in Victoria, with Australian Defence Force personnel helping the company to now operate 24 hours a day.

It’s already almost tripled its production and is in the process of ramping up to make around 50 million masks this year.

The Federal Government has also done a deal with Detmold, a packaging manufacturer in Adelaide, to re-purpose its factory so it can produce around 145 million surgical masks.

Added to that are the 30 million surgical masks, which we’ve sourced and will be arriving into the country over the next two weeks, combined with what we already have in our national stockpile, and we’ve got ample supplies.

Med-Con and Detmold are just the latest in a long line of Australian companies rising up to the challenge of the coronavirus crisis. It’s Australia at its best as we all work together to get through this crisis.

It will also help to create around 200 or so new jobs for Australians in these tough times.

Thank you to all our Australian manufacturers for everything they’re doing to respond to this crisis.

By all of us working together, we will get through this and bounce back stronger on the other side.”




In a set of Chinese test kits and masks sold abroad with the Wuhan Virus implant, traces of the virus discovered in parts of the test kit are expected to be shipped to the United Kingdom.


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