China exhausted tactic in the economic war with the US


Posted on August 12, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China communist has been periled as a saying reflects the rogue regime” sow the wind, reap the whirlwind”. China communist represents the super gang labeled themselves the Ape descendant, the communist denies the human being, so they act as animal instinct, not the human mind. The pupil of Karl Marx’s mastermind killed more than 100 million people since Lenin succeeded in the Ape Revolution in October 1917 at Russia. China communist is the global thug, the dregs of Chinese people and the enemy of democracy. China communist has never given up the global hegemony, from the Cold War, China was among the key perpetrators in the Vietnam War and after Soviet-Union collapsed in the early 1990s, China gathered the communist’s vestiges in Asia are Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, the Cold War is not over yet but it changes to the COOL WAR. China communist is the perpetrator of the global terrorist named Maoist, China creates military tension in Korea peninsula and challenges the world by the arms race with the US. Moreover, China spread the hand everywhere, the rapacious ambition has carried out under multiple forms, actually, the global economic terror is dangerous. China communist has used the economic and financial army silently invaded the world including the US and Europe. Therefore, the global thug unmasked after the aggressive attitude and the cunning conspiracy appeared, the world wakes up and fighting against the Ape Empire ruled China since 1949. President Donald Trump launches the campaign against the global thug, actually, the economic battle is a crucial decision of the fate of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. China communist ignores the people’s life but they fear the economy as a quote of Napoleon Bonaparte” an army marches on its stomach”. China appalls the economy collapses that costs the communist regime.


The US imposed 25% tariffs on $USD 250 billion of China products that deeply affected the domestic industry and labor market in the mainland. The boom time of China growth is gone after the second term of the first Muslim and Communist US President Barrack Obama expired on January 20, 2016. The global hegemonic rapaciousness or China dream turns the nightmare. The high tide of China economy employed 120 million workers to respond to the export sector, it is the backbone of China economy. Certainly, China growth belongs to the offshore market, the stolen technology, so China economy has no fundament. The vulnerability of China economy is the global market, that means the offshore market declined and China faces the trouble in the mainland and China can not measure or anticipate the consequences are waiting for because of China couldn’t control the offshore market.


The US adjust tariffs to balance to trade between the US and China that costs the massive jobless in the mainland. From many decades ago, annually, China exported the products and goods to the US that was worth more than a half-trillion dollars while the US exported $USD 110 billion of the products, mostly the agricultural products, so the retaliatory tariffs of China are vain.


The war fights against the global economic terror is like the war fights terrorist, therefore, China is malicious, the rogue regime should hire the left media and the profit lover’s academics to mislead the public about the damages of the US and Western, but they conceal the potential damages of China. Therefore, the failures of China are clear as hard evidence:


- China imposed the tariffs on the US agricultural products have no success, actually, Beijing wasted the money to hire the left media into psychological warfare. Eventually, China must use their last weapon is the currency launching into the economic battle. Unfortunately, Yuan versus USD is like an egg versus stone, the desperate tactic aggravates the worst situation. The economy is the shield and currency is like an organ, therefore, China lost the shield and they use the organ to face the US.


- The countries deeply involved the economy with China become the victims of the currency’s tactic. Certainly, China doesn’t care the counterparts instead, Bejing can do anything to protect the interest and fighting back the US. The real face of China communist appeared. The FTSE in the UK dropped 0.4%, DAX of Germany lost 1.3%, CAC 40 of France plunged 1.1%. Hang Seng in Hong Kong suffered a loss of 0.7% while the US allies as Nikkei of Japan 225 rose 0.4% and South Korea gained 0.4%. Therefore, Australia must pay the consequences of trade ties and free trade agreement with China when the Australia Index (ASX) lost and wiped out $AUD 90 billion in the first two days after China devalued Yuan to 7 exchanges 1 USD, so the war fights against the global economic terror is nervous the nations have trade ties with China. Unfortunately, the Australian politicians of two main parties see the coffin but they have not cried yet, in the passage of time, China has cornered the political backstage from many decades ago and now the economy plunged following China crippled. After MP Andrew Hastie warned China is like Nazi, almost Australian Labor Party (Australian Leninist Party), actually opposition leader Anthony Albanese and the other high profiles stand with” comrade China” and oppose MP Andrew Hastie who holds the chair of the Parliament Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security. Certainly, MP Andrew Hastie does his career in the House of Representativesves, moreover, he exposes the patriotic heart. Nevertheless, there are some Liberals, mostly the vestiges former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who was the Labor undercover activist” climbed higher and dived deeper” in Coalition. The people doubt the vestiges of Malcolm Turnbull still remain in the cabinet of Prime Minister Scott Morrison as Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne (Australia bought China drones while she was Defense Minister). Actually, former Education Minister Simon Birmingham, now he holds Trade Minister warns MPs to think twice before speaking out on sensitive China matters. Instead, Trade Minister Simon Birmingham must apply a French proverb:” Il faut tourner sept fois sa langue dans sa bouche avant de parler”. The Trade Minister does his portfolio and MP. Andrew Hastie carries out his national security and intelligence concern. Trade Minister Simon Birmingham jumps over his authority, the national security and intelligence are not his function, instead, Mr. Trade Minister Simon Birmingham must find out the way to escape the trade ties with China as soon as possible. Governor of Reserbank of Australia Philip Lowe warns to cut interest to zero, it is the bad news for Australian investors and economy.


- The left media failed to propagate the damages of the US, the Dow Jones just lost little and rebounded up to 26,000. The US economy has a strong fundament and flexible, so after the loss, the US economy and stock market recover quickly as a mattress while China economy has no foundation and slow responding as a wooden bed. China couldn’t conceal the damages, actually the jobless is the death vulnerability.  China International Capital Corporation (CICC) is the most leading investment banking firms must confirm the job lost 3.4% or at least 5 million jobs are gone after President Donald Trump imposed $USD 250 billion and from September 1st, 2019, the tariffs of 10% are going to impose on the remaining of $USD 300 billion that will increase the unemployment in the mainland. However, the report of any China authority is not correct, indeed the jobless is higher, it should be reached tens of millions of jobless.


China faces the disaster while the US has no sigh to stop the tariffs, actually, the commander in chief Donald Trump confirms the meeting in next month will not happen. Beijing is fallen into the dilemma when the US maximally develops the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile striking into the stomach of the largest communist regime on the planet. Nevertheless, Hong Kong’s unrest becomes a hot spot, but China and red emperor Xin Jinping couldn’t find a solution, so Beijing still remains the dead punter Carrie Lam while the democratic movement in Hong Kong continues to make the headache of the Ape super gang. China perplexes the unrest in Hong Kong and also panic while the US is going to impose the tariffs are worth $USD 300 billion on China products and goods. The loss of global market, actually in the US that conducts the massive jobless and China communist regime fears the old lesson should repeat the collapse of the dynasties from multiple thousand years of Chinese history./.







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