Democrats declare the war with constitution


Posted on December 20, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The left parties in Western are the hidden communist parties in the democratic countries, the Democratic Party in the US is a sibling with China Communist Party. The comradeship could recognize when Democrats rule the White House, almost the Democratic Presidents like Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama deserved the facilities for China on the economy, immigration, diplomacy. Actually, President Bill Clinton was as China’s executive in White House after China’s espionage agents illegally provided the finance in the presidential election 1992 and 1996. Most Favored Nation’s policy and the hoax climate change helped China grew faster.


China and Democrats have shared the interest, actually, the high profiles of Donkey’s Head Party do love the individual favor than the national interest, so Democratic politicians can exchange the US interest to get the personal favor as Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden received $USD 2.1 billion from China, the people believe China rewards Joe Biden who made a lot of profit for China during he was holding the Vice Presidency in 8 years.


The war fights against the global economic terror is like the battle to fight the Islamic State in Middle-East. The den of global economy terror has suffered the potential damages after the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFF Missile of commander in chief and the great economic general in the US struck the death vulnerability of China is economy. China loses the economic battle, the financial system is disordered and the banking system is on the brink of collapse. Actually, the offshore market decides the fate of China, therefore, Beijing failed the vital battle that conducts the mayhem in the mainland, the totalitarian regime risks when the massive jobless threatens the largest communist country on the planet, the old lesson of dynasty’s collapse that appalls the Red dynasty in Beijing.


China has tried to escape the worst situation by any tactic. Unfortunately, China can not use the left media into psychological warfare as the Global Communist Bloc did in the Cold War (the major battle was the Vietnam War). The fake news debunked, the people have no trust in the left media, the offshore propaganda machine of China is useless. Moreover, China also fails to use the comrade Democrats, actually, after the election loss in 2016, Democrats have faced the peril of the futuristic elections.


The woe of China that hurts Democrats, the anguish of China reflects the reaction of Democrats in the US. Certainly, Democrats knew the impeachment without a reason that will harm the Donkey’s Head Party in the futuristic elections, actually, the election 2020 is waiting for Donald Trump claims the landslide victory.


Despite there is no evidence to prove China stands behind the hopeless impeachment, therefore, the people believe Beijing funnels the finance to Democrats or China should promise to grant the privileges for the high profiles of Democrats. Actually, if Democrats remove President Donald Trump out from the office, the trade war will stop, the tariffs will ease and Democrats save China. Certainly, the Democratic high profiles will make the profit to exchange China’s interest as Bill Clinton did in 8 years and Vice President Joe Biden and the others. China indirectly intervenes in US politics by using comrade Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump by the bush law. The high profiles of Democrats are the actual henchman to serve for China’s interest.


However, the mad impeachment just carries out in the Congress where the Democratic terror group has stormed the House of Representatives after the mid-term’s Congressional election 2018. The solo impeachment is the disgraced sitcom of the hateful clowns without an audience, the US people have no interest in the garbage impeachment. The unconstitutional impeachment will be nullified at Senate, it means nothing to remove President Donald Trump, nor preventing Donald Trump elects the second term in 2020. After the crazy impeachment issues, the New York Post published the front page” IT’S YOUR FUNERAL” and its media dubbed Nancy Pelosi is the swamp mistress.


Therefore, the scam impeachment propagates worldwide by the left media. In Australia, the extreme left media companies are Channel Seven, ABC, Channel Ten and the others mislead the public by broadcasting” Donald Trump impeached by the House of both articles” or Donald Trump removed from the office. China should pay for the propaganda by the illiterate media. Those media companies snub the public and showing the illiterate Constitution. How can the left media conduct the people when they have no knowledge about the field?. The normal people can recognize the good and bad, but the left media and Democrats couldn’t distinguish the wrong and right, they act as the animal instinct. Luckily, they still recognize the difference between the bread and excrement, so they still eat a hamburger and the people’s food.


Certainly, the Democratic impeachment carried out in their place (Congress), it invalidates, the lawmakers including the commander in thug and lawmaker terrorist’s leader Nancy Pelosi, actual assistant Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler are the Constitution’s illiteracy. Unfortunately, they storm the Congress and applying the bush law as Islamic State, China, Vietnam, and the other communist regimes.


The hopeless attempt to impeach President Donald Trump that reflects the panic of China and the fear of Democratic high profiles while the swamp in White House is draining out. China and Democrats have the same fear, so they have tried to impeach President Donald Trump by the bush law. The maniac impeachment creates the landslide victory for the second term of President Donald Trump and Democrats will lose the Congress plus Senate.


The scene of impeachment is like the terrorists executed (beheaded by the machete) the Western hostages that propagated on video. However, the lawmaker terrorists Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and its Democratic group in Congress just” execute the name of President Donald Trump”. The high tide of paranoia exposes President Donald Trump’s impeachment, the Conversation published the headline:” Donald Trump has become the third president in US history to be impeached. He’s unlikely to be convicted.”


The impeachable process can take a long time, the legal debate can spend many years, even the end of Donald Trump’s second term in 2025 will not conclude because of the impeachment based one cheat. The Democratic lawmaker terror group storms the Congress with 232 members among 435 while Republicans control the Senate with 53 and 45 Democrats, the impeachment can not pass Senate with 67 voters. The lawmaker terror’s leader Nancy Pelosi presides the Congress is like a judge of the people judge in the Landlord Reform campaign in China and Vietnam after the communist party robbed the government.


     President Donald Trump is the first patriotic President to be impeached by the Democratic lawmaker terrorists in Congress. The US people impeach Democrats by the condemnation and Democrats will be impeached in the 2020 election. Democrats appeared the treasonous face, nevertheless, the Speaker of House who comes from the MAFIA’s family background applies the gang law into the bullshit impeachment and her terror group plus the dishonest line (the left media) support while the public condemn. On the other hand, Democrats declare war with the Constitution and the US people. The brazen and obstinate impeachment conflicts the US Constitution is like the egg-throwing to the stone’s wall./.






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