China products become the disasters in Western country


Posted on July 20, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The trade ties have carried out between China communist and the democratic countries as the evil collaborates with an angel, the gang co-operates with police and sharing the profit. Certainly, honest works with dishonest conduct the worst outcome and the damages are inevitable. The wrong relationship exposed to trade ties and free trade agreement that turns the disaster and leaving a long term’s consequence in the Western countries. The innocent counterparts become the victims of communist after fell into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap (or political trap including the corruption). China follows communism while democratic countries respect human rights and freedom. Dealing with communist is like doing the business with a super gang, certainly, the Western countries wrongly chose the dishonest counterpart and they must pay the high prices. Certainly, when the victim found out, it is too late as a fish eats the bait.


Europe has learned the bloody lesson after many decades related the trade ties with China, actually, the hoax climate change promoted by the US President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore focuses curbing the Western’s industry while China freely releases the dioxide. China bought President Bill Clinton by a little of a monetary amount in presidential election 1992 and 1996, so China got the US interest, actually, the Most Favored Nation’s policy made China growth and the US declined. The hoax climate change also helps China selling the Solar power made from the plants in China and the dioxide released. It is the wonderful impact of a hoax climate change, but the left media, left parties and the profit lover’s academics don’t want to tell the public about the Solar power made in China also released the dioxide. The hoax climate change fetches the interest of China, so Beijing could hire the left media and the profit lover’s academics to propagate the dire consequence, the phony psychological warfare doesn’t convince the public, because more than 30,000 scientists confirmed the climate change is not real and the multiple information’s sources plus the social media debunked the deception of climate change’s movement.


The trade ties proceeded between China communist and United kingdom that coast 24-stories of Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, West London caught fire on June 14, 2017, and killed 72 residents, the cause comes from cladding stone made in China. Actually, the nuclear power plant’s project in Bradwell, Essex is dangerous, Prime Minister David Cameron granted China’s contract to build and manage the plant that raises the grave concern about the safety. China is malicious, they can create an accident and the nuclear power plant can explode any time, Great Britain must receive the dire peril and the radioactivity spread to Europe. China needs not to fight against the capitalist, but Prime Minister David Cameron should help China destroy the counter-revolutionary enemy by the nuclear power plant in Great Britain managed by China. The British wake up before the tragic accident happens.


Australia and China deeply involved the trade ties from many decades ago, actually, when the Australian Labor Party rules the government, China products and goods overwhelmed the market. From the supermarket’s system as Woolworth, Coles, Target, K-Mart, Aldi, Bunning including the toy shops, clothes, shoes…everywhere, the Australian consumer just meets the products made in China. The electrical appliances upset the customer by the short life, mostly, the household products couldn’t use and they bring back to get a new one. The customers have no choice because most supermarkets displayed the products made in China, the cheap price doesn’t convince the consumer. Therefore, China products destroyed the business in Western, so the habit’s customer seeing where the product made before buying.


China products invaded the Western market from the consumption to building industry and technology. Western Australia used $AUD 1.76 billion to build the biggest hospital in the state. Unfortunately, the builders and contractors used the building materials made in China, so Fiona Stanley Hospital must repair and replace by removing the potentially flammable cladding after Grenfell fire in London. The taxpayers wasted and the safety threatens.


Victoria state in Australia faces the same situation, there are more than 500 private buildings used the flammable cladding made in China, so on July 17, 2019, Labor Premier Daniel Andrews calls the federal government funding is worth $AUD 600 million to fix the problem, therefore, the Australian Federal Government rejected because the problem made by the state government.


Victoria is the stronghold of Australian Labor Party, former boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten comes from Melbourne. Labor Premier Daniel Andrews secretly dealt with China communist, the people dud Daniel Andrews is one belt and one road’s premier. Moreover, Premier Daniel Andrews and some mayors, councilors in state labeled the media and Federal government is racist when they raised the grave concern about the African gangs currently violated in the streets. Premier Daniel Andrews drives the state close to China, actually, China deeply rooted in the state and now, the serious consequence has to have when 500 buildings used the materials made in China. The responsibility is state government, so the Federal Government rejected $AUD 600 million of the taxpayers. Instead, Premier Daniel Andrews and his party must pay for it.


According to the Unconventional Economist in Australian Property reported and the firefighters identified more than 10,000 building in Australia installed the cladding made by China, the numerous properties can catch fire as Grenfell in London. The Australian government must spend 20 times $ AUD 600 million to solve the big problem. Moreover, Australia building industry installed about 20% architectural class imported from China that becomes the high risk for the public, it is worth $AUD 1.7 billion.


In the United Kingdom, there are more than 1,000 buildings used China’s cladding that worries the people after the incident of Grenfell. Actually, the cladding made in China sold worldwide, the private and government buildings being endangered, it the consequence of China joined the free market. There is only the constructive industry, China made has left the dire consequence into their counterparts. The democratic government can overhaul the products made in China, it is a better way, do not import any product and goods from China. The products made by China that guaranteed harming than good ./.







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