Democratic judges failed the Tax Returns of POTUS


Posted on November 20, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Despite the first Muslim and communist President Barrack Obama is no longer rule the US after President Donald Trump inaugurated on January 20, 2017, therefore, the SATANís era of Barrack Obama still left the vestiges into multiple levels of the US government, actually, the legal system becomes the den of legal terror currently attacking the law and Constitution. The most legal terrorists are keen to develop the bush law as China and the legal loopholes plus the cunning tactic to skew the law.


Behind the Democratic high profiles are the serious crimes like behind Bill and Hillary Clinton is the treason, behind Joe Biden, it is the corruption. When the wrongdoers controlled the government, they arrayed the legal safety net to protect the crimes and the investigating bodies as FBI, Police serving for them, so the legal thugs labeled judges distorted the career for the political purpose and the factions. Moreover, dishonest lawyers practice legal services as the robbers with the paper-knife and Democratic judges are the robbers with the wooden hammer.


The Democratic judges have exploited the attorney power to prevent the travel banís order and border protectionís executive order of the US President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the courtís order made in a courtroom that couldnít oppose the Constitution, actually, the presidential orders are not the criminal, so the democratic judges failed to attack the national interest and national security by the court orders. Nevertheless, the US has only the president elected by its people, but, no-one elected the judges and there are many judges plus the courtrooms. On the other hand, the US President is the commander in chief, therefore, the Constitution has never consented the commander in the judge ruling the country, so the dishonest judges are the legal thugs, the trash of justice and the bullshit legal services, the garbage judges are the dregs of the country and society.


Democrats failed the major tactics to impeach President Donald Trump by the fabricated stories, created witnesses, although the left media has misled the public, therefore, the truism couldnít bend. From the Special Counsel of legal terrorist Robert Mueller to Ukraineís scandal, Democrats failed to remove a man who makes America great again, the enemies fear and allies trust, the domestic thugs appeared at the White House swamp.


The Democratic Party has lost all battles, the cunning conspiracies hit back, the big loss of election in 2020 obsesses them while the presidential candidates are unpopular and having no policy,  instead, the debates performed by the disgraced clowns making the loud sounds in the public. Among the malicious tactics, the tax returns of President Donald being conspired on the table of Democrats. After the impeachment couldnít carry out despite Democrats control the House of Representatives, the tax returns of President Donald Trump become the fact to impeach. Therefore, the lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug  Nancy Pelosi has attempted to use the robbers with the wooden hammer to force President Donald Trump showing the tax returns. The US Constitution consents the sitting president can not show the tax returns and can not appear a court. The lawyer of pornstar Stormy Daniels is Michael Avenatti proved the illiterate law, he boasted to bring President Donald Trump to a court and intimidated President Donald Trump in the election 2020. Eventually, lawyers Michael Avenatti and pornstar Stormy Daniels paid the high prices and their lives ruined.


The tax returnís battle has aroused US politics and the media propagate, moreover, the tax returns belong to IRS (Internal Revenue Service), the Treasurer Department authorizes to check and contact with a taxpayer, actually, the tax fraud released by IRS and the court using the information to convict. Congress has no qualifications to intervene IRS or order a court to force President Donald Trump showing the tax returns. However, the illiterate lawmakers of Democrats and the illiterate judges of Washington D.C Circuit colluded to pressure President Donald Trump releasing the tax returns by the court order. Democratic judges humiliated the Constitution and exposing the illiterate law. The Western country respects professional, a medical doctor must have the knowledge in the medical field and pathology, but the mechanic can not take a doctor job in a hospital or clinic. It is very hard to understand when the judges are the Constitutional illiteracy and the law.


On November 18, 2019, the Supreme Court, actually Chief Justice John Robert blocked a lower court ruling to require the tax returns of President Donald Trump. It means the Democratic Congress has never seen the tax returns of POTUS Donald Trump unless the Supreme Court decides, now the hope is gone. The US legal system and Justice Department need to eliminate the illiterate judges or the dishonest judges have exploited the attorney power to serve for the political purpose. Certainly, the House subpoena orders President Donald Trump showing the financial record that failed./.






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