The prominent ugly faces of Democrats trashed


Posted on February 7, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Everyone recognizes the good and bad, wrong and right, the black and white, the war and peace, the shit and food….therefore, the left media has tried to distort the communication to propaganda, unfortunately, the Western and democratic countries are not China, Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea. The news, information could access freely, actually, the social media popularizes, everyone could be a reporter, a journalist or an editor of a blogger without salary on the Facebook, Google and the others.


The left media workers and the left media terror bases have lost the battle on media. Nevertheless, after President Donald Trump getting the office and he also declares the war against the left media terrorism, the fake news to be killed by the Death Certificate of the potential commander in chief.


The major promises of President Donald Trump achieved with a half- term and the wall is going to complete despite a Democratic terror group led by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi storm the House of Representatives, she and her lawmaker gang seize the taxpayers and trying to attack the wall’s fund by the cunning tactic but childish. Nevertheless, in the State of Union address 2019 at the chamber of House Representatives, one against, lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi officially reclaimed the speaker’s chair and the standing as commander in chief of the opposition. The US Constitution needs to confirm a new act of” House of Representatives Speaker is the commander in chief opposition”. Does Nancy Pelosi proclaim herself a new title? Indeed, she is the COMMANDER IN CHEAT, she acts as a terrorist to storm the Congress and using the wall as a hostage, blackmailed nearly a million government workers, Nancy Pelosi is the national traitor. Nevertheless, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi behaves the hostility showing the public, she didn’t applaud while Vice President Mike Pence did with the majority. Therefore, the left media praise Nancy Pelosi is the powerful woman in the US, indeed, her job is just a House Speaker in the Congress while Republicans control the Senate. On the other hand, the left media promoted Hillary Clinton as the US president despite the election was still campaigning and now the left media promote Nancy Pelosi has the power to remove President Donald Trump and she could drive more than 300 million people into her desire, so Nancy Pelosi falls into the paranoia’s situation then she becomes a daydream in the Congress. Its psychological illness is dangerous in the US, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi needs to see psychiatrists as Dr. Bandy X.Lee of Yale University, 27 psychiatrists of Havard University or Doctor Phils. Nevertheless, the US people elected President Donald Trump, but Nancy Pelosi represents the electorate of 12th District in California, her House Speaker’s job belongs to the Congressional vote, actually, Democrats could impeach Nancy Pelosi any time if they recognize Nancy Pelosi damages Democrats in the next Congressional and Presidential election. Indeed, Nancy Pelosi couldn’t impeach President Donald Trump by the cunning conspiracy of an actual henchman Robert Mueller.


Nowadays, Democrats trashed by the treasonous faces as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s gang in the Congress. Any political party focuses to serve for the country, certainly, they do need the people to support. Unfortunately, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and her gang serve for the illegal migrant that paid by the US citizen, it is unfair. The faction, individual interest to gain the ballot, it causes Nancy Pelosi and Democrats to protect the illegal migrant including the felons, drug syndicates, the drug cartels, espionage agents. So Nancy Pelosi always rejects the wall’s fund.


The great outcomes of President Donald Trump succeeded in the economy, job, national security, border protection and the most internationally unsolved impacts improved as North Korea, Syria, Iran. The people recognized the great achievements of President Donald Trump, except Democrats, ignore and the left media has tried to propagate against the common view of the public. Some crazy Democrats blindly support former President Barrack Obama who made the US slumped ever in the history. Moreover, former President Barrack Obama steals the great successions of President Donald Trump, Obama is shameless, he said the achievements of Donald Trump comes from Obama’s heritage. The bullshit argument raises more public outrage, there is the only animal praises Barrack Obama while the people knew Barrack Obama is the global thug, he ignited the gender war, racial war and supported Islamic State. The Nobel Peace Prize’s Committee in 2009 regretted to award a wrong recipient.


Whatever the prominent ugly faces of Democrats couldn’t hide the public, even the left media propagate Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and her gang in the Congress and Chuck Schumer in the Senate. After the State of Union address, even CBS is the left media, they have to consent the truth because they couldn’t conceal the people’s opinion, a CBS News poll indicated that 76% of American approved President Donald Trump’s speech. Nevertheless, Senator Chuck Schumer failed to conspire the authority of President Donald Trump who can complete the wall without Congress, the Defense authority confirmed $USD 7 billion is waiting for Mr. President orders.







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