The Confucianism is led by socialism in China


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Confucius was born on September 25, 551 BC in the  Spring and Autumn’s era and died on April 11, 479 BC. He was a timeless icon philosopher and well-known politician of Chinese people in the old days and his thoughts have remained. Chinese people always promote the FIVE VIRTUES OF CONFUCIUS (*) which is the golden rule in Chinese society and also a moral valuation praises the role of a gentleman. Confucianism has influenced multiple thousand years and deeply rooted in Chinese society. Nevertheless, Confucianism supported the monarchy and discriminated between the male and female as Islam with Sharia law. Confucianism and Sharia law conflict with the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, Confucianism has become the living way of major Chinese people in the mainland including Chinese overseas. Moreover, Confucianism became the religious Ruism with the ritual worship that has practiced from multiple thousand years. The Confucius temples consider as the education places in China.


However, the Five Virtues of Confucius has devastated in the mainland from 1949, after China communist’s regime robbed the authentic government of Chinese people and its government moved to Taiwan. The communist regime is allergy Confucianism, actually, the Culture Revolution pushed all religions into the adversity, so Confucianism couldn’t escape the disaster, the temples, and historic relics destroyed by Red Guard. Socialism has conflicted Confucianism, so China communist destroyed the social concern of Confucianism, actually, the Five Virtues overturned:


1-Ren is the virtue of benevolence, charity, and humanity: China communist is the ruthless regime, the Ape super gang advocates robbery, killing and enslaving the people. Under Mao Tse Tung’s rule, the major campaigns occurred in the mainland to killed more than 65 million Chinese people that completely conflict Confucius’s thoughts and the moral principles of Confucianism. Therefore, China communist has never changed the policy and socialism despite, Beijing joined the international community, signed the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


2-Yi symbolizes the honest and uprightness: China communist is the Ape super gang, certainly, the honest has never applied to the communist paradise as a proverb of German quotes” No house without a mouse, no barn without corn, no rose without a thorn”. No communist without corruption and cruelty.


3- Zhi is knowledge: the most communist regime concern the intellectuals, academics are the enemy of the so-called revolution, instead, they promote the low-educated people plus the illiterate peasant, they are the proletariat. In the Landlord Campaign occurred in North Vietnam after the Geneva Conference signed on July 20, 1954, Hồ Chí Minh and its communist party propagated the slogan quoted:” uproot the intellectuals, landlord and wealthy element” (Trí- Phú- Địa- Hào, đào tận gốc). The communist regimes advocate obscurantism, so the intellectuals become the enemy, it causes the communist lacked the invention, it causes China must steal the technology from the Western to carry out the global hegemonic ambition.


4-Xin represents faithfulness and integrity: it is a farce when the communist leaders launch the campaign against corruption. The most powerful communists are the king of corruption, so the high ranking of the communist party in China, Vietnam and the others are millionaires and billionaires although their wage equals a dole in Western.


5- Li respects the correct behavior: the communist has never corrected the behavior, the talking, and doing are different. Vietnam communists didn’t respect Geneva Conference signed on July 20, 1954, and the Paris Peace Agreement signed on January 27, 1973. China ignores the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Do not trust what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did. Recently, China doesn’t respect the deal with the US, instead, China has tried to apply the cunning tactics to cheat President Donald Trump. Therefore, the author of the art of the deal unmasked the tactics are talking during the fighting, buying time, taking one step back to prepare three steps forward.


China communist also distorted three levels of the social relation of Confucianism, actually, Confucius adored the king as the superior power, so the people absolutely respect the king. The second respectable element is teacher and father putting the last, not mother because Confucius concerned the female belongs to the male. China’s communist regime shift the king’s loyalty to the communist party’s loyalty. The great teacher is Mao Tse Tung and the communist leader like Xi Jinping. Nevertheless, socialism’s teachers must lecture the communist policies, certainly, the education’s propaganda inserted the Maoist, Marxism-Leninist into the education system its reason sparkled Hong Kong people to protest when China’s communist regime conspires to impose the socialism in education’s system. From 1949, China communist has poisoned the mind of many generations. The young Chinese people to be brainwashed and they become the human-robot, so Chinese students overseas bring the toxic Marxism into the Western’s education. The Western universities and high school get lost the function, instead, the education business opening the door for the poisoned seeds of communists invaded and intoxicated the young people. Nowadays, the major university-student in Western are leftists, they support the left parties and the hoax climate change to make a profit for China selling the solar power and equipment. The Western government may watch out the overseas students come from communist countries like China, Vietnam, and the education’s business has spread into their education system. China has used the money to buy the education and sowing the red seeds in western, moreover, China students also carry out the technologic burglary. The profit lover’s universities destroyed the Western education valuation by granting the degrees for the under level’s overseas students. The people doubt while seeing some doctor, professors appearing on the public as television’s screen when they distort the career.


Confucianism promotes the gentleman, therefore, almost, China communists are the  Jack-sprats. The mean persons become the bosses in China, the social dregs completely conflict Confucianism and Confucius’s teaching. After more than 70 years, Confucianism is led by socialism. Therefore, Chinese people silently react and keeping Confucius’s rules, so they have not trusted the government, even the food and agricultural products have no favored, but the Western’s products attract the consumers in the mainland. Moreover, Li respects the correct behavior in the Five Virtues of Confucius conflicts China’s communist activities. Chinese people including the communist members have not trusted the government’s financial firms, instead, they trust the” counter-revolutionary banks” and also the US currency. China communist has ruined Confucianism, but Chinese people react and opposing socialism.


China’s communist regime knew rotten socialism to be boycotted in the mainland, but the communist is malicious, they exploit Confucius to woo the people. On the other hand, China communist has used Confucius’s shield to perpetuate the inhumane regime. Nevertheless, China labels the cultural activity to spread the Confucius Institutes into the democratic countries, indeed, behind the Confucius Institutes are the communist cells, espionage network, and propaganda machine supporting the psychological warfare in Western./.


Note: (*) the details about Confucianism plus the deep conspiracy and global hegemonic strategy of China wrote in the book” A humble Vietnamese Woman: Multiple Colorful Lives to be dyed by Society” of author Hoa Minh Truong, published on September 15, 2015, in the US. Its book wrote by an Asia author, an anti-communist expert author, imprisoned 6 years in the Bloody University of Re-Education of Vietcong after South Vietnam lost on April 30, 1975.






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