21 Million cellphone users vanished in China


Posted on March 28, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Cold War, particularly, the Vietnam War, the communication limited on newspapers, radio and television networks. The information held in the hand of the left media, it became the propaganda machine of communist operating inside the democratic countries and the Western. The enemy of people, the foes of public, the garbage of mainstream media exploited the free speech to serve for the Global Communist Bloc, the viral left media maximally propagated for the communism.


The dishonest media workers and the lover’s profit media companies served for the communist’s undercover activists, the espionage agents to pay for the psychological warfare, the domestic enemy is more dangerous than the foreign enemy. The mainstream media distorted to business, the Western people were intoxicated by the fake news, fabricated stories and biased shows, articles. The Vietnam War skewed as the US war while total Global Communist Bloc led by the Soviet Union and China were the great masters of Vietcong, the major weapons provided by two great masters of Hồ Chí Minh and its communist party. The innocent people in Western became the victims of misleading information, they blindly supported Vietcong’s terror with the protests and violence during the countries were sending the troop to help Vietnamese people fighting against the communist wave in Asia, the left media is treason.


The Western and the world knew nothing behind the iron curtain and bamboo curtains but the left media often released the news about the US casualties and injuries, the psychological warfare mounted from every battle in Vietnam. The Tet Offensive battle in 1968, the left media just broadcast the casualties of the US Army, South Vietnam and the innocent people fell into the propaganda’s cheat of the virus in the mainstream like The New York Times, The Washington Post… ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Nine (Australia), The Guardian, BBC in the United Kingdom and the others. Indeed, Vietcong received more than a hundred thousand troops killed and tens of thousands of troops injured, Vietcong’s troops were nearly disabled, but the left media didn’t inform to the public. Eventually, Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975, the victory exchanged 1,500,000 troops killed and more than 300,000 missing but Vietcong ignored, instead they find the US soldiers missing in action for money.


After the Vietnam War, the Western and the world debunked the betrayal face of the left media and the major traitors like Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bill-Hillary Clinton and a lot of high profiles of Democrats. The Western knew the truth of the Vietnam War, unfortunately, the last freedom land of Vietnamese people lost, the accomplice is left media plus the left parties in Western.


From December 1st, 2019, China’s Communist regime launches global biological warfare offense, it is the THIRD WORLD WAR occurs by the biological weapon, China uses the Coronavirus cohort to attack worldwide. China and its actual henchmen in Western, particularly in the US, the left media applies the old propaganda tactics as the Vietnam War. Therefore, high technological communication era with social media, satellite, multiple information sources, and personal communication by the long-distance phone, cellphone nullifies the left media.


The old tactic applies the obsolete propaganda that turns trash, the people have never trust the fake news come from the prominent media companies like CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC…plus the actual henchman of the World Health Organization is led by Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who is the first W.H.O director-general without a medical doctoral degree. The left media and W.H.O propagate the pandemic batters in the US. The New York Times released an article” Coronavirus live updates: the U.S has more cases than any other country” and this article shows 85,000 people have been infected including 1, 200 deaths. Therefore, the US population is 331,000,000, a score is a small number while Italy rises 7,503 and 74,386 infected cases (the report on March 27, 2020), Italy’s population is 60, 550, 075 (in 2019). Moreover, the left media is the professional on fake news and fabricated the number, so the people can not trust any numbers released from the left media.


The left media in Western propagate about infected cases in the US surpass China, therefore, the left media doesn’t know exactly about the death toll and infected cases in China, instead, they base on the reports of China’s communist government. The fake news based on the cheat report aiming to appall the public, the old tactic of propaganda in the Vietnam War re-applies. Do not listen to the left media broadcast, let’s check the facts and find the other information sources to know the truth.


Certainly, the left media completely conceal the death toll and the infected population in China, instead, they propagate China contains the pandemic. The phony propaganda unmasked, the rumors spread about 8 and 15 million’s mobile phone users disappeared in the mainland exposes about the massive death toll in China.


     Eventually, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) reports three giant telecommunication companies are China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom vanished at least 21,000,000 of cellphone users. The telecommunication companies lose the profit. The reveal of China’s government explains the death toll in China should be more than 21 million people, the number is bigger than the regime released. The death toll in China surpassed more than many times of 21 million people. Chinese people do love the cellphone, even the students bring the cellphone to school. Mr. Jingyuan, a US-based China Affairs commentator said:” The digitalization level is very high in China. People can’t survive without a cellphone”. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, according to the report in February 2019, China has 1,535 billion cellphone users


However, the massive numerous cellphone users disappeared from the Coronavirus outbreak that can not conceal the death toll in China. Despite the left media attempts to launch psychological warfare, including the World Health Organization propagates the US is the center of the pandemic or the US surpass China into the infected cases. Therefore, people know the fake news, fabricated stories, and biased articles are phony propaganda. Possible, 21 million cellphone users should be ashed into the cremation sites.


From February 26, 2020, the residents in Wuhan revealed China’s communist government operates 40 mobile cremations, each one can burn 5 tons of medical waste and dead bodies a day, 24 hours a week and China’s government announced to close 14 field hospitals, but the built 300 reception hospitals in Wuhan. It means the Coronavirus still develops in China, the death toll and infected cases continue to rise but China’s communist regime conceals and the left media propagates. Moreover, the test kit made in China failed, the test gives 80% wrong result, so the Spanish government return 340,000 test kits made in China. It reasons explain the Coronavirus outbreak couldn’t contain in the mainland as the left media misleads the public. The wrong result test conducts the infected cases to rise in China.


The left media avoid broadcasting the situation in China, instead, they stray the massive death toll in China to the US, Italy, Spain. While the Coronavirus easies in China as the propaganda, but in Australia, the giant real estate company Greenland owned by a Chinese business collected more than 82 tons of medical equipment to supply Wuhan by airlift from Sydney. In Western Australia is led by Premier Mark McGowan, on February 8, 2020, Perth Airport flew to Wuhan with 90 tons of surgical masks while the Western Australian people and medical servants have not enough the masks. Beijing-Chinese migrants in Australia stab in the back of Australian people. Once again, the concealment debunked and also appeared China’s henchmen and the domestic thugs in Western./.






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